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  1. ChattyKathy

    B.B. King

    Thank you for giving us yourself. You will be missed.
  2. You look wonderful in purple and red. And I think I found your piggy but not alone....what can this mean.... :o Ductape!
  3. psalmsie....look here--->
  4. Am I seeing and hearing things tonight..... :unsure: First I saw my post now showing up as a thread in that new section..... :blush: And now I could have sworn I just heard my name called..... :P (as Paw goes....and they wonder why I need a break from here.... )
  5. I hope Paw doesn't think I'm high jacking this serious thread for my fun, but it is wonderful seeing some of my old buddies again. Hi Sudo and Rocky! :)
  6. :ph34r: sneaking in to say to waysider and George....
  7. ChattyKathy

    Chatty Kathy

    Paw, I did not know where to post my appreciation, and had posted it in a thread in The Way. So I brought it here, thinking I should have put it in one of these threads instead. If you want to move it....well it is your joint....so go for it. :blush:
  8. When TWI did not want me anymore, nor did I want them, I found here. I already knew of their dirty secrets, way too personally. I found camaraderie here, amongst hurting souls seeking to find wellness, while sharing their torments for searching eyes to read. Eyes of posters, as well as, those privately lurking while trying to gather the strength to walk away from Hell's hand, that which we know as TWI. I was warmly welcomed, even though a few contacted Hope to see if I was for real. And I was given the room to unload when it was all I had to give. Then healing began and in time I even had something of benefit to give back. I made lifelong friends and found a deeper understanding of love. Thank you cannot touch the depth of my appreciation.
  9. Listening to it now, and I reckon I belong, cause I'm smiling away. I'm not quite ready to post links again, and unless things have changed, I remember how to do it. :) It's nice being here Sudo.
  10. What a delightful update on folks that you know are dear to me. I suspect even those here, who do not know them, would enjoy the read, simply because of your delivery. I hope Isaiah remains free of their illness, and that they heal up quick as possible. I bet your hubby and that little youngin' are buddies. (and I was drinking my morning coffee while (you) our beauty was resting a bit more) ;) Sudo, Thank you for letting us catch up on things that are nostalgic for us. :)
  11. Precious One, you would think you might be a bit miffed at me for falling off the face of the earth in many ways, yet you are as gracious as ever you were. I have thought of you often, but that doesn't count much in the book of care towards each other. I have peeked in at your posts now and then though and have prayed with you when there was a need. Give that awesome man of yours a hug for me. I cannot believe how big Isaiah has gotten, and how adorable the way you are involved with his life. What memories you are paving. Is your mom well? Please hug her for me also and tell her I miss our chats. May I have a coke versus coffee and can we share it on your couch? ;)
  12. Yes, we've been here about 16 months. It takes adjusting even if I lived here most of my life. Who is Bluzeman? :P :B) I don't know the second but is this too obvious a clue? I dusted them off the other day... :( ...but it sure is good to think of you and the fun we had while I was wearing those dang boots.
  13. Figuring out life here in Florida. The other day running from an alligator which was in the pond by my workplace. I had misjudged it as a nice place to rest while at lunch. I saw it coming out of the water onto land heading towards me and I was out of there, turning only once to see if it came over the berm I had been sitting on. I learned there are two in that pond, one around 7' and little one that came towards me which was only about 4'. I will not be hanging out over there anymore. :unsure: How have you been? And thank you for the welcome. :)
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