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Found 1 result

  1. Hi all! "rev" gerry is still at it. The absolute smarmiest dictor paul worship sites of them all, are still polluting the worldwide web......LOL. However, despite little gerry's feeble intellect and numerous character defects, he just doesn't want anyone to contradict his "truth" nor his faddah-in-da-Woid's "great teachings" on how to take the place of their absent Christ, (who is indeed absent from their "minustray"). They are as anti(against)-Christ as vic was. They are as accurate as their plagiarist-in-chief, and as full of lies and false doctrines. I'm going to post a few quotes from some of his garbage sites, with some comments. Tell me what you think. "My page is for the edification, comfort, and exhortation of God's people. It is not for arguing about doctrine. If you wish to discuss something with me message me. This page is for speaking things that make for peace, to confirm who we are in Christ, and our hope in him. Thank you. P.S. Please don't use my name in any arguments on other pages." aww.....poor baby doesn't want anyone to "use his name" other than to praise and coddle his sorry little narcissistic self. He's just as opposed to people knowing the truth and facts of all the sexual assaults, incredible ego-trips and money grubbing for gifts schemes he carried out while he was a corpse coordinator and region dope in TWIt. So blatant that even dictor himself didn't want him around anymore and banished him to Cincinnati, OH to abuse those poor people. I love to use his name. I do live in a free country as does little gerry. So, I can use his name anywhere I want to. He presents himself as a "christian minister". He does so publicly and daily. He is therefore "fair game". Sorry little gerry, but them's the facts. I present the real "rev" gerry....the one he wants to make sure everyone knows that he and his idol, DPW, are completely forgiven for all their sins against the church and its members in particular. Oh yeah baby! Anyone who brings up FACTS about dictor and his boyz is just bringing up their "dead" past. This, despite the fact that they've NEVER repented and made restitution to those they raped and robbed, a la Matthew 18. Those ARE the words of the Word of God Incarnate, not some phoney moggie-boys. It's nice to know that "rev" gerry is aware of people "using his name"....LOL. It's forced him to make some changes which I'll point out. This'll be fun!
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