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  1. We were taught so vigoriously that Jesus was not God, but an human being that when he ascended to the right hand of God, many still think he is this human being. Paul says he is a quickening spirit, right now. I Corinth 15:45 So, if Christ is a quickening spirit, with all power and all authority and he is in us, Christ in us, the hope of glory, then he is not absent, but very much present, manifesting himself, thru us, as we believe what he said and also believe what the Word of God says about him. Little note: After pentecost, with Jesus gone to heaven, the twelve and the 70 and even more and more believers walked performing miracles on a daily basis and guess what? There were no church epistles or gospels around for them to read. Man, did we ever miss it, BIG TIME.
  2. Good question. I waited years and years to see VPW minister healing after a teaching.....never did.....then......waited years and years to see LCM minister healing......Never happened......See, when your heart is against the knowledge of God,which both VPW and LCM knew their hearts were off, because of sin, they both had no real confidence in God,plus they knew that miracles were gone in their lives, until they repented and walked for God again. Plus, even a sinner can teach the four crucified or read a book on the day Jesus died and teach it....that is what tricked us.....but the truth is, they had no power or demonstration of the power of the Holy Spirit....God would not allow it. We were upfront and close to a perfect con game.
  3. Adding some more insight into my TWI court case. The week prior to our inquisition,faith testing episode, I did have the area leader write down on paper what we had discussed. When our trial date came up, I confronted the area leader on him not telling the truth, than asked him to check his notes. See, we, by way of MY suggestion, had both kept notes. When he lied, and then I corrected him, then he denied it; I than asked him to check his notes. Oh God, did all hell break loose. He got caught in a lie and he had to save face. So he asked the twig leader, what do you think of this dialogue? Than the question was "Do you want them to attend your twig?" But to tell you the truth, I was nervous, but very satisfied that I stood up to him and stayed peaceful.
  4. My kangaroo court case came up with the new area leader and our twig leader. Both had been in town just two weeks. The witness was our twig leader. When I realized that the area leader had just lied to me, I questioned his story. The booblehead witness saw this as rebellion; but I was simply asking the area leader to tell the truth. The booblehead witness, not having any knowledge of prior communications, had no idea what we were talking about, but was just taken back by my apparent disrespect (in his eyes) of our area leader. Now, being set up for a fall, and the area leader knowing full well that the twig leader knew nothing of his lies, asked the twig leader if I and my family (after this disrespectful conversation) should be allowed to attend fellowship. Sure, from the false evident, appearing real, it looked like I had made false accusations against the area leader. The twig leader answered: "No, I don't want him or his family in my fellowship" That area leader looked me right in the eyes and lied; and that bobblehead witness just agreed with him. With TWI's perverted court system, for the innocent, there was "No Way Out", except the door.
  5. Wasn't the State of Ohio case the SECOND lawsuit againt TWI? If I understand correctly, the IRS took a good look at TWI, prior to Ohio eagle-eye investigation. Was the earlier investigation over the funding of political campaigns in Maine (1978) and than in Ohio? If we get into the Hayes Gahagan folly in the mid to late 70's, have I got a story to share with ya. In the 70's, TWI was pullin de strings, and in my opinion, right out in the open.
  6. Question for John. Ya done good, John, concerning "One Lord and One God" Will there be a second edition? What will you add?
  7. All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine (1319), for reproof (1650)............. Romans 15:4 For whatsoever things were written aforetime were written for our learning (1319) Hebrews 11:1 Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence (1650) of things not seen. How does this sound: "For whatsoever things were written aforetime were written for our "doctrine"." "Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the "reproof" of things not seen." Doctrine and learning are the same greek word. Reproof and evidence are the same greek word.
  8. Whatahyouthink?? II Timothy 3:16 All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine (1319), for reproof (1650)............. Romans 15:4 For whatsoever things were written aforetime were written for our learning (1319) Hebrews 11:1 Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence (1650) of things not seen. Question: Should (1319) be translated "doctrine or learning"? Should (1650) be translated "reproof or evidence (proof)"? Did VPW, or Bullinger ever check this out in a concordance? Does this possibly nullify some of Bullingers and VPW's foundational teachings?
