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  1. I watched and loved the Video about "Remembrance Day" It really bout brought tears to my eyes.

  2. This happened to me years ago when I was about 16 yrs old...............my parents had gone out of town for the weekend and I and a friend were left on our own to take care of the house for the first time, we thought we were pretty cool!! We went to go hang out with some friends just down the street and we got back to my place that's when we realized we had left the only spare key inside. Everything was locked, both the doors and windows, but the only window open was a little window on the 2nd floor that measured about 18 inches by about 14 inches. There was no ladder to get up to the 2nd storey....what to do? I happened to notice down the street a "cherry picker" you know one of those trucks with two buckets that extend pretty high, that electricians use for fixing electrical wires overhead.............so down the street I went and began to explain my dilema to them, I'm locked out and my only way in is a little window on the 2nd floor. Can you believe it, they drove their truck up to my property, parked and lifted me into one of the buckets and then raised me up to the window and in I went and was able to retreive my keys, I was so thankful that they were able to help me out.................
  3. Hi Psalm 71 Just finished reading about your situation and my heart goes out to you..................I tried to put myself in your shoes and if it were me this would be my thinking.......I wouldn't do it, reason being he would be growing up over at your friend's house and you mentioned you wouldn't get to see him for maybe a month or more over several years, you'd never get those years back. Also all we really have is "now" you can't predict what's going to happen in the future. I'd keep my family together and work with the situation at hand as best as I could, but like Shellon said you have to go with what's best for you, I'm curious, what about enrolling him in a public school close to home?
  4. Cowgirl

    Check it out

    Someone sent this to me and it so touched my heart................. www.BlueRibbonMovie.com
  5. Cowgirl

    Pick a Car!

    I'd be so content with an old army jeep that I could drive on any type of terrain and a little old pick-up truck to haul driftwood!
  6. Yeah and you sound like the critics that support mainstream medicine, in the end George, we are responsible for whatever we put into out bodies and I know for myself I sure I sure wouldn't be jumping so fast to pop a pill into my mouth just because a doctor prescribed it, I would definitely be doing my homework. I believe and I'm going to quote what TWI said that (God designed the body to heal itself) and when we go the way of traditional medicine pill popping for every ailment, it interferes with the way God set it up and reaps major problems throughout the body. I also believe that the major reason for 99% percent of sicknesses and dieases are a weakened immune system, via stress, lack of healthy foods, lack of exercise, smoking and those are things we can control right in our own backyard without any Dr's perscription. Cowgirl
  7. Yeah and I think there's alot of crap in traditional medicine !!
  8. George.............Have you actually sat down and read the whole the book, or are you just mimicing the critics? Cowgirl
  9. I'm going to throw my two cents in here, I've read a book by Kevin Trudeau called "Natural Cures The Don't want You to Know About" and he gets into alot on what I call "bandaid drugs" like what you're talking about and how they supposedly take care (cover-up) one ailment but in the end , they cause major damage to other parts of your body in the long run, which in turn causes you to take more drugs to correct the damage the first drug caused. The drugs never deal with the underlying cause, just the symptons He nails the FDA and the major pharmacutial companies and what their whole intent is. Some people call him a little extreme but I think there's alot of truth to what he says. He does push his own cures but that's towards the end of the book, I don't agree or disagree with that but, the part I found so eye-opening was what he shared about the drug companies and the FDA. And if I'm correct he does cover those two drugs that are mentioned in previous posts. It's definitely worth a read, you can get it at your library!
  10. Hi there Bumpy! My answer to your question.............Stay in the moment....don't project....deal with what's happening now!! It's a quote from a book I've been reading but I think it's a great quote to live by, aleast for my life. I don't want to use up my time living in the past or the future where what I'm doing is just a means to an end, I want to enjoy the journey NOW ! Cowgirl
  11. Cowgirl

    familiar names

    I did a quick search on it "The Power of Now" and nothing came up, can you direct me as to where you found it, I even went through the reading room for 2003 and found nothing. Thanks Cowgirl
  12. Cowgirl

    familiar names

    Satori, I've been reading a book called "The Power of Now" (A guide to spiritual enlightenment) by Eckhart Tolle and the author uses the word "Satori".............I'm curious, is that where you came up with the name? By the way anybody who reads this..........in my opinion what a great book, definitely worth reading!!! Cowgirl
  13. Right on, I like the way you think !!!!
  14. Hi Mark! Thanks for responding...................I could build a rink in a section of my back yard which measures 30 ft by about 80 ft which definitely would give them alot more play area but if I were to do that I wanted to know if it would wreck my lawn. The reason I was thinking of the smaller area is that it's a cement area and nothing would get damaged but if the lawn doesn't get wrecked then I would definitely go with the bigger area. Cowgirl
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