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  1. Nice to be back, Linda, It's been a hard couple years, and I didn't feel I had much to post! OOPS! I thought I just edited to ask this-- do you know the name of Robi's group? I've been praying for her health ever since I read her post! LOL!
  2. Robi came in here quite awhile back, saying she'd been coughing up blood, kept us posted for awhile, then nothing. Has ANYBODY heard from her?
  3. Psalm 71 one


    ((((((((((((((((((Krys!)))))))))))))))))))))))) how 'bout some chocolate?
  4. GT, I just looked here, under change my profile avatar and it is in the stock images under "flashbacks". I clicked it to put it back as my avatar, but it didn't "take". I'm going to DL to this computer and maybe I'll be able to upload it at Exwayvision. Well, so far, so good. I got the piggy back here! I also emailed it to myself, and saved it here on my son's 'puter.
  5. OOOOOH! spoke too soon! I can play over there, too! GT, I don't have a copy of the image. I had it on my own computer, but that gave me a BSOD awhile back and we haven't been able to get someone to fix it yet. (I'm hoping I haven't lost all my pictures and saved documents!) I've done a search for free animated images, flying piggies and so far, I can't find the same one. I'll still be looking.
  6. Darn! So far i can't find the same piggy I used here! Might be the flying piggy will change in appearance! Also, i can't post over there. I'm thinking TrustAndObey has heard too much about me and my flying piggy attacks. ;)
  7. Chatty Kathy AKKKKKKKKKK! Lookkit my hair! It's PURPLE! oh yeah, I LIKE purple! But with the RED? hmmmmm Ductape I'm afraid for my piggy--I think it's been kidnapped!
  8. My piggy hasn't flown over there yet <_<
  9. AHEM! SPLATT SPLAT! SPLAT! chocolate cream pie, pumpkin pie and banana pie SPLOOSH! Buncha chili. . . (wonder what the new place will look like after the food fights?)
  10. has now entered area 51

    1. sumarianrythum


      It has been years since I have tried to say hi, and I hope I am still considered a friend, because you have always been considered as one of mine.Doug Simerly

  11. Psalm 71 one


    Twinky, I'm sorry it took so long to reply--I had to wash all that sticky marshmallow and s'ketti sauce outa my hair! We're doin good--we move in about ten days, and life is good! (I hate moving and I love moving at the same time! LOL!) I don't know how often I'll be here, cuzza packing but I miss you all! I'm gonna have to poke my head in at chat once we're settled in. Now. . . shhhhhhh! don't tell Krys about this big bowl of soggy salad with ranch dressing I'm about to tip over onto her head. . . TIP! SPLAT! OH yeah!!! Here, Krys, ya need some chocolate sauce to go with that! POUR! I'll sneak out and let this thread get back on topic--sorry Shellon!
  12. Psalm 71 one


    (Surprise, surprise! I'm here!) The way I would define friendship, I'm not sure others would. I am a "people person", so I have lots of "friends". In my vending business, I have people I really like, and we chat a lot while i am there. I call them Friends. But I've never been to their homes, nor they to mine. If they were sick and needed me, I'd be there. I have friends that I've been friends with for 8 years. I'd say we are close. But I've discovered they can't handle weakness--they tend to get occupied and unable to be together in person--although they pray for us and call to see how we're doing. I've learned that about them, and still call them my friends. And the friendship is strong during the "good" times. We share a lot of secrets with one another-- and I trust them. I'd say my closest friend is my sister Lois. Yes, I'd hold her hair while she's puking--in fact I cleaned up where she missed--she's my sister! She's the one I call the most often on my long distance. I'd do just about anything for her, and she for me. (Anything in our power and what our hubbys allow). We share the deepest secrets, the silliest giggles--and yet she's a 12 hour drive away! She's a scatterbrained airhead-- oh wait! that's what she calls me! LOL! Our hubbies do not understand our friendship, because we also irritate each other! But really don't fight over anything. If she's done something that has irritated me, I need a bit of space, and then I tell her--same thing with her towards me. We are comforatble with each other. we could share anything and trust the other to not tell anyone else. So I guess that is my definition of a good friendship. I probably have 3 of those. My hubby is one of them--although he irritates me more often than my sister--I guess it's 'cause we live together! If i lived with my sister, I bet we'd irritate each other more often too! LOL!
  13. Rocky thanks for letting us know about Dot--glad to hear she's fine. I hope your cousin wasn't delayed too long! Mike, I know you got slammed in your neck of the woods! I read about the two year old--what a hard thing to go through! I have been praying for them. We have several roads that are going to be closed for quite awhile while they rebuild the washed out parts. In dallas there's a sinkhole big enough to hide a tractor trailer--it's pretty wild to see! Do ya ever check Pauldingdotcom website? Lotta pictures posted there!
  14. We made it through last nights storms fine--a little water coming into the the wals around and the room below the fireplace, lost power for awhile as well as phones/cable, but we're fine. Lots of roads are blocked or washed out, may have trouble getting around for a few days, but we're still okay. How are the rest of ya? Mikey? Your area got hit pretty hard too--are you and family safe? Other Georgians? Dot? Robes? Who am I missing? Raise yer hands and let us know you're okay, please?
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