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  1. Stile's book is not in the public domain. I had ordered a copy a few years ago from Wilkenson publishers, who claimed to have owned the copyright. Danny
  2. As I drove to work today, I kept on repeating to myself the mantra, "Love your enemies...love your enemies..." in my feeble effort to calm my mind and my nerves for dealing with the situation at work, where a new supervisor had recently taken charge and was trying to rebuild Rome in a day, through his brash, arrogant micro-managing style which was beginning to get on everyones' nerves and wear us out. I entertained thoughts of quitting, rather than continuing to work for such a jerk. About two hours into the day, as my new supervisor and I worked in the plant office alone, I heard some commotion behind me as I finished up work on the computer - my boss was standing, trembling uncontrollably, uttering incoherently, interspersed with "my God, my God...", his cell phone dropped to the floor - he had slipped into a diabetic seizure. I rushed over to him and grabbed him, holding onto to him, trying to prevent him from falling to the floor, and leading him to a chair. Knowing he was diabetic, I reached into his desk drawer and pulled out a container of his orange tablets that I know he kept there, plugging them into his mouth. After a couple minutes, along with subsequent calls to his wife and paramedics, he regained coherency. I was shaken - I don't think I had ever seen anyone suffer to that degree before. What a terrible thing to live with - with a condition of which, if one is not careful, one could literally lose control of their own body and mind without warning. No wonder he's a "control freak". Thank God he's okay. Danny
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