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  1. As I recall, people were asked to commit to following LCM and if they did not, they were outed, being put on a black list, and from there anything anyone might have said about someone, might have been assumed to be true. If you have something against a brother, you are to go talk to him yourself first, then take one or two others. That sort of thing didn't happen as far as I could tell. I just can't see that we are supposed to promise that we will follow one leader or another. I don't see that in scripture anywhere. That in itself was the reason so many left. It's not the right thing to do. What ever happened to "Teach them the Word and let 'em go free."? Let's all learn from these things and do better.
  2. Interesting comment I read on "nostalgia ministry". I did hear about a nostalgia spirit that is not of God, that people were being warned about, many years ago.
  3. How important is it to "honor the fathers"? Those fathers in the faith who have affected our lives in some positive way, should be honored, shouldn't they? Not everything everyone does is good, and not everything they do is bad. We do not want to bless evil, and neither do we want to curse those things that are good, right? I was just thinking about how much time we spent in the scripture at the cross of Jesus, in the PFAL class. Thinking back on my 60 + years of life, I can not recall anyone ever, taking me through so much time on the events of the life of Jesus, at the cross. Nobody ever did that with me that I can recall, other than VPW in that PFAL class. Did all that time at the cross have a positive benefit on our lives or not? Well how many people stood up when we were told to set our things aside, stand up, and speak in tongues? It was not at all uncommon for every new student to do exactly that. I'm not saying that everything we were taught about those crucified with Christ was accurate. Today I don't believe as I was told back then, and did go along with. However, just thinking about how much time we spent on the events at the cross, is amazing. We really did hear about Christ and him crucified, right? Who has ever done that with us? Maybe some people have had that happen to them, before or since PFAL. I don't know, but I don't think it would be the majority. I received the Holy Spirit with the manifestation of speaking in tongues, when I was reading a chapter out of one of his books that were a part of the class. which as I recall we had to purchase separately...long time ago to recall for me, but one of those small books had a very short chapter called "How To Speak In Tongues." It was in PFAL, that I learned about where we got the scriptures. It was in PFAL that I received a respect and reverence for God. He really was with us in our meetings. Christ really was evident though us. through our lives, and the Holy Spirit actually was manifest among us. though the manifestations of the Spirit we functioned in. There was so much good in PFAL. Not everything in it was necessarily right on, but there was so, so, so much good and correct in it, right? Sure you know that's right. (VPW must have known the value of acknowledgement of the truth is. It's important. He knew how to draw that out of us, at times when we needed it.) So I leave with this question to think about: How important is it to honor the fathers and mothers of the faith? (those who have taught us, and led us into the truth, and mentored us) Remember that it is those who honor the truth that can benefit from it, right? Now none of our teachers are the truth itself. Jesus is the truth, as well as the life, but every life has something to be honored, doesn't it? How have we been doing at that?
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