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  1. I can only imagine why now he decides to come out jeesus

    1. Ham


      who's coming out?

  2. He's also has an email address at lcmartindale@yahoo.com

  3. He's at Twitter.com/lcmartindale

  4. I was searching the Internet a couple of days ago and found l.c. Martindale on frigid twitter

  5. I am still active in the way and so are my parents and brothers who are current way disciples my sister not so much. Ii went to fellowship from 1988-2000when I left for the army. I'll post more tomorow but that's a little bit. This is my real name Brian steuber. Oh I forgot I went to fellowship in central florda. Email me please.

    1. Thomas Loy Bumgarner

      Thomas Loy Bumgarner

      Brian, welcome to GSC which will be closing down. You may want to join ExWay Vision, the new group replacing this website

  6. Anyone have any questions about me or my postings right now I can't reply to anyone because of the administrator thing which I understand please email anytime at steuber_choi@yahoo.com thx

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