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  1. I found it really hard when I got out. I'd hooked up with some exWayfers who were running fellowships in their home: two fellowships in nearby cities. And one of these exWayers generously allowed me to stay with him while I was in the process of buying my house. None of these people had been Corps - in fact, I don't even know if any of them had taken the advanced class. I was pretty broken and smashed about at the time, but they couldn't hear the pain I was in, couldn't hear the things I said. The female most sympathetic just thought I should get over it; another male thought he could lord it over me; and the one I was staying with seemed to idolise VPW. None of them would hear a word against VPW, his plagiarism, the stuff that went on at HQ, etc etc. A couple of years later I learned that a lovely young man in one of these fellowships proposed to go and join Sowers. Having read a lot about that here, I took him out for a walk in the park and told him a few home truths about the likely setup, based on what I knew of WC training. He decided to go ahead anyway but (happily) couldn't get the visa and never went. I stopped hanging out with these groups before very long - a few months. And happily I found a very good church where people realised I was hurting about something I wouldn't talk about, and they just gave me space, but kind space. Still nobody in the church knows my history. But I do know that that church has become home to quite a few people who have got out from other abusive church relationships - Plymouth Brethren, among other cultish stuff/
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