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  1. See, maybe it was because of the courses I took in college (doubt it) or something else. But I was always realizing that there was more to life just like CW's daughter said. Damn right that there is more to life than that. And I just can't see at all (without a more careful examination of how she was raised) how dissatisfaction with this life's .... (Not meaning this life compared with the future return of christ or something - meaning a life of consumerism) means total dissatisfaction until one arrives at the 'best' marked only by indoctrinization by the Way. There are many millions of people who see that this life could be much better than it is. Then again, there are plenty of people who also wish to bury their heads in the sand and only see the local, day to day life in front of them and think of nothing else. I think that thsi search is what can drive the human race forward in progress. I think that for the most part it should be encouraged, and that there is a way to do it beyond a "cultish push".
  2. I know it is in there. Now, arguments about whether or not it is actually OUR group can be presented, still. In the book there is mention that he was approached by a biblical group called The Way that were witnessing on the street corner, etc. He made mention that afterwards they were weird, (and I believe that they met in their homes) so he left them. I wish I still had the book, my at the time fellowship was participating in a bookswap program so I gave mine up for others to read. FOUND IT: (Amazon Search) 112. on Page 343: "... and talking about redemption and damnation .229 Soon he began hanging out with members of a small fundamentalist sect, the Way Ministry, and handing out leaflets and buttonholing strangers on street corners in Princeton."' ..." and here is the start of the quote: "Assadi recalled, "He disappeared one day. When ... He had begun reading the Bible obsessively and talking about redemption and damnation .229 Soon he began hanging out with members of a small fundamentalist sect, the Way Ministry, and handing ..."
  3. Great point Raf. I have been reading these posts with great interest and had been desiring to write what you did. Why should the way be so huge to people. It isn't. If you find a mention of the way in a book (like in "A Beautiful Mind") it gets your heart a racin! But thats because like Raf said we were in it. Not because it is a household (forgive the pun) name!
  4. GSC, I will admit tha I was at /HQ/ about 3 months back, I am by no means a regular at all. There was no way to check you. People arrived up until the last minute, there was no desk, there were no lists. Unless someone got /revelation/ to ask someone something or something changed in the last 3 months [and friends of mine go all the time for some reason. Ie/ 2 times a month and this was never brought up] then I am unsure. Ck, if you are correct then to quote Bill and Ted /this is bogus/. :blink:
  5. To be free and to be funny my only response is: JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. I was trying to comment on where our spirit goes. But I realize it confuses me too. no answer. haha
  7. Glad u liked these, and now more like this all of you! PROVE FLEETING ACIDHEAD >the only person they could find to give them an ear for 5 seconds ran off on them. What a Decade of Prevailing! Something like that. This IS silly after all
  8. Because outandabout wrote it out like this T H E D E C A D E O F P R E V A I L I N G, I decided to pop these letters into an anagram solver. These are a few of the fine tuned results: (you have to come up with a snazzy definition of what this means) PROVE FLEETING ACIDHEAD :blink: COADAPTED INVEIGHER ELF DEFALCATE DERIVING HOPE DEVELOPING THEIR FACADE DEPLORE THIEVING FACADE FALCATED DOPE INVEIGHER (exie might like this one) FOILING CATHEDRA PEEVED ADVOCATE HEED PILFERING HANDICAP DELETE FORGIVE (Mr Ham I am expecting something good out of these, so no dissapointing or you are M&A. Yes that is harsh but it's what is needed! :P )
  9. I remember when it was discouraged too Stephanie but it is now encouraged. In fact they did a teen skit at the auditorium about "believer" teens going online and chatting together, IMs, sending e-mails etc. (I didn't personally see it but many people from my fellowshipd did) And my fellowship sends mass mails to each other all the time. Both to groups in our city and out of it. I know that this doesn't prove anything but it is a response to what previously was said. And Inourownway has said on his site that there are other believers with webpages which are known about that don't discuss the way but personal things. On the other hand there aren't any details about those pages either.
  10. The funny thing now is that we have all these new Avi's to get used to, now no one is the same anymore well.a lot of us I guess :P
  11. learning


    This has a fairly cool look to it and I can't wait to see how this develops Paw. :)
  12. learning

    Knocking on My Door

    I don't think it's God's will, I don't think it isn't either. However I am not sure how you meant this? Obviously God wants people to have the word but what if he had only bad experiences but seeing you lovingly do what you guys decided to do would have moved him somehow and perhaps he remembers you. Would God rather you gave lovingly and freely or were holding a grudge?
  13. Maybe THIS is how we can test the words of the spirit to see if they are false. Maybe the link to that site should be posted under Doctrinal?
  14. learning

    If Pawtucket Were God

    Disciples of Paw, when the great and mighty MIGRATION happens will we all be changed in an instant? Will there be trumpets? Will this be the 2nd GSC coming?
  15. Mr. Hammeroni dmiller Why? Having a good sense of humor which will be needed in this job, and for Mr. H the ability to make many lists. ;)-->
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