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Help plumbing

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Help plumbing

528 Glen Circle drive I got a Landlord who thinks pulling water around my toilet will then where for a leak is coming from

Because the toilet has a hole for the water to pass through the pipe not on the outside of the pipe

sure when goes downs below he finds water

If my toilet had water around it and the floor was roten out they could say it was leaking around the toilet but their no signs it always but he saw a mod bucket and jump his own opinion

The water flows in the toilet through the pipe not outside the pipe

The place was build in about 1977 in Ky and my in 530 Glen circle drive when "knight plumbing" work her a few years the pipes fell apart

I would think they take camera and see where it coming from 

"knight plumbing" told to try something because the floor might be rotten out and they try two times

then they told me they was going replace my floor but they found wood that was rotten a little mold but the floor was solid so they replace my rug in set my toilet 

how much water can a toile take amount of water before it overflows?

they terrorist attacks on me are than I can handle

I moving on 10\12\2016 but I afaid of them I have Hud Apartment Pine Crest Apartments

Can someone help me I have $257.00 deposit on my place I do not want to lost my deposit

I never got a write up on my record I been living her since 04\2009

if I was a bad person they not sign the leased for another in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016 

please help

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I'm not understanding the problem. Are you saying the toilet overflows or, that a pipe supplying water to the toilet (or the seal between the tank and bowl) is leaking? If you don't see evidence of any of these, it may be that the toilet is leaking at the wax seal where the bottom of the toilet connects to the drain pipe. Outside of that, you could have a cracked toilet. That is highly unlikely, though. 

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