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  1. We were very infuanced to be republicans, lol yes we also voted for Ronny R. Now we are what we used to be ~~able to vote whoever we want to.
  2. he he he Dave my family used to say to me "if you go any slower you'd be going backwards or be dead LOL LOL.
  3. Dave I think you are right on he he, I can't understand how I missed it myself. I guess you are smarter than me.
  4. Hi Catcup, so good to see you again, you ar sorely missed by so many of us here. I never heard that he was the man of God for the world but I did here that he and LCM later that they were the"man of God for our day and time". It doesn't surprise me tho. I remember thinking who made them the men of God, not me did God tell them that or did we put that handle in them?
  5. I NEVER seen anyone get true revelation in TWI. In the last 5 years or so when we had so much pressure "to do" as we were told I had to start lying about certian things or get in trouble, like those stupid papers that we had to give to our BC about what we did in 15 or 20 minute every day. Needless to say no one got revvie that I was lying about these things, but they sure got revvie about things I didn't do~~~~go figure that one out. ha ha ha
  6. wyteduv58

    chat room?

    Me too Rascal, me too
  7. If our government (any branch of it) is to check TWI's "books" then who's gonna check the gov. books. Our gov. is just if not more of a crook than TWI. woo woo ha ha ha )
  8. I shouda left when LCM was named pres. of the way. I wanted either Walter or John Townsend to be pres. LCM was brainless to be sure,,might as well have Peter Pan as pres. he had more of a brain than LCM had and has even now. he's a brainless moron with no morals.
  9. wyteduv58

    chat room?

    i have java, so how do i get to it to get in the chatroom
  10. Aw sheert my post didn't post and now I forgot but it was eeeeeewwwww something about which one was bigger his brain or his genitiles, oh well. -->
  11. wyteduv58

    chat room?

    I am having trouble getting into the chatroom for a while now. Am I the only one thats having this problem?
  12. --> I can't get into the chatroom eighter WWWWWWWAAAAAAAAAAA :(-->
  13. wyteduv58

    Proud of my son

    Thats great oeno, congradulations to you and your son.
  14. Hi Dave......Yep its today but I forgot the year, so I guess its lieying (oops can't spell anymore either) TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. My dear dear Donner HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you. Woo woo woo is you da 10th? mine is the 11th
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