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  1. It was my mistake, he didn't mention cartels, just drug running. I assumed cartels as mafias in one guise or another, read secret societies, have been around since Nimrod. Sorry for the confusion. By the way, I'm really looking forward to seeing the dude again. And Craig. And Victor. And Rosalie. And John. And Vince. And everyone here. It's going to be fun and it's going to be forever. We will all stand shoulder to shoulder with the lord when we return to earth with him in the next administration to start the clean up operation.
  2. Looks yummy Twinkie, and a cup of tea is definitely in order. While I'm here, you don't have to be a genius to figure out that if Master Baal has his world totally locked down and is banning meetings of more than 2 people with threats of huge fines or detainment in solitary confinement that the word is moving at the home church level on a global scale. I can't find anything though. Who is moving the word? It isn't the TWI, that's for sure.
  3. Yeah, probably Twinky. I was in London '78-'79, and used to drive to Gartmore every weekend from Aberdeen for the sunday service, did it for years. I was in Birmingham once or twice for something or other, probably stayed in a Holiday Inn, can't remember now.
  4. Hello Twinky, I have the feeling I know you. Thanks for saying hello. I'm not here to pick fights, or take sides. Here in few words is an overview of what I've learned. Men are not evil. It is temples made with hands that are evil. God does not dwell in temples made with hands, so when men submit themselves to them, God is not there. That's why our lives cave in when we submit to them. God energises in home church leaders to move the word in their area. The church in the home is where God energises in this administration. God works with home church leaders. Home church leaders walk by the spirit, Christ is their head, and the word moves, life comes alive, everything is fresh and real, and life works. To stop this, the enemy constructs religious organisations to take control away from the home church leaders. When that happens, God steps out because he does not dwell in temples made with hands and will have nothing to do with them. That is how you cut off the fountain of living waters. When home church leaders submit to any ministry or organisation constructed by men, whether it is The Way International or the Roman Catholic Church, they forsake the fountain of living waters, they walk away from God and put their trust in men, which is walking by the senses. When home church leaders do their own thing and run home churches that are self governing, self supporting and self propagating, with no interference from without, and walk with Christ as their head, the word moves and life is amazing. When home church leaders submit to structures of leadership in man made temples, God steps out because he will not work in that framework. God absolutely will NOT give revelation to leadership in temples made with hands to pass on to home church leaders. When religious organisations take control away from the home church leaders, that's the point where God steps out and you have yet another broken cistern where men put their trust in themselves and walk by the flesh by making decisions in counsels of men thinking there is safety in a multitude of counselors. There is nothing safe about walking by the senses, no matter how many people were involved. We must learn to energise the Christ in us and walk by the spirit. Now, whether anyone here likes this or not, if Rosalie, Chris Geer, or Craig Martindale started a home church right at this moment, God would work in them to will and to do of his good pleasure to get the word moving. He would work in you too. God is faithful, and he always does his job. It is not men that are evil, it is the ridiculous broken cisterns men construct and submit themselves to that are evil. That's why our lives cave in when we submit to them. Now, if anyone here starts a home church of their own that is self governing, self supporting and self propagating, they will find that the word does indeed work and that God is there and that the more abundant life really is available. No one needs a ministry to start a home church, you just need a room somewhere. What do you think all this social distancing the world is pushing on us is about? Keeping us safe? Yeah right. We need some home churches fired up folks. Anyone up for it?
  5. He didn't mention Cartels, I'd just assumed that. Had no idea Cartels were a modern innovation, thought they'd been around since forever. We're going to meet the dude again, all of us, and we're going to live together with him forever, you know, for eternity. I'm trying hard to get my head around that and learn to put the past behind. It isn't easy sometimes.
  6. Not heard that song before. I guess I missed something important growing up somewhere. Made me laugh though, thanks.
  7. He and Barbara once travelled up to Aberdeen from Gartmore to visit my home church. Found out something rather interesting about him afterwards while chatting. Before he got in the word, he ran drugs across the Mexican border. Considering his Cartel links, I think he did try to do something worthwhile with his life. God will sort it all out after the return, so relax, everything will be put right. If he can sort things out for me, I don't think anyone else will be much of a problem.
