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  1. friscoguy05

    Get Over It already

    many moons later and I notice my post and people's responses my apologies for not more clearly indicating that this was NOT my work but rather the words of someone else that I cut and pasted I did provide a link to the Sower magazine at the time I originally posted it ,which would have shown my source, but I see that link is no longer valid In any even, I know the person who wrote this, and still highly agree with what she had stated.
  2. friscoguy05

    "rev" gerry wrenn raises wierwille from the dead!

    People it has been like 30 years since most of this stuff went down what the hell are you people doing here still discussing VPW and the rest I see someone here mentioned this a place for healing - you are kidding right Ralph damn man revengence is mine dairy the Lord (why am I quoting scripture to you Oh My Gosh !!!) you have swallowed the bitter pill and I know you will just rationalize some argument to show I am wrong remember the scripture whatsoever things are pure of good report etc of course you do damn you make me angry and VERY sad thwre is still time brother forgive forgive forgive the warning has been sounded long ago! you are no helping anyone most of all Christ by continuing in this manner peace out
  3. friscoguy05

    Free ...The Way Corps Brochure

    was going thru my old stuff and found this...it has quite a few color pictures of people circa 1984 and prior I was going to throw it away but thought someone here may want it email me at friscoguy05@gmail.com if you would like it
  4. friscoguy05

    Mrs. Wierwille's Poodle

    "Dr. Victor Paul Wierwille, "The Teacher," could be an accessory to poodle-cide?? It boggles the mind, Frisco. VP would have to be cuckoo to kill Cocoa, Dotsie's doggie. And he was, as crazy as a fruitbat, and mean as a snake, whether or not the rest is true. When you ask/think/wonder about it honestly, you realize little Cocoa gave his/her/its life to warn the rest of us just what a low-down, dirty, rotten SOB he truly was, to murder his wife's little companion, while VP was being hypocritical-adultery's most exuberant poster boy. You, Frisco, are in Cocoa's debt. Say amen." AMEN AMEN had it not been for your post Jonny Lingo I would have never been enlighten by satorii and realized the debt I owe poor Cocoa who suffered poodle cide at the hands of VPW. This poor little dog gave his life as warning for the rest of us. He has saved us all. Thank you Cocoa where ever you are!! AMEN AMEN
  5. friscoguy05

    Mrs. Wierwille's Poodle

    wow you are really scaring me here... can't people read whats written in chronilogical order Charley Charley Charley Read the record will ya I never questioned Mr Lingo's rights I never called anyone a name but was refereed to as scum and a TWI whatever and Sudo is arrogant and rude to act like he knows me rather than humbly inquire,,,,his comments reak of resentment , hurt and anger I never had a hissy fit I am totally light and your last comment LIFE IS TOO SHORT FOR THIS ironically was EXACTLY my point in initially posting to this thread LMAO it may be too short for this but amazingly enough it is wasted discussing such BS here WAY too often
  6. friscoguy05

    Mrs. Wierwille's Poodle

    irrational?? misdirected anger??? WOW WOwee even ...have you looked in the mirror lately you are now invisible to me ...so go kick your dog or something mstar1 ...if assaulting/insulting helps you gety your rocks off.. refuse to play your illogical verbal game any further
  7. friscoguy05

    Mrs. Wierwille's Poodle

    LOL get your facts straight buddy never told jonny to do anything...made a suggestion its my business because this is a publiuc forum "is there anybody in there" fantastic example of courtesy as to my comment for Sudo to pull his head out of his a**hole nothing discourteous about encouraging him to see more clearly (and probably smell better too :-) WOW so many people want to argue around here I wonder if it has to do with the missing pooodle Jonny is trying to locate
  8. friscoguy05

    Mrs. Wierwille's Poodle

    These forums are meant to be a place of discussion, where ideas and debates are encouraged. We welcome your opinion. In that light, please be courteous to fellow posters. Disagree all you want, but respect the fact that someone else may feel as strongly about their ideas as you do about your own. Please don't make it personal. A lively discussions of ideas is both more polite and more relevant. Our forums cover many topics from religious to political. While we are not a religious site, we do embrace discussions in this area. All are welcome here. However, harassing behavior will result in being banned from the forums. There is no need for personal attacks. If you have a specific problem with a poster, settle it outside of the forum. Threads of that nature will be deleted or sent to the Soap Opera Forum. Hmmmm it is amazing to find that my opinion places me into the realm of a Wierwille -wannabees LOL and also some kind of TWI proponent of which I am neither Thank you Garth (Pay no attention to the scum behind the curtain!)and Sudo (You've exposed yourself as a TWI apologist) for revealing your true colors...WOW amazing what can be brought to light here by expressing your opinion and the judgements people try to place upon you. Sudo how arogant for you to assume you know anything about me and yes right people are recieving healing hear by discussing some womans' poodle and what happened to it 25 years ago. Please don'tbother to respond because I have no desire to communicate with someone who is so biased and prejudiced and thinks they are God on a stick and can judge others so harshly...pull your head out of your a**hole before you attempt to sniff mine out please..THANK YOU
  9. friscoguy05

