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  1. Doez i dunno counts? I am still attempting walking on water& have been for the last ten years to prove that SIT is for real!!! That would be my current belief-system that is for the time being, ya know THE TIME BEING
  2. TWInty years worth here the Mystery of Christ
  3. Kinda a mixed observation for you eh Oak? Same for me! Many A Good Folk I met. Doncha ya know we will even judge ANGELS!!!!!
  4. Apostle Paul was a henchman for the Saduccees & self - acclaimed- proclaimed apostle~~~(Sp)
  5. "Justice" "Revenge" Either the two are discussed for all eternity or what will be the wiping away of every tear? If any of us live for all eternity and there are those who do not~~~ WHO will remember those as if never ever been born? Of course!!! Those who live for all eternity! Justice is beyond our comprehension
  6. CM, Possession? Are you talking Devil Spirits?
  7. Abi, Maybe it will be a Perry Mason just confess and git it over with appearence and we can just git on with eternity seeing that we serve our time in time. Whew, I know that opens all kinda doctrinal top of the line legal disputes~~~ like the gas chamber or the electric chair or hanging or just straight in the vein or whatever kinda justice that can/should be served Song "...i have no clue, except i am alive..." from an old Celtic song~~~
  8. and their are some who remain to say "Bless you", which is so very foreign to me like Chinese written upside down and inside out TWInty yearz in>>> 10 years out!!!
  9. David TWI has historically used the "money" of their sponsers as fit for TWIand who ever happens to be the annointed blue blood. They have made no shame of that purse!!! Who knows~~~ TWI may evolve into a Roman Catholic Religion Never know how these cults will evolve. Consider self-proclaimed Apostle Paul for eg!
  10. Will there be a hurricane encountering Minnesota? Traveled with Dennis my trip to Minn. What's up wit 'dat? Leave the Country of Florida to Minnesota and my trip, my companion is escourt a Hurricane!!!??? Go figure!!!
  11. Seems to me this is a very quiet crossroads of life in TWI
  12. CW, Ya got one tow truck Ya got one tow truck dispatch unit Ya got one tow truck to dispatch HOOKER Towing Inc.
  13. Hey CW Police officers are good to know 24/7 Towing >>> Hookers >>> That's the one!!!Truely!!! Song
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