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The guy I picked up hitchhiking in Sept 1979 and took to Hattisburg, MS saving me from hurricane Fredrick


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 I was 19 years old driving back to Houston from Greenville, SC WOW year in 1979. I was alone. I was 19. I was driving about 1,000 miles. I was not afraid. WTF! Anyway....

As I got close to Mobile, AL I just knew that I needed to pull off the freeway. I didn't have a good reason but I just had to do it. So I pulled off and right in front of my was a guy with a ROA shirt on just like the one I was wearing.

I picked him up and took him to his parents house in Hattisburg, MS. They fed me, gave me an amazingly comfortable bed to sleep in and filled up my car with gas while I was asleep. By taking him to Hattisburg I missed the bad weather of the approaching hurricane Fredrick. It made landfall the day after I would have spent the night in Mobile but still, I count this as saving me from Fredrick.

I would love to find out who this guy was. I don't think I ever heard from him again.

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