    Mrs. Wierwille's Poodle

    Jonny, If I can be completely candid with you...I saw this post title and opened it more out of amazement and sheer unbelief. On the whole I ignore most of what I see here because I believe it is a total waste of time, heart, energy and life. DO you realize that you are referring to an event you heard about almost 23 years ago and asking for confirmation now in the year 2007? I know this probably sounds harsh, insensitive and judgemental but I beg of you Jonny why even ask/care to ask/ think about this/ or waste 1 brain cell considering this. What does it matter to you and your life TODAY? Please close the chapter to a book that is no longer in print and move on with your life with ALL that is in you. Really man what profit is it to you or anyone else to pursue such questions. I hope you won't take offense but really consider what I am trying to convey to you. Thanks
  10. I would have to say that regardless of all that has/can and will be said about the "CES Crisis" in the final analysis what has been lost because of these issues is trust...trust in God, and his admonition that we treat the household of faith especially good and his desire for the functioning of the one body, trust in men and women who hold themselves out as walking and speaking for God, trust in our ability to find a place where we can take comfort in fellowshipping with one another with the belief that no matter what we have the Word and each other to turn to for guidance and resolution in any situation. People sowed their hearts and lives in CES as they did in The Way International and in the end all the discord and division resulted in deep hurt and sadness in the hearts of God's people. Sheep were slaughtered by the hands of those they trusted as their shepards. Men and women who should have known better chose to ignore what they knew to be true, they turned from the knowledge of God and scorned his instruction. The sadness lies in the fact that like any earthly brother or sister we lose relationship with there is a deep sense of mourning and sadness and loss so too these men and women were and remain to be our brothers in Christ though we may never enjoy the fruits of that realtionship in our lifetimes. Consider that be they who they were and or are, we will spend eternity with VPW and LCM and MG and whom ever else we choose to look at disparingly at. Consider also that God loves these individuals as he does all his children deeply. In the end there are no winners because we are a body and when ANY member of that body is hurt or functions inappropriately ALL members of the body suffer. The only winner here is the great deciever as he sits back and grins as the brethren, NOT HIM, slay each other.
  11. dmiller I don't know you from Adam but it sure is refreshing from my perspective to see that someone can see beyond what was written and see the backround noise in this original post. It's not about the book at all it...dang if he really had a heart to read the book I 'd lend him mine...this post was all about trashing CES and their works...had nothing to do with this fool wanting the book. Don't stand to close to me here because I am sure I will not win the Greasespot popularity award:-)
  12. What is the purpose of your post. I find it distasteful and religiously nausiating. If you can't trust CES with "the money God put in your care" then why trust CES with the Word they published in care for Him and His people.
  13. friscoguy05

    Get Over It already

    I recently started going to counseling, as certain people had been telling me for a while: “Go. You’ll love it. It’ll be great, etc.” So I finally did, and I’m not loving it. It’s hard and it’s painful. It’s bringing up a lot of stuff from my childhood that really hurt me, but which I have never really looked at or grieved. Well, I’m grieving now, and it doesn’t feel so good. So why am I doing it? Because I know it’s good for me, even though it doesn’t feel good, and I know it’s what I need. I also know that this is what God wants for me. God promises in His Word that, “Those who sow in tears will reap with songs of joy” (Ps. 126:5). Why is this? Why do I have to cry so much to get healing? Aren’t I supposed to just move on and live in the moment, focusing on how blessed I am? I mean everybody hurts, right? There’s no sense focusing on it. Wrong. There’s a difference between wallowing in depression and selfpity, and seeking to face our brokenness and be healed in a godly, healthy way. We weren’t designed to just move on. God created us to be sensitive and deep emotional beings, which is an amazing thing, but it also means that we are deeply affected by our experiences, whether good or bad. He knows that we will all be hurt, and feel neglected and unloved at some point in our lives. This is why He encourages us in His Word to mourn our losses, and to share our burdens and brokenness with Him and with others, knowing that He has made deliverance possible. In Matthew 5:4 it says, “Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.” Mourning can be a good thing. For the Israelites, mourning was a necessary ritual. When a loved one died, they would cry out loud and wail, tear their clothes, and cover their heads with dirt. Why? Because they knew grieving was necessary in order to heal. The Israelites were open with how broken they were, and allowed themselves to be comforted. We all need to be comforted when we are hurting. We need others For more info see The Sower at http://stfonline.org/sower/current.html