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  1. Esther, if you see this post, you sent me an email a few years back telling me about your WOW year. You spoke of God's love for me and to never forget it. You talked about the man in Jeremiah who trusted in the flesh versus the man who trusts in God. If you see this, please respond here or email me. Thanks. Go WOW.
  2. jsamuel

    Word Promotions

    Socks or anyone, did you know him in The Way Corps? Did you know him before Dr. Wierwille died? Nobody who comes here receives his journal I take it. I've read The Passing of a Patriarch many times. I never got satisfactory answers in The Leadership Tapes of 1990 by Craig and The Way International at that time. Nobody ever went over the details of The Passing of a Patriarch, if they even cared to, with exception of few points, which was like incomptent as a whole. You ought to hear what the Hendricks crowd says...no correction in it and Dr. really liked John Hendricks since he was 4th Corps and Dr. spent time at Rome Ciry alot. Huh? This answers questions? People refuse to think. I'm not starved for religious fellowship. I just want sane answers like hopefully any court of justice with competent jurors would take. Know what i mean? (Yes, I recently did jury service.) You listen things out. Think for yourself. Well I am a thinker. And I don't want to just make up my own crap. What was said, why, etc. Deal with it. You have to deal with things in life or go the egomaniac route or be put under the thumb a lifetime. Anyhow, back on subject I do want to know what I asked about. Thanks Socks and others. Jim, oh boy. Are you really trying to communicate intelligently? Serious. Take what you said and look at it. In fact, think before you speak will you please? "Hunt him down." Now what does this mean? Then what? It's so easy to spout your mouth without thinking. Then what? THINK. You have to be dilligent to get answers but you have to work with what is available, your resources, time, etc. Thanks. I see I was edited. Pawtucket get over it. What are you afraid of? Is this the hypocrisy, fear, of The Way International after 1990 here in this forum all over again? Censorship, FEAR and avoid? Is this a place to talk and get answers or for Pawtucket to act like he's God like Martindale did. Learn from your past Pawtucket. FEAR motivation and condemnation does not work. By the way BIG TIME FREEDOM marcher here Pawtucket, will you please clearly show me what is accepted here and not? Or is this just a Nazi prisoner camp? Be fair. I see that on the front page that you never change by the way, you have no problem at all talking about Mrs. Wierwille's alztheimer's disease. However you spell it. A while ago you have no problem at all showing how some guy killed himself, commited suicide on the front page. Now I know this is your site. Why show the same unfairness and fear and hypocrisy you set this very site up for?
  3. jsamuel

    Word Promotions

    Looking for helpful facts and the truth. Sober mind, stuff like you'd want in a court of justice. "Do you prommise the testimony you are about to give is the ttuth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help you God?" Then you do or you don't and a jury decides. Your character is your character. Make it want you want. We know Who we all ultimately answer to. Well at least I know and believe all men will answer to the Judge of all men, the one True God and Father of the Lord Jesus Christ. "so help you God." But I'm not anti-humor. I don't mean to give that impression. Look at God when He told Moses if Miriam's father had but spit in her face she'd be put out of the camp or whatever it says. Elijah and the false prophets of Baal. Jesus speaking of a hypocite with a beam in his eye beholding the speck in his brother's eye. I like humor in the right place. Just not when nothing gets done or it's too disruptive to others to work.
  4. jsamuel

    Word Promotions

    Anybody know if Word Promotions has put out a journal issue or anything since June or if the Geers sent out their Holidays picture like they had at least the last three years? Anybody think Chris was a different guy after the death of Dr. Victor Paul Wierwille than before? By the way, wise cracks really aren't what I'm looking for and aren't going to help me get the truth. In fact they can hinder the work of getting to the truth. Thanks.
  5. By the way, she did translations work for The Way International back in the early eighties I think. Thanks.
  6. Thank you Steve. I was able to speak with Dan and was very blessed. You did me a favor and I thank you.
  7. Hi. How can I contact Ricardo? Anybody know? Thank you.
  8. Trying to find Dan Bentrup. Eleventh Way Corps maybe? Thank you.
  9. Where is Esther? She was in The Way Corps. She lives outside the United States. I only know her first name.
  10. Hi. Anybody know how to track Tricia Bishop? She is not a "friend" as in "Friend Tracker" but she is my sister in Christ. I have been reading old Way Magazines and noticed her in there several times as the International Outreach Coordinator and I desire to converse with her. Thank you.
  11. Was Jesus a loser? Let's take an honest look shall we? He was condemned by a just jury. He was hanged on a tree for all to see. The top religious echelon voted in a lawful assembly. There were no false witness nor liars present, dare ANYone say. People witnessed him die. God did not save him. He was challenged to save himself and he could not. Not impressive at all. He knuckled under top goverment officials. Didn't even speak a word at times. He reproached well respected and loved men. Lawyers, religious leaders. He ate with sinners. Known sinners. He was responsible for babies dying. Yes how many hundreds of babies could have been saved if not for his birth? He divided families!!! He divided father and daughter!!! (Check the Gospels on this one) Yes Jesus of Nazareth separated many. He was a separist. Just one man or woman's opinion here. Mine counts as one as do yours. Nothing more, nothing less. God bless.
  12. What's my opinion regarding Dr. Victor Paul Wierwille I take it you mean? I don't think you personally warrant an answer from me on that. You need to have WAY more love and respect for people before I would cast any pearls your way. Lest I get trampled too right? If you stand on the Word, God will deliver you. If you are the only one to stand on the Word on any given thing, God will deliver you. If nobody believes you and you stand on the Word, guess what? God will deliver you because God does not allow His Word to fail. This is so simple you can teach children! "Let the little children come to me for such is the kingdom of heaven" (Quoted by memory and may not be word for word accurate from the King James Version of your bible.) It's wonderful the spirit of God can lead us by the revelation manifestations like a word of knowledge and a word of wisdom and help us as we endeavor to stand on the Word and boldly hold our sonship rights in our hearts and minds. You asked, that is my answer. Nothing really nasty just sharing the Word which I am required of God to put on in my heart. (REQUIRED of stewards that a man be found faithful) FAITH-FULL not PERFECT. God bless you.
  13. The fear of a man bringeth a snare. So the obvious question is, who cares what man says or thinks? The Bible was not written for the God-rejector or God-denier. Just because someone can refuse to believe and can put on a good show does not indicate he or she is above God or His Word and will. It indicates an insane mind if you ask me. You reap what you sow. I thank God God has never failed His own Word. Never, not a single time. I love people. I was saved by grace. But God's grace didn't make me stupid and I do not need to make my own self a dumb-dumb either. God bless.
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