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  1. Are you referring to the moderators on JWO? There's only one moderator, and he's the owner of the site. And I know he counldn't care less about anyone's "trolling for a fight". We've had far worse on JWO than "troll for a fight". And Zixar my dear, you are just a little fish in the big sea on JWO, so no one really cares who trolls for fights with whom. -->
  2. What the Hay, I was being facetious ;)--> LOL @ Pirate :D-->
  3. Yes, the Bible only talks about "lying down" with someone, it doesn't specifically mention sex. ;)-->
  4. Jonny, You bring up an interesting point about abuse in cults, and how people can tend to dwell on the negative so much that the positive aspects about a subject such as sex can be downplayed, even ignored. Religions play a large part in demonising natural instincts such as sex, and put unnecessary taboos into society, such as "we don't talk about sex". But everyone thinks about it!!!! Unless you are pre-adolescent or have a decreased libido for some reason, of course everyone thinks about sex (usually the lack of it, haha)!
  5. Funny thing is, British tv has no qualms about flashing breasts on the small screen, same as with European shows. But I've noticed that American tv is very reluctant to do the same. As for Aussie tv, we find it hard to keep our clothes on!! ;)-->
  6. Funny you should mention nationality, because Americans are perceived as being "prudish" when it comes to sex. After all, look at the uproar at the exposing of a single nipple at the Super Bowl recently.
  7. You mean to say that Zixar went to all the trouble of registering on JWO just to post this: http://www.jehovahswitnessonline.com/viewtopic.php?t=5304 Simply amazing. -->
  8. It makes sense to me. Regarding the free will thing - isn't his use of "free will" usually include "do what I tell you to do or you will die"?
  9. Prisca, when you say "... the others mean nothing to us," that better defines the cynicism I see than any "rebel spirit" you perceive within yourselves. Just calling it as it is. If you don't like it, then that's too bad. On this site you are a big fish in a little pond. Elsewhere on the net you are a little fish in a very big pond.
  10. So are you saying he has full posting rights/privileges now?
  11. Vile accusations? Such as refuting you have hemorroids? -->
  12. I'd like to welcome to JWO our latest member... ZIXAR!!! :D-->
  13. He "advised" no such thing. Besides, the posters on JWO can think for themselves, we no longer need someone to hold our hand and tell us what to do. Leadership??? hahahaha..... (Sorry RF) Refiner doesn't have "leadership" over any of us. As I said before, we don't need someone to hold our hand and tell us what to do. Yeah right! Try telling either of those guys what to do! :P--> Hate to tell you this, but the only JWOers who have posted on that thread about Zixar are RF, JanH and LongHauler(Doug). None of us are interested about who said what on GS many moons ago. Satori, Zixar and the others mean nothing to us. They have no significance. Sorry guys. :P-->
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