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  1. With the talk of oxygen deprivation, I though I would suggest this website: www.donsbach.com Dr. Donsbach has an alternative medicine treatment center in Rosarito Beach, Baja California, in Mexico. It is about 1 hour from San Diego, California. He knows a lot about oxygen therapy also. I'm not sure on costs, etc., but he does sell oxygen cocktails to increase oxygen in the cells. Ex-Staffer Doesn't Work Over 37 Hours Now
  2. I knew they left HQ last year early in the year and went to Cincinnati. I don't know about Corps/Clergy status. Ex-Staffer Doesn't Work Over 37 Hours Now
  3. From other posts you have put on this site and your response to me, I can see that you are an EXTREMELY bitter, hard-hearted person. Why do you even post here? I believe it is just to slam on people.
  4. It's actually great to get so much information from you all. I've been thinking quite a bit the last few days. One thing I know for sure from a lot of posting is negativity about RFR. Like I've said before, I didn't have the opportunity to get much out of her while at HQ. My theory is that I don't think evil of people unless they give me a reason to do so. Rascal, I am curious acout the information in the following quote. What mandates are are talking about? I just want to understand I realize that a lot of people think RFR is hiding stuff because they believe she knew about LCM's crap a long time ago and didn't reveal it or confront it. Given the circumstances, I kinda understand why--even though I don't condone it. I guess I just put myself in her shoes. Would you want to narc on the MOG back in 1995? Maybe not. Of course, it's a different day and time now. One of the things I know for sure that a WC friend shared with me during the AC Special two years ago when they had a Corps Meeting about LCM's Snafu. She said we are not a screaming and yelling ministry any more. It's something to go by, maybe not a lot. I just don't want to be extreme either way--just balanced.
  5. Rascal, It wouldn't break my heart if I was kicked out. I still believe God will protect me even if I ditch TWI or am ditched. Love, Wayfer
  6. Steve, I don't mean to sound as if I'm talking out of both sides of my mouth. I haven't decided to leave because of fear. There I admit it. I just don't know what to do. I hear it's not necessarily a bed of roses outside either. I believe the BOD know that people don't trust their hearts to the leadership because of the past happenings. Like I said before, I have seen the hearts of HP and JR, and I believe they are pure-hearted. I don't necessarily feel that way about ALL leadership. I don't believe all Way leadership is hard-hearted, and I don't believe they have pure sound doctrine. I belive the bit about the original sin WAP is bulls*it. I believe the BOD see that and will take it off the agenda. I know that there was a Dept. coord. at HQ who left and hurt a lot of people in their oversight. That person contacted RFR and was required to make amends and apologize to those hurt by that person before they could come to HQ. I think that was a right decision. People should apologize for their wrongs to others. Those are the kinds of things that get held on to in people's minds. I haven't seen on are REGULAR basis the micro-management things. I have seen a lot of it drop by the way side. My FC was new, and still very influenced by LCM traits. The micro-mangement thing hasn't come up since. Plus, no one has to submit to that. They only do if they allow it. I determined when I was on Staff that I would not be subject to micro-management. LCM should have been the one being micro-managed. That FC is no longer a FC. To me, that indicates that leadership is watching what's going on. That FC went to the LC about my refusals to submit to itineraries and involving them in decision making. The LC told the FC that it was ridiculous to expect those kinds of things out of people. If I hear you right, you believe that ALL (without exception) of the leadershp are hard-hearted. I don't think so. If I see not so desirable people, I steer clear of them. That's the beauty of it. We don't have to be friends and lovey dovey to someone just because they are in the household. I'm probably not going to like everyone (like my old FC), and if I don't I get out of those situations. It doesn't happen often. I just can't imagine going ot church to pray to Jesus. I went to church with my sister a few months ago, and I liked it, but I am very adamant about not praying to Jesus. It's been ingrained in me for 20 years, and I believe what I've been taught about the Trinity. What do you have going that you think it better? I'd like to hear. I'm always willing to consider things or I wouldn't be at GS.
