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The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

George Aar

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I don't know if we're doing movie reviews anymore, but, since I haven't been to a movie in an actual movie theatre since the debut of the first Harry Potter film, I thought I'd offer up this one.

A rather long film, but I thought, mostly enjoyable. The story is pretty thin, so don't expect any epiphanies, but it was a very well-crafted flick. The makeup and computer enhancements were really amazing. I especially enjoyed the first half of the movie where Benjamin was still "young" and the actor who was playing the role had his head supplanted by a computer-inserted version of Brad Pitt's (who is made up to look like he's 70-somethihng). It was kinda cute seeing an withered old-man with a young boy's sensiblities and innocence.

So, anyway, go expecting a sorta fairytale for adults, but don't expect any heavy "message", though it does try to convey one. The message is just a little too vague and lightweight to really communicate. Do expect to be blown away by the sets, makeup and special effects, as they are really amazing. And expect a fluffy, mostly meaningless, just about pointless diversion. It's fun, though a tad long...

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Actually, I didn't find it as fluffy, meaningless , pointless, as George did. I found it anything but 'fluffy'.

Sometimes 'messages' come from what you bring to a film, or book. I guess I brought a lot of myself to this one, as it had me examining myself, and life, for some time afterwards.

I also read the short story by F Scott Fitzgerald the movie is based on.'Loosely' based is more like it, and I have to say the film made a better story . F Scott wasn't out to write a screenplay of course, but a short story for Colliers, magazine, so it's like comparing apples and oranges, as they say.

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