  8. Hello W. Is Green a reference to someone I know? One day we will have to sort things out with each other and we all get along and we will all enjoy each others company. No idea how that's going to happen, but if God can sort out the mess Adam and Eve got us into, I have no doubts he can sort this mess out as well. How else could we possibly judge angels in the next administration? How else could we possibly help Christ sort things out on earth when we come back with him? Might as well start getting along now hey? Might make things easier later.
  9. Hi, one or two of you have mentioned me in other posts so thought I'd stop in and say hello. Not here to start a fight, not at all, we all have eternal life and when Jesus Christ returns, we will all be together and we will all get to know each other and we all enjoy each others company. I'm looking forward to it very much. I have no issues with anyone. I have no issues with Victor. I have no issues with Craig. I have no issues with Chris. I have no issues with Robert. I have no issues with Rosalie. I have no issues with Vince, or John, or Ricardo, I have no issues with anyone. It was on a boat sailing up the Gulf of Aqaba in the Red Sea in 1977 when I first asked God for help and asked him to show me the way. He saved my life, and the next day when we tied up alongside in the port of Aqaba, I got a letter from my sister telling me my cousin Ross Munro was in some weird American cult called The Way. Well, how's that for an answer to prayer? When we got back to Southampton, I resigned from the Merchant Navy, and when I got home, I packed my bags and headed over to Stornoway to find my cousin Ross. Took PFAL in April 1978 and went WOW in London the same year. After that I went to Aberdeen and ran a home church there. It was while I was in Aberdeen Victor died. No need to go into details on the nightmare that was the next few years, but I kept studying everything that was available. I took Chris' classes, including his Advanced Class. I took Craig's classes, including the so-called leadership tapes. I took a few of Rosalie's new classes, though I can't remember now who the teachers were. In 2006 I completely washed my hands of the whole mess and settled in the Highlands and had nothing to do with anyone. Now, this is where my story really begins. What Victor did was pull together a mountain of jigsaw pieces from hundreds of sources and spent his life trying to piece it all together. Chris had a few pieces. Craig, believe it or not, had a few pieces. Rosalie, believe it or not even had a few pieces. I've spent 40 years putting the pieces together and now I can clearly see the big picture that God does not dwell in temples made with hands. Victor didn't see it. If he had, he would have realised The Way International was fast becoming a temple made with hands. He should have dismantled the entire Way Ministry before his death and committed the word to the worldwide home church leaders and given them the responsibility to take the word forward. The first century church thrived because there was no 'ministry', no headquarters, no structured organisation staffed by 'leadership'. There was no structure of leadership running the first century church. Every home church was self supporting, self governing and self propagating and the gift ministries travelled around and energised their ministries where they were needed. Each home church was the headquarters of the move of the Word in that area. All the tithes and abundant sharing stayed within each home church. The home church leaders were the ones who made the decisions on what was done with that tithe money. There was no centralised 'ministry' headquarters where everyone sent all the tithe money off to. When Paul needed financial support, it was the home church leaders who sent him that support from the tithe monies they were responsible to steward. Folks, we need to get back to running home churches that are self governing, self supporting and self propagating. We need to walk away from any man made structures, organisations, ministries or religions, because God will have nothing to do with anything man constructs to put his religion into. We don't need no broken cisterns, to paraphrase Pink Floyd. This is a family, we are family, we need home churches where folks can enjoy a family environment to thrive and grow in. A home church leader is the highest position available in the body of Christ. Ever heard that before? No one needs a ministry to tell them what to do. We walk by the spirit with Christ as our head. All those pieces of the puzzle that Victor and others amassed, I spent 40 years gathering and piecing together. The big picture is now published online and in the public domain. I gave the rights to my work to God, asked him what he wanted me to do with it, and he said publish it to the public domain and that's what I did. I make no money at all from this, not a penny. It's all at my website. www.walkingbythespirit.com You can read the three classes for free on your phones, iPads, kindles, laptops, computers, whatever, for free. You can download the classes in pdf and word format for free. Yes, you can buy a hard copy at Amazon but I make no profit on sales of the books and have no interest in making any money from sales of the books. All I have ever cared about was seeing the word live. Now, can we please quit all the bickering and fire up some home churches and get the body of Christ energised again.
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