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  1. Victims or Opressors... maybe a little bit of both.

    Businessmen, or more properly crooks, running a church like a business.. conning and being conned.

    Some of them came out of the corps as pretty darned ruthless.. coniving.. contract and promise breakers.. generally, try to pay you half (or even less) of what something was worth.

    Trade their spirituality for a pot of beans..

    Many were cheap sonsabitches. Always arguing about the price..

    Probably because of what was done to them. Many sold businesses, abandoned careers for this supposed higher calling, only to find the rules and objectives constantly change.

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  2. I established a few connections prior to exit. I don't know if they were really much better.. maybe just stepping stones along a (strange) way..

    my marriage did not survive.

    The connections in this world seem to be fairly loose.

    Divorce seems to be a killer of connections in this society.. for whatever reason.

    For the man.

    I was half-way through a college degree and finished the time in a rooming house with others with worse issues..

  3. Mrs. Owen wrote in "Just the Way It Was" (I think that's the name, I tossed my copy out years ago) about how VPW never allowed drugs among the hippies. This was mentioned a couple times I remember. I found the emphasis on that point odd. Maybe it begged the question.

    So . . . . . . did drugs help move The Word?

    Yes and no. The *word* was very much another drug. Maybe the drug moved itself..

  4. what was even the purpose or definition of WD to begin with?

    I think I have found it.

    It is .. a half way house to place ones offspring, in the hope that they will leave the nest..

    I know of one particular case where the child became so sick from separation from Parents that they were allowed to go back home..

  5. A bully only exists because it take others to allow them to be a bully - a bully is a result of other folks being whimps.

    I disagree. I have experienced a world system (including twi) where bullying was encouraged and orchestrated from top down, and there were no other options.

  6. In Celebration of Our 73rd anniversary..

    I will supply the Wine. I have about 30 liters stored away in the closet.. mostly Cabernet. A few gallons of beer besides plus award winning Chili would present no problem..

    This could be an event like.. dinner in courses. Show up for one Course in Michigan.. take a few days to sober up, and drive to the next course.. :biglaugh:

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