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  1. Let the person who needs help check these guys out: Passages Malibu AA makes people constantly say, "I am a recovering alcoholic or drug addict." And every week they would sound as though they were in the perpetual state of hopelessness and always on the verge of failure. Passages Malibu looks for the ROOT cause and believes in a cure so one does not struggle their whole life. They believe you can be healed. I also believe in complete healing and like the way they set things up. Although I have not been there, I have been to Alanon which did me no good and to Celebrate Recovery which wa
  2. Very Glad that you and yours are okay. Do you have access to food? Grocery stores, etc? With the electric out I bet the stores had to throw away lots of stuff. My parents lost their home in a hurricane and it hurt them deeply, emotionally, financially and the trauma trigger Alzheimers in my step mom. When I saw the path of Sandy and the homes I was VERY VERY concerned and in prayer for you and yours. Did your house survive? Minnie? On the news they showed lines for gasoline, people without power and people who did not have food. It was frightening. I was trying to figure out how to U
  3. Anyone hear how she and her family is?
  4. When she says your thoughts become a part of your biology ~ it gives one pause.
  5. oops neuroscientist not neurologist
  6. On one level.... We are not alone because God is with us. But on a more human level, you have been one of the most loved people I have ever met. Wherever you have ever gone, people are touched by your love and compassion and genuinely have liked/loved/adored you. You have that kind of affect on people. If it is panic you feel, I understand and have had panic attacks. If it is worry because someone else is hurting and you feel helpless ~ that is a hard place to find yourself in. You find your way into my prayers on a regular basis and I am praying for you now. I am sorry for whatever t
  7. Thought this might generate interest. She has given me some ideas to help people with Alzheimers and speaks of "thoughts" and scripture in a logical format of Biblical perspective and Science both.... -My link
  8. An underrated band: Carolina Liar http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LXc8LTTL84w&feature=related
  9. Voted for her! Is that you in there with her? Nice to finally SEE you!
  10. Roy Over the past few months, perhaps years, it seems you are going through something. Questions, deep thinking and searching for answers or seeking a resolve. I did listen to your video. I hope you find what you are looking for and can rest in the answers you find.
  11. Well Kit, I am counting on that.
  12. Kit: For years, I have said that I choose life over death ~ however, I would have chosen nonexistence over existence... if given a choice right before conception... I too, had a sucky life... (It is great now with Groucho, but in its total. I would have rather to have not been born)
  13. TWI had us convinced if anything happened like that, it was evil. Maybe some things are. But I do not believe it all is ~ without exception. I think TWI had it wrong. When Isabel came to me it was so amazing. She did not speak by opening her mouth but rather it was a knowing of what she was giving me. Peace, love, healing, wholeness... She was very lit up and wearing white. She comforted me. The kindness palatable. It was a dream and yet it wasn't. Like Moses on the mountain, thing. I do not know if I told many or any people about this. And just about 2 weeks ago, someone close
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