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  1. Do you think this syndrome applies to people in the way or those who haven gotten out of the way? Do people speak favorably toward those that keep them in bondage to a spiritually perverse system?
  2. CP3 Physical training making your body the vehicle of God's Word as vital as possible. My interpretation: I try to eat healthy. I faithfully exercise. I want my body to be full of vitality so I can serve God as best as I can. Any problems so far? CP 1 Acquire an in-depth spiritual perception and awareness. My understanding: Try to be God's eyes and see people's needs and serve them as God shows you the need. Be aware when there are hurting people around you and take care of their hearts. Any problems with this lifestyle? CP 2 Receive training in the whole word so as to be able to
  3. It's not by works, Maggie Muggins.
  4. I still try to live by the five Corps Principles. Anyone else?
  5. On my continued quest to discover what was wrong with The Way spiritually, I would like to propose Idolatry. The God of The Way was one they wanted to worship. He was made in the image of what they thought God should be like. He was pretty one-sided. He was like a Sugar Daddy. God was like a good buddy. There usually were not any consequences for wrong actions. No condemnation...remember? What about the God of the Bible that says...What you sow, you reap? and God cannot be mocked. I don't think The Way had a healthy respect for the awesomeness of God, the Holiness of God and one to worsh
  6. Is anyone leaving currently? Or are people now at The Way content to stay?
  7. Coming back to read the replies and thank you for all your interesting comments... My point was not the WHEN of what went wrong, but more the WHAT of what went wrong. I think the devil/adversary/god of this world has been against Christians and Christian-like groups forever. He will do anything to make the Christianity look wrong or foolish. Many well meaning and not so well meaning groups have been deceived by pride, both cult and organized churches alike. What I found fascinating is how I personally had been influenced by the prideful "spirit" in The Way. As God showed me my pride, I ca
  8. Dear Cafe Dwellers, A while ago, I asked the question...What went wrong with The Way SPIRITUALLY? We talk about the corruptness, but why did it happen? My thought is PRIDE. I think when some leadership became prideful, they fell into devilish deceptions, dank doctrines and dark deeds. Remember, the Bible says...Pride goes before the fall. I came to this conclusion because I looked into the mirror of God's Word and saw the PRIDE in my own life. Where was I prideful? I wouldn't fellowship with anyone who did not believe the Bible like I did. I wouldn't go to church with people who prea
  9. We had to pay a quarter if we got caught saying IT.
  10. During this Christmas season, I wanted to ask you... Who was the one who was the incarnate God for you? Who showed you what God was like? Who portrayed God indwelling in mankind for you? My turn: The person who showed me God's heart by his life was Jim Plunkett.
  11. After they kicked me really hard, I cried. Then, I was told I had a sullen (sad) spirit. It's true I was sad about the way I was treated.
  12. Well, I committed some x s and some X s in Texas, but many sins were committed in other states. Big X s and Little x s Remember those from PFAL? They taught each sin that we commit is the same in God's eyes according to The Way. But are all sins the same? Let's take adultery for example... If I sin by lusting after a married person or if I act on that lust, would that be the same? Many Way people had that attitude and therefore never stopped at temptation. For certain sins, people died immediately. Such as Ananias and Sapphira. In the Bible, it appears that there is a greater pena
  13. T-bone Thank you for your thought provoking answer. Thank you for taking the time to write back. I also like how organized your post was. (Librarian speaking here) And the pretty colors with red and blue. I agree that the adultery issue was major and I didn't even know it was going on although I should have but choose to think well of folks. The issue you brought up about how sin was not emphasized is good. Many committed sin readily because forgiveness was so available that the attitude was "why not?" I think the spirit of PRIDE was alive and well in the leadership because they expect
  14. I know the facts about what happened with LCM's demise, but I would like to hear a teaching or read an explanation of what happened spiritually. I still believe in angels and fallen angels and that these demons cause problems in the lives of ministries and believers today. Does anyone have any idea what devil spirits were operating in The Way? (I know this will not be a popular topic for many.) :)
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