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Pet Store Puppies

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If you have ever wondered where pet store puppies come from well more than likley it is from a puppy mill.

I have seen the results first hand. I have seen the eyes that are fogged and blind because of the amonia from the urin that has burned them.

I am not a person that thinks breeders are bad but I know breeders that are respnsible breeders would never let a pet store sell their dog. People that sell dogs in a store are not respnsible breeders!!!!!!!!!! They are in it for the all mighty dollar and the link I will put at the end of this story shows why they don't care about dogs or for that matter life its self. Make note to ones self if you see a pup in a pen for sale. This is what the selling of the dog supports.

Say you wanted a black lab. There are many rescues at pet finder that have labs to be adopted dogs that need forever homes. Or go to an adoptathon at a pet store near you,local puond or humane soc.. I have had both reliable breeder dogs and adopted dogs. I will probably never buy another dog. The look in an adopted dogs eyes that you give a good home too is one of thankfulness unlike a breeder dog.

Here is the link of the puppy mill bust in Sanford NC


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