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  1. I did love the Rock of Ages events. I think 94 was my last one. The timeline is fuzzy. I know its that last one seeing the deteriorating conduct of Loy that really set off my growing baloney alarm. I think that directly lead to my being marked late summer of 95. Its amazing how he turned me from being so committed that I spent 91-92 as a WOW in Tuscaloosa Al to having massive deep doubts.
  2. Hi all! Wow what a trip this is here. I was marked and avoided in 1995. How many people get to say they were shunned? I became involved in 84 Little Rock AFB Ar. Was a WOW Amb and advance class survivor. They started to get a bug up their butts when I decided all the dead end jobs were dead end and wanted to go to college. The twisted justification on the Ways part was how dare I rely on education and advancement to supply my needs. Also Martindale was becoming a person who seemed far from Christ like. There was already strike one from moving to go to school.My questioning the crap coming out of Loys mouth got me the mark and avoid. How dare I question.
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