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    Thank you, Socks! I have been in seclusion for a long time with a lot of what I find disturbing information. My concern is this: I had to sign a lot of paperwork and go through intense interviewing to make sure I was mentally fit to attend Revenant for four days. Even past mundane counseling and a Xanax would have disqualified me. But I was encouraged to lie. Michael Bryant, my recruiter, knew I took Xanax for years, knew I did some marriage counseling and knew I struggled with issues Revenant could only trigger. Pretty sure they had an agenda. Whatever for me. But the residents. They are primarily in recovery from addiction, a fact Crossing the Jordan definitely would prefer to avoid. Their site has recently undergone a major overhaul and Dan Tocchini is nowhere to be found last I checked. He used to be front and center. Now, my resident has significant psychiatric illness with numerous suicide attempts, hospitalizations and many psych drugs over the years. They never had this young person psychiatrically evaluated, and never requested medical records. How on God’s green earth can these already-traumatized residents be considered anywhere near competent and mentally fit at such an early stage in recovery as to withstand the psychological tactics inflicted upon them? As for the Intrepid Program, I find it tantamount to the practice of rendition. It is brutal. It would just seem obvious that at some point there will be tragic results. I am not hyperbolic by nature, but I just find myself frantic that authorities must intervene. I know so much about Crossing the Jordan and Tocchini, and know him and his wife personally and well enough to know they are not safe people with altruistic intentions. What do you think? Am I overreacting here? Because that would be great.
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    I would like to know if anyone has heard of this. Tocchini has designed and implemented a curriculum based on his Blood & Ethos Revenant Training in a residential recovery facility in Santa Rosa — Crossing the Jordan, operated by Michael and Dana Bryant, Tocchini minions and ex-convicts — vehicle theft, insurance fraud, bank robberies — a great story of their own, and Tocchini holds classes and the reigns. I was recruited to attend Revenant with the promise of family reunification. Residents are immersed in the ideology for months and family members are recruited to attend the Revenant and beyond. Residents, though, are required to attend Revenant as part of the curriculum, but for these folks Revenant is mere kids’ stuff — anybody heard of Intrepid Training? Anyway, since California does not require licensing for residential recovery facilities, Tocchini and the Bryants are free to run amok and make a ton of money exploiting a despairing subset of the population who are already weakened, stigmatized and marginalized. Nobody is watching. There’s more. A lot more. Every sentence is a book in itself. I truly need the thoughts, opinions, stories, knowledge of others. I do struggle to understand.
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