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  1. chinson's daughter

    Exway Daryl's birthday

    Sorry I'm late! My mother was HOGGING THE FRIGGIN PHONE AND WOULDN'T LET ME SAY ANYTHING! lol...Happy belated birthday daryl! I LOVE YOU!!!!
  2. chinson's daughter


    LMAO!!!!! Ya'll crack me up!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!
  3. chinson's daughter

    Why I LOVE Spiderman!!

    hehe i was gonna make another thread but i spaced out and donno how to make another thread..LOL...can u spell brain damaged...sure can..j-e-s-s-i-c-a..lol
  4. chinson's daughter

    New Lurker!!!

    sorry if we scare u new person....i'm hyper....anywayz once again welcome to GS!!
  5. chinson's daughter

    New Lurker!!!

    i'm not that tupid....i think....i noe more than u think i do on GS mother!! lol!!!
  6. chinson's daughter

    New Lurker!!!

    You changed it duh!!!
  7. chinson's daughter

    New Lurker!!!

    u forgot the m in welcome mom!!! ANywayz welcome to GS u'll love it i noe i do!!!
  8. chinson's daughter

    Simon and Garfunkel

    I really wish i could see them sing!! I love their song Cecilia! We named our cat Ceilia after the song!! Simon & Garfunkel are awesome!
  9. chinson's daughter

    Done with Greasespot

    lol ex10!! uhhh maybe not that lost...lol!! Wait what!?!?!?!?!
  10. chinson's daughter

    Why I LOVE Spiderman!!

    Atually i said whoa and he's how old...lol....jk!!! I said thats cool...so is he famous?....lol...
  11. chinson's daughter

    Harry Potter 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Wish I could tell off Draco Punch him in the face and say That felt good and one of my friends say good that was brilliant it would be fun and funny!!!!!!!!
  12. chinson's daughter

    Shrek 2

    I thought i was gonna die from laughter it was so funny!! My favorite line was when donkey said "If we need an expert on lickin' ourselfs we'll give you a call!" But my favorite part was the whole movie!! I hope they make a Shrek 3!!
  13. chinson's daughter

    Spider-Man 2

    I don't think i have a fav part the movie was my fav part!!! I can't wait for SM3!!!
  14. chinson's daughter

    I've got 2 weeks left in Connecticut - who's up for an evening out?

    How bout me...o wait i'm home...darn oh well!! See ya later teve!!
  15. chinson's daughter

    Done with Greasespot

    uhhh...u lost me ex10! lol!! oh well i get lost easily when i walk down the street to the park no worries...lol