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  1. Okay, so I just finished watching the Monday night football game between the Ravens & the Chiefs, and in my professional opinion, assuming the guy can stay healthy & not get into legal type trouble, I'd have to say Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefs is the greatest professional quarterback I've ever seen in my life. I can easily foresee that guy getting many, many more Super Bowl championship title rings to add to the one he got this past February.
  2. Wow, I'm not quite sure if I can legitimately compete with someone quoting 'Hamlet', but I'll give it a shot. I'd like to share with all you Bible Scholars, one of my all-time verses of scripture: But if any man (or woman) be ignorant, let him (or her) be ignorant. -- 1 Corinthians 14:38 So I took the liberty to log onto: WhoIs.com , just to see how long GreaseSpotCafe.com has been in existence. August 28, 2000, so this forum has been operating now exactly, 20 years plus one month. Belated Happy Birthday wishes on accomplishing such a fantastic Milestone of longevity as far as In
  3. First off, if you're trying to get someone to settle their differences with somebody else, shouldn't you try to get them to confront their demons, face-to-face? The former Way leaders who often get trashed on this forum by people identifying themselves as, "T-Bone", or "Mickey Mouse" probably wouldn't be too inclined to come here on the Internet if all the criticisms are from a one-way street when they have absolutely no clue who you guys are behind your pseudonyms. Has anybody here ever invited Chris Geer or Craig Martindale to come on Grease Spot Cafe to address some long lingering conc
  4. I think I can sum up my views of the main arguments here with this thread in two small paragraphs: 1) Whether you consider "the official turning point of the Way Ministry" 35 years ago (Weirwille's passing), or 20 years ago (Martindale's termination), that's just too long of a time to hold a grudge against somebody. That type of bitterness goes along the same plateau as, the Hatfields vs. the McCoys, or Israel vs. the Arabs. You need a heck a lot more than just changing your name to a pseudonym and spewing out vulgarities over the Internet to ever be delivered from that degree of hatred.
  5. Hey T-Bone, let's do the Math here, shall we? Founder and First President of the Way International, Victor Paul Weirwille, Died and was Buried back in 1985 -- THAT'S 35 YEARS AGO! Both John Lynn and Chris Geer were FIRED from The Way within 5 years after that -- THAT'S AT LEAST 30 YEARS AGO! The 2nd President of the Way International, L. Craig Martindale was FIRED from The Way in 2000 -- THAT'S 20 YEARS AGO! Heck, here's an interesting question, out of the current Grease Spot Cafe participants who've made, at least, 100 comments on this Forum thus far, how many (or what per
  6. That's a beautiful response, T-Bone, in Theory, but in ACTUAL PRACTICE, it absolutely stinks! Was Paul the Apostle a Disciple of Jesus Christ, or just simply a "Spiritual Trouble-shooter"? How many of the Regular Participants here on Grease Spot Cafe have been out of the Way Ministry for a couple Decades and not even attempted to become active again in another Church? How do you possibly fulfill the need for Worship and Fellowship in your spiritual lives by just alienating yourselves for a quarter century OR EVEN LONGER by not giving God a chance to work with you to help others via participati
  7. In all due respect to your response, WordWolf, I don't believe I was active with The Way during this "MOMENTUS incident", maybe if I had, I wouldn't give John Lynn the time of day right now. I can't help but think of somebody like Pastor Jim Bakker, who back in the 80's had a multi-million dollar world-wide ministry called the PTL Club and then served several years in Prison on Fraud charges. Today, Bakker remarried, has a church service in Branson MO, and managed to get a weekday, half hour show on Daystar TV. Not too shabby, but it's clearly a mere shell of the Ministry Bakker had 35-40 year
  8. I was surfing the web this morning & touched bases with the same forum that interviewed John for the initial posting on this thread. I came up with the attached little nugget. In all due respect to this guy, he's now in his late 70's, apparently still touring the country and preaching on things like: COVID-19, the violent riots and looting in major U.S. cities (a.k.a. Peaceful Protests), 'The End Times', the Trinity, and, oh yeah, the Bible. How many ex-Wayfers are even remotely still doing something similar to this, Biblical speaking? Not trying to push John's latest gig down anybod
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