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  1. I entered the way in 1975 and got out in 1979. I still struggle with what I should believe. I constantly fight with what is correct. In the 80's I would lisen to differant radio preachers, That was a disaster. So today I take the subjects one by one. When a Bible teaching is mentioned in church I automaticly question its truth. I slowly pick a question and then start praying over it. It never fails that within a week or two God gives me MY answer. This has made for a very slow growth. It has also made for a very strong belief. I mention all this because I come to this site every few months to read others struggles. I left early because I saw some false teaching(most local leaders were very poor). I wasn't hurt emotionally. It just totally messed up my walk. I mention this because everyone of us left with our heads screwed on wrong. I pray that we are all healed in the long run.
  2. I some times think back about why I got out. I got out long before most of you ever heard of the way. They never checked how. Much i gave. Probably. Because I gave more than most. What bothered me was the dateing control. Why do you date outside TWI. The more they tried to control the more I resisted. It seems that single guys who had good jobs were in short supply.
  3. I was listening to the radio and then looked it up on line. A single mom leaves a church because she doesnt like what she hears. The members of that church will not talk with her anymore. They will turn away if they see her. She then goes on line and starts a blog like Greasespot. The church sues her for defamation. She wins. Does this sound like anything you know.
  4. Any time I hear someone saying they have a more correct version or understanding I'm running for the door.
  5. I havn't unfriended anyone for their political views. Only one time did I tell my sister-in-law that what she wrote was a complete lie. I am reconnecting with old high school friends as I approch my 40th reunion. There I unfriended. The guy was so openly gay that I couldn't handle the posts. I can tollerate anothers views. JUST DON'T KEEP PUTTING UP PICTURES THAT MAKE MY SKIN CRAWL. Sorry for shouting. You can understand anothers views. You can ignor their comments. But I draw the line at picture after picture depicting a lifestyle that I find offensive.
  6. I have made friends with a Jew who attends the same Sunday School class in a Baptist church. If you ever want to understand the Bible you need to see and learn the Jewish traditions and then read the Bible. It is eye openning. I now read the Old testiment more than the New.
  7. My grass is growing this year. Last year we had so little rain and the water restrictions that I mowed only once and weed eated twice. I have already mowed twice this year and the grass is getting high, but I can't mow now. I keep the riding mower at my shop and take it home on a trailer when needed. Some @#%^$#$%^&^%$% stole my trailer so I either spend $950 on a new trailer or drive the mower two miles home. GRRRRRRRRR
  8. I attend. Its a very detailed Bible study. You have a 6 day a week study. I have missed the last three weeks because of my back. The thing I DON'T like is the pressure to do all the studies and not miss. Those demands bring back memories I don't like. The studies themselves are great.
  9. But I do want to get above my raisin. Some of us had very humble beginings. Both of my parents were raised on a farm. My grandfather would not use an inside toilet unless it was raining or he had serious bussiness to do. He would go out to the back fense and mark the fense. So how red neck was my raisin. I was in high school before I took a bath more than once a week. So I have a college education and own my own bussiness. Yes I am above my raisin. Yes I am happy and will admit my humble origins. And most of all I love Ricky Scaggs. I still hate grits.
  10. I was going to talk about how fun muzzle loaders are. That is if I can stop laughing. Scared everyone in the frozen foods.
  11. Congrates. Thats impressive. Does this mean you could work at Burger King and give correct change without the register telling you how much.
  12. I always thought of him as VP or Doctor. It was his name. I never thought of him as a Doctor of Theology. At first I thought of him with a great deal of respect because I respected him NOT because he had a doctorate. Even when later I no longer respected him I thought of him as Doctor, because that was his name not his title.
  13. Lets see. I was in during the 70's in Houston. I'm now out of the Way and out of Houston. Pretty much says it all.
  14. Paw Thanks for your labor of love. GS allowed me to find out all that happened in TWI after I left. Makes me happy I left early. Have a wonderful life.
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