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  1. Sorry, I thought this thread was dead. Yeah... Great convo... I would like to add that Ehrman's friendly counterpart is Daniel Wallance and I have a mentor, someone who went to class with them in Seminary studying under Bruce Medzker (can't promise)... That they both encourage diving in on your own even though they are two opposites in the topic of religion. I love the questioning!
  2. Yes it is Dr. Robertson. I really enjoy his approach to theology and teaching. It is a breath of fresh air when compared to when I went to one of my undergrad colleges that was a fundamental baptist college.
  3. I know it has been awhile since I posted a blog up on here... But it isn't about Jesus Christ is not God... I posted my first paper for my masters class explaining my approach to Theological Reflection. I am curious on how people who have come out of the way challenged their "orthodox" views of the Way and/or the reverse going into the way if you where witnessed into it... What doctrines got to you.. What made you start thinking with a more unbiased bent? What was the ah-ha moments that got you or got you out of the way in regards to orthodoxy? My paper isn't that long it is rather short... I look forward to your responses! THEOLOGICAL ORTHODOXY LINK
  4. I just have had personal experience from people who come out of the way feel bad or try not to say one person teaches "falsely"
  5. I am talking about being outside of the Way and to be offened by other people saying such and such tv preacher or what ever is teaching false doctrine and is so a false teacher... Leading people astray...
  6. I have question.... Is it common for people who leave the way or any other organization like it to not be able to, have problems with or whatever to call out a false teacher or something like it?
  7. Just want to thank everyone for their input! It has been a great help!
  8. Steve, That sounds great look forward to connecting... I will just keep on keeping in touch! Small World huh! WordWolf sorry for the little info.. I wish I could cut and past the ummm cutting and pasting.... Isaiah 14:12-17 some stuff on that linking it with Gen 1:1,2 Isaiah 45:18, Jeremiah 4:23... Satan is blamed for the whole without form and void thing Just keeps going on and on and on... He misuses the word for filament I looked it up on several hebrew dictionaries and it seems to mean something of a metal bow or a metal structure is where it comes from... Seems to parallel many of the religious traditions of the time... He also misrepresents the Big Bang Theory... not surprising calling it "chaos" That is a loose way of looking at that theory.. I think waysider answered some of it but I am going to have to chew on that stuff if you have anymore to add that would be awesome!
  9. The Genesis 1:1,2 for was... VPW saying it "became" form and without void It seemed the word could be read multiple ways... I am going to ask my Hebrew prof what he thinks of the word The whole faces of the deep thing.... How did Lucifer make the first heaven?? I don't know... So much odd stuff in here...
  10. In class the other day we were going over Creation... So I posted something on FB and my wife had me look through her foundational class binder to understand where people are coming from... I didn't really understand it totally. I was wondering how you guys dealt with these points in the red binder? Any pointers you can give to me? Thanks Nate
  11. That is very interesting Steve... Gave me some thoughts to chew on!
  12. I am apart of the Assemblies of God for the time being I don't know what will happen when going to AU... What they teach, every believer has "the gift of tongues" at the time of conversion of their new birth.. In any since everything is a "gift" just like faith. It seems to be more semantics when looking at the two different doctrines closely...
  13. Thanks Steve... I will be looking forward to it. I see a people in the way post often about how it is a manifestation rather than a gift.... (off-topic 2 secs) I am going over JC isn't God right now as you know so I don't have the time to dig into it. I just published my newest blog on John 8:58 and ended with an interesting point to myself. I may post it here in a few days. I am going to do my thesis on something surrounding the Greek Philosophical and Historical impact on the New Testament writings. IF you are able to have visitors or make it to campus to visit lets get some coffee. I would love to hear your story! I can bring some food and leave out the bananas! Back on topic... That seems to get very deep. If you find some quick quotes and facts I can look at showing factual differences it would be great if you could send them my way..
  14. Has anyone done any work countering there view on this?
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