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  1. Yeah, i found that page the other day and i called that phone number yesterday and three times today. NO LUCK Ithink it is either disconnected or something. It has a fast busy signal every time i call. I do remember a few lyrics though.. I got off the race track and got on the grace track look out devil here i come, I'm Gods Son i'm Number one So watch me sail, i can't fail. You're gonna slip on your tail Stick your fiery darts in your private parts He comes the Son of God! LMAO or close lol.
  2. Actually i like playing music around the house. i with out a doubt i would love to get permission to play some of his tunes out in public. but mainly just for my own enjoyment. I have attached what i have come up with and compiled, and anyone can download it.. but i would love to get the song GraceTrack . you see i originally had the tape and lost it in a fire years ago, and the only other guy i knew that had it was an old roommate John Sharp from Tucson Arizona, and i just recently heard of his passing. so i'm kinda in a limbo. Mommas homos.docx
  3. I really liked Grace track and would like the lyrics. and or mp3. Someone has to have the tape and can rip the audio and zip the file email it. is Tom Burke still alive? id contact him directly if it could.
  4. Exactly, i agree with what Modcat5 said. With all do respect i lost the tape, and just wanted to replace it.
  5. Oh man, i used to LOVE that tape. I actually did the "don't let your babies grow up to be homos one night live in my band!" . Now a day, people get all butt hurt. ( no pun intended, but its funny) I too would love a copy or the mp3s or even the tape if anyone has it? did you ever get a copy UncleChromDome? if so i would love it sent to my email pianomanny@gmail.com ( fingers crossed)
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