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  1. Very nice to meet you too! I had already ordered Charlene's book before I saw your post and was able to read a few pages on Amazon. I can't wait to be off so I can dig in. I also ordered the Tao of Psychology. Thanks! I'll let you know what I think.
  2. Nice to meet you! I knew GSC existed but wasn't interested in anything related to TWI. This seems like a very well run forum and I appreciate y'all.
  3. I was 19 years old driving back to Houston from Greenville, SC WOW year in 1979. I was alone. I was 19. I was driving about 1,000 miles. I was not afraid. WTF! Anyway.... As I got close to Mobile, AL I just knew that I needed to pull off the freeway. I didn't have a good reason but I just had to do it. So I pulled off and right in front of my was a guy with a ROA shirt on just like the one I was wearing. I picked him up and took him to his parents house in Hattisburg, MS. They fed me, gave me an amazingly comfortable bed to sleep in and filled up my car with gas while I was asleep. By taking him to Hattisburg I missed the bad weather of the approaching hurricane Fredrick. It made landfall the day after I would have spent the night in Mobile but still, I count this as saving me from Fredrick. I would love to find out who this guy was. I don't think I ever heard from him again.
  4. This post is so old I doubt anyone is still looking for Houston folks from the 70s. I was just a kid, 15, when I got involved in 1975. The guy who witnessed to me was Earl Saxon. His family had recently moved to Houston from Emporia KS and had been involved in some of the early outreach there. I stayed involved way too long, mostly because I eventually married an abusive, controlling "PFAL Grad" and didn't have much experience with how to be an adult human without the cult telling me what to do and how to think ;) I'm not whining, that was just how it was. Once I figured out that I could leave I did. Both the husband and the cult. Every once in a while I run into former Way folks, usually friends of friends on FB. I haven't found a single person who thinks like I do. So far, without exception, politically they are far right leaning people who post juvenile memes like dogs lining up to pee on a poster of Biden/Harris. If not juvenile then they are freaking out about antifa and the leftist socialists who are going to cause the USA to collapse into a god-knows-what kind of dystopian hell. As for Christianity I see people still wanting to have been right about their faith and seem to wish for the good old days. Most still use the same Way language from decades ago. Cool, but not me. Hopefully there are some 50-70 year-olds out there who got some benefit from the Houston Way. I am absolutely not a Christian now. I can see how I believed in Jesus and I know how much I wanted the Bible to be God's Word. I learned some great values and developed a strong sense of listening to my inner guidance thing, not sure exactly what to call it but it is very real. I've been an RN for over 25 years now, mostly in pediatric critical care. The years I spent truly trying to help people strengthened my ability to care for kids and their families on the worst days of their lives. For that I am thankful. Anyway, here I am, decades out from TWI in the '70s. I think I finally quit going to fellowships in around 1990. It's amazing how much has stuck with me over the years, mostly confusion over how I stuck with it for so long... lol!
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