  7. Oakspear, I understand your questions and your feelings. Even though I was at HQ during the time that the **** hit the fan, I don't understand all. Only those intimately involved do. One point I have thought of over the past few years about what actually happened and why it was handled as it was. All Wayfers worshipped and adored LCM. If we were still in TWI after the fog years, we were extremely thankful for his life because of the "cleanup" he did on the ministry. I do see some beneficial aspects of his cleanup, although I do not agree with the way he handled not being unequally yoked, homos, getting into people's money life, personal life, families, etc. He was a BIG *** BOTTLE OF HYPOCRICASY. He aired other people's dirty laundry in public forum, and he even embarrassed them while they were in the room. I feel he should have been handled the same. All of the dirty little details with him being humiliated. I still feel this way. Understanding that he was the MOG, RFR had to hold the bag with the BS he left her holding. Don't get me wrong; I don't agree with withholding of information like this. I understand that not all was told because she wanted to protect the MOG whether she was right or wrong. Of course, if she knew as early at 1995, she was wrong--DEAD WRONG! We were all taught that if someone is confronted and do not change, there's a problem and they were mark and avoid. I believe LCM should have been exposed much earlier since he had such a holier than thou attitude. He caused a lot of people pain (families that broke up because of LCM's promiscuity, and those who left with their tails between their legs because they "didn't measure up.") It's a shame it was all handled this way. But we know that God is the Searcher of hearts and vengence is His. Those who haven't fessed up will have to live with their wrongs. It hurt a lot of people. We all just have to move on and get healing. If anyting I learned, don't look up to a man so much that you don't believe he could do wrong. We are all human, and we all make mistakes. We should never be so naive.
  8. Here's something to make you think: Does LCM fear for his life now that he's out of the "protection of the household"?
  9. I am very aware that many have been hurt very badly by leadership. I am very sympathetic also. I've experienced LCM's BS in the dining room many times. I also understand your feelings on those who are now in charge and had backed LCM's actions after knowing about it for awhile (or long time--who knows?) I don't trust my life to them anymore; I used to put that much trust in them. I think we all understand we are responsible for ourselves. I'm not exactly sure how I feel about RFR; I didn't have the opportunity to talk to her much; she wasn't always one who was accessible. She's rather non-talkative, so it's hard to see where she's at. I felt this way even while on Staff. I do have to say that I really love Harve Platig and John Reynolds; I had many interactions with them, and I do not believe they are evil or men with bad intentions. I truly believe they work with pure hearts and love people.
  10. Sorry about the choice on the bottom of my post. This is my first time posting, and I made a boo-boo.
  11. Last I heard, they took an assignment in North Carolina. They are still in.
  12. I haven't figured out exactly what I am lookin' for. Although I am still an "innie", I have been reading GS for quite some time--never in a critical manner. I understand that many who left had extremely valid reasons. I was on Staff during LCM last years reigning, and I have to say that I was quite annoyed with him and the things I saw that were allowed to go on with people's lives. I haven't left, and I don't know that I will. I just stay because I do feel it's the best thing going now, and I have to let the peace of God rule in my heart. I am ticked off that dirty laundry wasn't aired. LCM aired lots of dirty laundy--even with the people he was talking about in the same room. I think back and wander how did we put up with that bull? How did I put up with someone telling me how to live my life? No more. I've been out on the field for awhile now, and I actually had a fellowship coordinator try to tell me I needed to give my itinerary for a trip I was making. I refused. I made a move without discussing it, and I was remined that I should have brought it up to the fellowship coordinator before making a decision. I refused. God works in me, I don't have to see my fellowship coordinator every time I need to wipe my b*tt. It's not a fellowship coordinator's position to tell people how to handle money, raise kids, or live life. People need to learn that they should do only what they are convinced they need to be doing. No one tells me what to do anymore, and I'm not considered a heretic in TWI. The way you live life is manifested by the fruit you produce--good or not. That should be evidence enough of someone's heart. I see changes being made, so it appears to be promising. I guess I just want to be heard, and I hope you all don't think I'm just dumping on you. I know you all have been in my place, and some may think I'm an idiot to stay. I just hope that you won't be critical either. I haven't heard anything about PFAL coming back though? Where is this coming from?
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