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  1. Lol-- My uncle has been trying to get me to watch the secret for like a year now. I saw the trailer for it and it looked like a scam.
  2. It must look nice ON PAPER. I'm sure tw didn't condone this ON PAPER. But real people in the real world don't live their lives ON PAPER. You don't need to remind anybody of twi's stance ON PAPER, we know it's a pack of lies.
  3. BTW-- I didn't actually tell my dad that, but I often WANT to. It's so weird to talk to people who have been through or witnessed the same thing. It's like being in a time warp because I've been away from it for so long. To try and talk about something like this with someone who hasn't been there, well I might as well be from Mars. But I was like 20 before it really hit home what a strange background I came from. I suppose I knew it was strange before, but I couldn't really FACE it until then. Even then, it's only been in the past couple of years that I've really gotten to the point where I could revisit memories that were just too painful and humiliating to think about. I've talked about them with my mom, but never with my dad. He's a real fascist SOB, and the Way was athe perfect place place for him to unleash all his sick, sadistic BS. He knows I don't respect him, but I don't think he really understands why. It's as if he doesn't want to face facts about his past. I have only seen my dad twice in the past 5 years, once to take care of a family related issue, and once because my bro was getting married and I didn't want to miss his wedding. I won't lie, I pretty much treat my dad like s h i t, and it torments him, but that's why I do it. I He wants a meaningful relationship, but he doesn't want to own up to his past. But before you feel too sorry for him, just bear in mind he's a real azzhole and made my childhood a living hell. I won't make any bones about it-- I'm embarassed to have ever been affiliated with the way, and have felt that way, to varying degrees, from elementary school on up. The corny songs, the creepy speaking in tongue/ word of prophecy sessions, the pointless lessons, none of it useful for preparing for dealing with life. Then there is the social aspect: the isolation from peers in school, having to explain where I "go to church," my parents telling other parents what I could & couldn't watch because it was "devilish," the punishment sessions that would often go on until past midnight, and so forth. THAT doesn't add up to a premature inferiority complex. Not quite the same perspective as an adult Wayer. My parents could have been grooming me for college and the real world, but instead, they groomed me to be a freak. Anyways, I'm not trying to bring the house down here; I suppose I just have more free time than I'm used to because of the holidays. But some of these ex-way people need to recognize the bitterness that has been bred in their children and why, though I get the impression that most people on this board already do. It just blows my mind that after all these years, there are so many things that my parents just don't get. Sometimes, I really don't know how they managed to get through life.
  4. Child abuse was a very acceptable institution when I was in the way. I was in a long time ago, circa 1985, and I recently told my pathetic excuse for a father that if I gave him a demonstration of how he treated me when I was young, he would be laid out on the floor whimpering like a little bitch. Sorry for the very disturbing imagery, but it's IMPORTANT to drive home the severe impact it has had on many. This isn't a .... game.
  5. i see what you're saying-- that makes good sense to me. i can't imagine all those revisions and rules being created by two guys alone anyways.
  6. and just to clear the air, it WAS Dave Arneson, not Gary Gygax, that was involved in the way. And to put the debate down about who "really "made D&D, it WAS Gary Gygax. Arneson would be considered a co-creator. I know this crap because i am a NERD. Either way, both guys are good at what they do.
  7. oh! i just read that he WASN'T in the corps in the previous posts. maybe he wasn't, but i know for a fact that he was somehow affiliated because my mom & dad used to take me to his apartment when i was little. I SWEAR! :)--> My mom said he was a really nice guy and super intelligent. he is program director at Full Sail College in Florida now; that's the school I'm going to next year!! :)-->
  8. Did you know that Dave Arneson, one of the creators of the game Dungeons & Dragons, was in the Way Corps?? That one I can confirm; my mom and dad knew him personally. Kind of wild to me because he is kind of a protege for me because gaming is a major interest of mine.
  9. Don't be jealous just because I've been chatting online with babes all day.
  10. haha! i remember the trolley i think. i used to dig the firemen's hats at WOW too. btw i looked it up and i was in family 10. as far as sexual abuse goes i don't recall anything like that ever happening to me at least. i DO remember the spankings though and that some were bad about it and others would just pretty much pretend to spank you so they wouldn't get in trouble. lol i realize that 95% of the people in the way weren't blood sucking vampires, just people looking for answers! i have a weird question though, did anyone know if they gave vitamins or something, because for some reason i have memories of having to take lots of pills and getting in trouble for spitting them out.
  11. oh definitely. That part definitely 100% true. I specifically remember the hall monitors. Better not get caught outside the halls! I also remember that when the kid groups split up with the different adults for children's activities the main thing that the kids would want to know was "who hits the hardest?" Also, I remember praying (actually praying, not figuratively) that the adult my group was with would forget their wooden spoon because it hurt ALOT less.
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