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  1. probably an upgrade from the old 150+ mhz band to the new 800 mhz trunking system. Good luck trying to figure out which channel to hit when some long haired, bearded ex-wayfer defiles your "property".. :biglaugh:

    the locals and especially state police are migrating to an 800 mhz trunking system for communications. I understand the "bugs" aren't all exactly worked out.. including those where the users just can't figure out how to use it..

  2. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Contesting

    Yeah, linder knows (or knew) code.. he shows up in the old ham call databases.. only got a novice license I think. But you had to pass a five word per minute test back then. I passed the twenty word per minute test for the Extra license, when they still tested for the code.
  3. The radios on the right:

    Alinco DX-70TH All mode HF radio on top, Heathkit HW-2036 2M FM radio below it, MFJ-941E Antenna Tuner on the bottom. Not seen behind them.. an old ICOM IC-2AT 2 meter HT (walkie talkie) power supply and Kamtronics KPC-3 TNC (radio modem).

    Morse Code key in front of them is a J-38 (old WWII military surplus, they made millions of them..)

    Two computers are underneath the desk. I have a switch unit that if I tap scroll lock twice, it switches between the two. Both are Pentium IV's. The serial port from the microsoft machine is hooked up to the Alinco. I let it key the transmitter (morse code) during contests.
  4. I think the capacitor came out of an old high power AM transmitter. 360 pf per section. I loosened the bolt and inverted one of the rotor sections, making a differential capacitor (turn knob, one section increases value, the other decreases). The frame of course will be "hot". But at 5 watts, I'm not worried..
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