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Found 4 results

  1. Mike wanted me to start this topic so he can do what he does. What I want is to find out is who the other six "the men of god" are. Johniam said a music coordinator told him victor was "The 7th THE Man of God." Who is this music coordinator and who are the other six "THE Men of God"? I'm happy to discuss determinism and the illusion of free will, as long a we get to the bottom of this T7TMOG thing. This goes to the heart of cult manipulation and cult leadership and what it means to be a cult.
  2. In the Absent Christ thread, Mike said he believed the New Testament cannon was assembled by Mark, Luke, John and Paul. He and Walter C. collaborated on this idea in the mid-70s. It sounds like Mike is relying on some passages in II Timothy to support his hypothesis. This thread is established (once) to explore this proposition and to mitigate potential derailment of the Absent Christ thread. Thanks, Mike, for indulging my curiosity. Please continue our discussion here.
  3. 1. The mechanics of inflecting an interrogative while SIT are not taught. Lo shonta? Lo maka seetay?
  4. Pistis Christou can be either an objective genitive (Faith in Christ) or a subjective genitive (Faith of Christ). I presume the decision is theological. I don't have a position on this, but I know it's debated among theologians. I remember being taught with great force, anger, and frustration by my TWI teacher that faith is something we have and believing is something we do, but I don't remember how pistis Christou was handled. And then there's believing faith. MOREOVER, believing is part of the equation that defines the word of God. It seemed like pistis could mean whatever whenever, according to the size of the glove and the amount of snow. Though there are other verses, these two seem especially important: Galatians 2:15-16 and Romans 3:21-26. Three questions: How do you handle the objective/subjective genitive? Asset or Liability? Lo Shonta?
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