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Found 1 result

  1. Just got myself a new laptop, Dell Inspiron, preloaded with Windows 10 and a few MS bits and pieces (well, what isn't, these days?). A question or two for techies here. It uses Edge as a browser. Is it any good? Reliable? Stable? I am used to Firefox. Don't know whether I should download FF and use instead. Next question, and this is a real dorky one: I backed up all my stuff to the cloud before I took in my old (well-running) HP laptop for its "health check," which was a good thing that I did, as Curry's have managed to replace the hard disk and now they can't get it going again ("driver problems"). Hence my brand new computer. BUT how do I easily get my stuff OFF the cloud? I want everything on the laptop. Not in outer space to be hacked into by any high school kid that chances across it. Thanks in anticipation of your assistance!!
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