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  1. I'm not sure of the grand total, but most of the cities where TWI operates have about 20-50 people. (Toronto, London, and Montreal have the biggest groups, as far as I know). So I'd say it would be a little under 200? There was a country meeting not so long ago in Ottawa and a little under 100 people showed up, but I don't know if it's an accurate representation of the numbers because of travel/hotel space/money/timing.
  2. The reason I was told was that London had enough faithful people/leadership to stand on its own and that not having the HQ there wouldn't really affect the current numbers or stability, and that having HQ in Ottawa would help the (then, and still) small branch there grow. If that's the real reason or if there's another underlying reason, I'm not sure.
  3. Hi. I'm modcat5, aka Raf. At StayQuiet's request, I'm modifying this post to make it a tad less revealing. I think we can say this: He's still in. He's not in the USA. He's thinking about getting out. He's learned a lot since he googled The Way International a few years back. This is still his thread. I've asked him to write something else I can put here instead. And that is all for now. Address replies to StayQuiet
  4. Sorry to bring back this really old thread, but I just have some updates on the situation in Canada. Joe and Louiselle are still married and still in charge. They no longer live on the ministry property in London, it was sold in 2013. The Perrys have moved to Ottawa and now run the ministry from there. The headquarters is no longer a part of the house, it's now a separate office.
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