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  1. What has happened to people? The internet has become a breeding ground for hate. Atheists hate Christians, Christians hate Atheists. Conservatives hate liberals and vice-versa. And some people just hate everyone. On almost every forum, you see nothing but people hiding behind computers and insulting other people. And it’s not only hot button issues. Look at some of the comments on Youtube. A simple non aggressive statement is replied to with an insult about the person’s mother. It’s become very disgusting. I don’t see this crap in real life. It’s only when someone is hiding behind a computer. And I really don’t care who uses their real name and who doesn’t. MOST of us are not psychos and aren’t going to go find someone to get violent even if we know someone’s real name so don’t even try the “Hey, I use my real name, I’m not hiding”. We now have a generation of people who thinks it is perfectly acceptable to be rude and nasty to others just because “It’s teh interwebz!!!111!!!!” What kind of decent person would think it’s just fine to insult someone’s mother just because they asked a question? What kind of person thinks it’s fine to insult someone and mock their belief just because they don’t share that belief? We’ve become a nasty society because of the internet and facebook and all that crap. I pray that some day people will come to their senses and see how wrong all this is. But I’m not holding my breath.
  2. Bolshevik, that's only one of the irony's you will find here. I called out Seth's post because he has a history of posting hateful stuff about Christians. In another recent post by him, he commented about how he would like to see everyone stop believing in "fairy tales", referring to anyone who believes what the Bible teaches. Sorry, but in all my years, having had many discussions with atheist's in real life, I've never had anyone resort to the nastiness and name calling that I see from people like him on the internet. So yes, I can safely say that MOST people are not so rude and nasty. If he, or anyone else chooses to get froggy with someone in real life, he will face the consequences. Up to him, and I don't really care. However, I had no idea he was so crazy he would attempt to get my personal information to meet and fight about it. He doesn't scare me in the least but I have family to consider and no one that unstable is going to get any personal information from me. I've said before, this used to be such a great community. Many people who left, or were kicked out of the way found people here they could relate to. People who had been through the same garbage. Imagine someone recently out of the way, comes here broken, looking for answers to what they had experienced. Then they see people insulting Christians, mocking belief's they have held dear for their entire life in some cases. I'm not talking about the way, I mean their belief in God. I doubt someone in such a vulnerable state would care to open up to a community where their entire belief system is going to be mocked if they happen to say they believe in God and the Bible. I don't care who believes in God and who doesn't. Raf recently stated that he is now an atheist. Good for him, if that's what makes him happy. It doesn't matter to me, and it shouldn't matter to him if I still do believe. I have yet to see Raf be nasty to anyone about it though. I have always liked and respected him and that hasn't changed because his belief has changed. The difference is, he isn't going around preaching to everyone about how ignorant those who believe are. But I've had enough of this. I know I'm persona non-grata here anymore. And that's fine. It's entirely up to Duffy and the moderators if they want to allow that kind of BS here. Just don't be surprised of someone who really NEEDS this community runs away because of it. Seth, I have no more to say to you. You keep posting whatever you like. Since those of us who believe in God are "scumbags" to you, there is no conversation to be had. But you have serious issues. I pray you will get the help you so obviously need.
  3. I didn't think his general insult to the majority of the posters here and all Christians in general was productive. But whatever, I have nothing more to say to junior. He can continue to show everyone how ignorant and childish he is.
  4. Oh look, internet tough guy wants to fight. You're hilarious junior.
  5. Wordwolf, I have always liked and respected you. And I agree, he has the right to his opinion. But all these online atheists who hide behind a computer and hurl insults at someone just because of their belief in God get really old. I'd love to know how many people he has insulted to their face. I'm sure the answer is zero because these types of cowards never have a pair big enough to do that. But whatever. I miss what this community used to be.
  6. No wonder few people post here anymore with that kind of garbage allowed to stay up. Maybe you should look in the mirror junior.
  7. Not to you but maybe there was to him? I have no idea, as I have no interest in looking at the link. But seemed to me you were just sniping at him. Whatever, no skin off my nose.
  8. It sounds to me like he was making a correlation between the two.
  9. Yes, and you can thank the hypocrite Al Gore for a lot of it. But let's don't hijack this thread. On topic: Why should I care what any of my neighbors believe? As long as they aren't harming anyone it really doesn't matter to me. Religious belief's are a personal matter and I won't condemn someone for believing differently from me. Now the idiots who play their cRap music at 140 decibels, that's a different story.
  10. I agree, but online it seems like it always devolves into a political fight. Note I didn't say discussion, but fight. People just can't be civil online anymore.
  11. Well that was a nice childish answer. Which is what I've come to expect from online atheists. Since the global warming stuff is political and we aren't allowed to discuss it here, I won't address that comment.
  12. Bluzeman

    B.B. King

    Just read that he passed away last night. I've never felt such sadness at the loss of a musician before. I've had the pleasure of seeing him live 6 times, and always thought I'd get to see him again. R.I.P. Mr. King. The Blues are much more blue today without you here.
  13. Happy Birthday! Mine was a few weeks back, the 10th.
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