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  1. I don't know a lot about the Way International as far as inner workings. I know what I've read and what I experienced as a child. I've lived with what happened since the early 80's. It happened between the ages of 7-10. I came here several years ago to tell my story and was immediately called a liar. Some did support me, but the experience traumatized me and I left the forums. I'm back because I can't believe more information does not exist. I know that at least one incident happened at Camp Gunnison, in one of the rooms with bunk beds. When I found the group on Facebook, I recognized one of the rooms and was especially triggered by a room with bunk beds. I remembered that room, and I remembered a hallway with a yellow light. I remember much more, of course, but I will not go into details. Suffice it to say that I believe I was sexually abused while there. I've been in counseling on and off for over twenty years. I started having flashbacks long before I ever got into counseling. The things that I remember are horrific, but I know there's much more below the surface. I'm not saying everything that happened to me happened there. In fact, I'm pretty sure quite a lot happened off site. My father was also a pedophile. Everything that happened could very well have happened independent of the group, after all, pedophiles are always looking for places that they can get access to children. I wouldn't have even written this if Lifted Up had not mentioned sexual abuse as children. It's been frustrating to not find other stories like mine, because I know they are out there. Other than the guy who kept "maidens" for himself rather recently (and this came out a few years after my first attempt to reach out here), I haven't seen anything, even though a research book contains a passage about the Way and allegations of child sexual abuse. So I'm rather at a loss. But thank you, Lifted Up, for speaking out. God bless.
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