  9. That is you, Steve Spencer????? Steve, how are scott and Matt doing? Still prayin' for them and you and that pretty girl of yours. EVERYDAY, BRO
  10. Lightside


    Website for the Happy Hunters: http://www.cfhunter.org/ Yes, Francis is 89 and Charles is 87 They are doing a giagantic healing service in Texas this October in a football stadium. Here is a free video course on healing the sick: http://www.dalerossministries.com/videos.shtml
  11. Another similarity. Joseph was given complete rule of the kingdom and Joseph would do what was needed. But there were times when pharaoh would step in and over rule Joseph; and Joseph gracefully obeyed. I believe Jesus does the same today, as head of the body. Rev. 1:1 shows that he received the revelation from God and then Jesus decided to send an angel, instead of himself personally delivering the message.
  12. Another great similarity between PharaohJoseph and GodJesus is in Genesis 41:45 And Pharaoh called Joseph's name Zaph-nath-paaneah...... Bullinger's footnote says: "This, too, is not Hebrew, but Egyptian. Zap=abundance; nt (nath)=of; pa=the; aneh=life. The whole name=abundance of life, or, of food for the living. Kinda reminds you of Jesus' reason for coming, John 10:10 I too believe that Joseph was a type of the Christ and his story strongly shows us Jesus' relationship with God his father and the authoriy given Jesus and how he operates today. IMHO
  13. "One of the new faithful believing believers has impaired hearing. She has asked us to believe with her for her hearing to improve so she can hear every word of the teachings at fellowship." Did anyone lay hands on the new faithful believing believer and minister healing? Seems that the answer would come if they gave money to the ministry. Is that the point they are making? Did the fellowship pray without ceasing and not stop until the believing believer got their hearing back? They just don't get it....... It is always the same.....need healing.....give us money. Then.....if you don't get healed....it is your fault....and you are a prime candidate to get kicked out of the ministry.
  14. I have a question for the BOD. In 1994, my wife and I and two of our children were told to never attend a Way meeting again. We were Marked and Avoided. Our oldest son was allowed to attend all functions. At our last meeting, the area leader told us that our middle son was a gangster and our dauther, along with her many friends (girls) that she brought to fellowship, were whores. One year after our excommunication, the area leader who made all these pronouncements, was fired by the Way, International. We were told by Corps witnesses, who were at that meeting, that the REASON that this area leader (a way corp grad) was FIRED was because: "He was making devilish decisions that were hurting believers" Witnesses told me these facts. My question to the BOD is this. Why have you not contacted my oldest son, who is a way corp grad, and told him that that decisions that this displaced area leader made WERE WRONG? That he was fired, by the BOD. Why, after this area leader was fired, the Way leadership in my area continued to speak bad things about me; and criticize believers for even mentioning my name or talking to me? Why have you not apoligized to my oldest son and told him the truth? Why have you not contacted us and apoligized for one of your former employees errors of judgement; and make available, at our option, the restoration of fellowship? Way International, it's your turn to make a move. Nothing in this life will work for you or prosper until you do the right thing. I will not stop letting the world know, via the World Wide Web, that you have not apoligized for your actions. When you apoligize to my son and the rest of our family, I will stop informing the world of your spiritual crimes.
  15. October, 1994 Last Way meeting ever attended. "Your son is a gangster; and your daughter and all her girlfriends she brings to fellowship are whores" My wife is a witness also. We peacefully walked out of that area leaders house, never to return. You see, they were following LCM and his antics. They wanted to be like LCM. LCM was from hell; and they were following in his footsteps, no matter what or who they destroyed. Thank God that the Lord Jesus Christ, himself, shutdown that evil collection of reprobate christians, called the way ministry.
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