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  1. Great... Padilla has tested positive for H1N1 (swine flu)...
  2. man... I've been "away" too long... at first I wondered if I was in the right place (from the looks of things) but then I saw you guys and knew it was OK... IMO BoSox don't need to waste all their young talent on Halliday... I don't really know of anyone who should. The Sox have all of the pitching they're going to need. If the Jays want to move him they should just take some cash... the fans around here (for the most part) don't want to do a deal that would cost that many youngsters, especially if there's little chance of him staying after next year... and we've got all of the "spare" part
  3. welcome tagalong! (he says wondering if he's in the right place... did someone paint the joint?) what's happened to my stRangers? ...ever since they won that series in Boston they've forgotten how to hit ...we're keeping our fingers crossed hoping that getting Josh back in the lineup will help them snap out of it ...but people all over are starting to wonder if
  4. Eck must be a gas to listen to... they played a little of the BoSox audio when the stRangers were there... we have Tom Grieve as our color guy and he's so laid back and insightful.. everyone loves him... he brings several levels of knowledge to the booth, he was a player here when they moved from D.C. and then he went on to be the GM as well... I gotta tell you (this may sound sappy) but last year's team comraderie has carried over... I know they're not the Sox or the Angels or the Yankees but I can't help but love this team and cheer for them... they are so happy for each other, they seem to
  5. great pic Chas... don't forget to take them to the Minor League games this year as much as possible! Starman! Guess who has homered in four straight games for the Rays??? ...that's right ...GABE!!!
  6. Starman, what did you think of this year's stRangers? Lester pitched a heck of a game... didn't get to see Sunday's game but it's the first series we've won there in 12 freakin' years... bad news today though... Josh is gonna have to have surgery and will miss 6 to 8 weeks... but the kids have been doing pretty good this year... we're still happy... heck, it's June and we're not out of it!
  7. yeah... Torii good... berry berry good...
  8. I think we saw a bright part of our future tonigh (fingers crossed), a 19 year old lefty named Derrick Holland. He went 5 2/3 tonight which gives him (I think) 13 big league innings... it was his first start and he took a shutout into the 6th, got two quick outs and then a couple of singles and he got a slider up to Berkman and you know what that means... all in all though very promising young kid... I know we have our running commentaries about Kinsler and Pedroia and how good they each are but I'm telling you this Elvis Andrus kid does not disappoint... three highlight reel plays tonight a
  9. Yes... hope springs eternal every Spring in Arlington and this year is no different except the attitude from the top of the organization has changed. Hicks is still despised but seems to have stepped back and turned everything over to El Presidente Ryan and his conqueror mentality... and it's been aimed directly at the pitching staff. They have a whole new mentality. It's been said often around here that the stRangers key off season acquisition was not a player but pitching coach Mike Maddox... so far he (and the Ryan mindset) have shown their influence and things are going well. I think t
  10. well... Lackey got tossed after two pitches today. The first on was behind Kinsler, the second got him in the ribs. The ump almost tore a rotater cuff throwing him out. I think it was really just a case of Lackey just coming off the DL but another part of me wonders... he didn't have any trouble in warm ups... both of the umps behind home plate this series have really been squeezing the pitchers (of both teams), it's like they want to see the ball being hit... so we're up to six in a row and something like 12 out of the last 14... El Presidente's influence is showing, the starters are goi
  11. good for you Robin... did he respond?
  12. Pretty nice steal of home... he stole it on the catcher! It's on Youtube somewhere I'm sure if you haven't seen it... Can anyone tell that Padilla is in a contract year?
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