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  1. Lindsay Mom Peggy and sister Lacey moved back to Pennsylvania from Washington State last fall. Victoria moved last spring back to Pennsylvania from MN (with her 3 kids and Husband David) and is living with her father Carmen go to 3:44 mark and see Peggy and Lacey and Victoria dancing to Carmen band
  2. http://www.fox9.com/news/investigators/the-reckoning-man-violently-attacks-former-cult-leader-doesn-t-regret-it
  3. http://www.fox9.com/news/229018264-story, He was assaulted in prison recently
  4. Good for Lindsay, hope heads will roll. She is suing in civil court. http://www.startribune.com/former-maiden-sues-river-road-fellowship-elders/411773496/
  5. I know for a fact Peggy is still devoted to him (Victor) even after he has plead guilty. I know Lacey (2nd oldest daughter) is still out in Spokane or Bellingham area. I can only guess she supports him also. It's crazy how deep seeded their thinking is for this Monster. I feel so sorry for Lindsay, she is Isolated and going through this without her families support. I know she has her extended family, which is wonderful, but for her own mother to deny all of this. She says (Peggy) "Lindsay has things confused". What a line of crap that is.
  6. "They all " meaning all the adult married or unmarried women. Don't worry be happy said she meaning Peggy (LIndsay mom) slept with victor. I was wondering if he had first hand knowledge of that or just a general opinion that Victor slept with all the women and teenage girls.
  7. Not nor never have been associated with RRF or TWI. I do have a personal connection, just trying to learn more about all this. It still is unfolding for us. Just would love prayers to continue handling this delicate situation. As far as I know there are still devoted followers. Just can't wrap my head around it.
  8. Is it a fact Peggy Tornambe slept with Victor or just a general of course they all did ??
  9. I think Victor plead guilty is to spare his followers from testifying. If they hint at knowing or suspecting anything they could be next.
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