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  1. I was a Camera Man on the SNS, Corp nights and AV all other times during the late 80's, early 90's. I never recalled not being told to not to say anything to the guests prior to the start of the service it self. We had everything ready to go prior to any one walking in. I do remember Joe C asking us to keep an eye out for good crowd shots. Regarding the actual taping, we always had to adjust for the the spaeker movements. Those video productions were his baby and he let us know if we "missed the mark". He didn't bother me to much. What I grew tired of was always being the go to guy and working lots of hours. If fact, my interm year, I was so busy with that assignment and the "HouseHold Jobs", I hardly went to any fellowship just for that purpose other than working it. No one seemed to complained about it aslong as the work was done.
  2. I finished up my college after being M & A. When applying to the university, I used all my old college credits and military experience and got credit for them. My advisor was polite about the validity of the AAS of Theology the Way C of Indiana bestowed on me and I passed on that issue. But, I was able to use the experience of being in the Way Corps for the basis of several papers. . One prof even asked me about it and it made for several interesting conversations of Religion and Cults. I even got an “A” in that class, an Upper level Management course, for the semester.
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    19th Corps

    The 19th Corps, aka So much done by so few!. That was an interesting time, post Fog Years, pre Neo Martindalism. I remember several meals at Gunnison where the cordinators were amazed we pulled something off with so few, ie. Family Camps, ROA 90 and 91. Hindsite being what is, we were just duped as a whole in doing what the " Lords Work " was.
  4. My work experience at HQ during my interim year was one of long hours. Being one of the few 19th Corps and also on Staff during those years of 89 – 90, I was assigned to the A/V dept to work. Being the lone interim corps guy to A/V dept., I had my hands full not only doing the low level stuff, but also my collateral duties, all the on ground Flags, Wierwille Barn security, and the coordination with of the BRC building. Most days began before 6 A.M. making sure the flags were up, ensuring that the BRC was ready, coordinating with the 18th Corps A/V people to do their A/V at their meals, doing A/V at Lunch and then doing my regular work my wife hardly saw me. Usually that was Sunday through Friday with a lighter load on Saturdays. And they ended around 11 at night. And this was the normal schedule, what made it interesting was the events that happen that I had to adjust to cover the above mention jobs as well. Working for A/V was not an easy task, if any thing went wrong, we heard about it. One case in point, I remember on a Corps night in the OSC when one of the cameras went bad. Everyone was upset on how it looked and could I fix it. It was the main camera with a straight on shot of Martindale and the second camera was a wide shot of the crowd. Realizing there was nothing I could do with the main camera, I switched to the second camera. Other than shut it down, there was nothing I could do with it. But I still got grief over it. The next day, the main tech there looked at it and said one of its tubes went bad during the production. And did I get an apology from any one, not that I recall. Except consolidation from the main A/V teach that it just went out during Corps night and there was nothing no one could of done. Must have been my weakness in believing. Consider this; Stuff happens they say, except there where it was seemed more people like to do amateur scatology. Twig fellowship, yea, right, I rarely attended Twig during that time frame as well. Why, because, I was doing my assigned chores. My wife figures I was putting in an average of 18 hour days during that time. What was I thinking as the song goes.
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