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  1. Hummm, RottieGrrl, I think you may have just described the Democratic Party :-) Bluetent
  2. Cult Is a Scare Word: Rottiegrrl: Good point. I have a friend (who was once in the Way and now follows Kenneth Copeland, Benny Henn and satellite ministries) who calls me ?cult-oppressed? because I still don?t subscribe to the Trinity (i.e., that Jesus is God, etc.). He says that NOT believing in the Trinity is considered by these guys as one of the major hall-marks of a cult. What balderdash. Eh? Meanwhile, the word ?cult? and other similar emotionally-charged words are really informal fallacies of debate in the form of name-calling. Whenever one cannot think of a real argument, they usually default to using insults to slander and defame the opponent. Historically, the term ?cult? is used by a group that is in a politically stronger position against a weaker group whom they perceive as a threat to their power base. Hence, ?cult? may be characterized as a term used by cowards who are on the defensive. Bluetent
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