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Found 1 result

  1. Hi Taxidev! imho, the entire “Biblical” and doctrinal underpinning Of TWIt’s private interpretation is based on the FALSE PREMISE (logical fallacy) Of dispensationalism. This was actually a worldwide “revival” of accepting the Bible is inerrant and perfect as written. Initiated in the first half of the 19th century by Schofield and his disciples. Then, folks like Bullinger and others systematically developed it to the point where, by the 1920s, here in the USA it had a major doctrinal influence on the early 20th century fundamentalist revivals. Wierwille completely and unabashedly claimed Bullinger’s works as his own. He claimed he had never heard of ole Ethelbert until 1955, when Dr. E.E. Higgins in Chicago, took his piffle class and told him, “you teach like Bullinger writes” and sent him all of Bullinger’s works so ole dic could “read them for the first time”, which he said validated and verified ALL the research he had done and put into Piffle! LOL! Surprised?? That’s one of my major beefs with TWIt, CES, STFI, TLTF, and the rest of the TWIt-lite cults. This insidious doctrine lays the greatest importance upon the Pauline Epistles, basically consigning Jesus Christ to nice stohrees in the Gospels and, even though “it’s Christ in YOU the hope of glory”!, their Jesus is absent, sitting at the right hand of God twiddling His thumbs until the trumpet sounds! This puts the emphasis on an Apostle instead of his absent Lord, which then makes the Apostle more important than his own Lord! It also limits the King of Kings and Lord of Lords to OUR believing instead of the very active presence He is to millions of Christians who never heard of dispensationalism and could not care less about it. That’s why dictor spread the word that he was the greatest teacher since who? Jesus? Nope! Saul of Tarsus! The new light giver to his generation just like dic claimed to be for the 20th century generations! THAT was the greatest secret in the world, not “Christ in you”. As I said on Jalvis’ thread, it is man-made, dead doctrine, in no way Godbreathed. It is false. And, it is a core part of the TWIt lure to their version of it in their “rightly dividing” of all scripture, and the mog-hood of dictor paul They are completely close minded to any other possibilities, to the point that Schoenheit no longer either considers nor responds to ANY criticism or questioning of his work. Sound familiar. Jalvis wastes an entire 20 hours on this falsehood in his End Times dog’n’pony show. Until you are able to NOT look at dispensationalism as the proper way to understand the Bible by knowing “to whom it is written” and you’re willing to see it is a total crock of made up doublespeak, you’ll have “itching ears” for this false doctrine, and miss out on much of what the Bible ACTUALLY says, as well as knowing about the folks who said it. Selah bruddah!
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