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Movies I wish they would make:

I am sick and tired of all the sales calls I get on my cell phone…now, you know those horror movies where the dead person comes back to avenge their own death…I’d like to see them make a horror movie about a guy who died from a stroke - while trying to call 911 but kept getting sales calls preventing him from dialing out; when he comes back from the dead he’s now able to home in on the source of any sales call, and through otherworldly powers of the dead like ectoplasmic  gastroenteritis, spray the caller (be it human or machine) with some pretty nasty creepy crud…maybe call the film “Ghost in the Cell”.

need to work out a few details: will need keep his cell number active after he's passed away...or could be a ghost for hire - I would pay him to haunt my cell phone but only unleash him if I get a sales call....wonder if roaming charges would apply...

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