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  1. That's great and sounds interesting. I haven't read any of the SF/fantasy you've mentioned. I'll love to read them once I'm done with my book stack.
  2. That's great to take a break. But what's your usual go to genre?
  3. Sounds interesting! I read science fantasy as well. What sci-fi have you read recently? And which sci-fi do you like the most and why?
  4. A lot's happening. Manchester United have topped the table with a solid and consistent performance after a dismal start. City, Leicester, Totenham, Everton, and Liverpool all closing in. What do you think about this exciting season? Who'll win the Premier League?
  5. Looks like the forum has lost touch with books. So felt it was best to start off this thread to discuss and learn books, choices, and concepts that have fascinated each.
  6. Woow. It is a joy to understand and learn what inspired a creator to create. Thanks a ton!
  7. Found my interest. I think the movie for me broke the conventional meaning of horror.
  8. Haha. Thanks for the list. The Shining was special in many ways. You did not have abstract objects scaring people. The horror purely relied on cinematography, music, and the brilliance of Jack Nicholson. I was impressed by the title shot itself where the aerial camera eerily follows the car. Not only did it build the excitement, but also covered the scenic beauty of the mountains. My favorite shot was the kid riding the cycle and going circles, the cinematography and music was simple superb.
  9. Love 'The Shining'- unconventionally excellent piece of art
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