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What came to mind this morning was how personal God is.

I've always enjoyed my cup of tea (oh, how British!); coffee isn't something I enjoy much.  When I was in rez, decent tea was hard to get.  Sure, there were little Lipton tea bags available at HQ but the contents were terrible, barely tea at all, awful stuff.  And yet, it wasn't till I was preparing to leave and return overseas that I realised I was giving away decent tea bags, half a large boxful, too, my then-favourite brand.  Somehow, there were always enough of these after the first couple of months when I was settling in.  International visitors would sometimes come, bringing tea, which would make its way to me.  I never "prayed about" this and it never occurred to me to ask anybody; it was God's special treat for me.

J, my Corps bro, loved Pringles (something that he couldn't afford to buy on the meagre personal allowance).  He always had a drum of these - his friends and spiritual partners would bring them.

C, my Corps sister, loved shoes.  People would bring her new pairs.  Right up to our graduation, when she'd chosen her dress, she needed shoes.  And a pair was delivered by post to her the day before graduation.

I would have hated the Pringles and the shoes.  Those people would have hated the tea.  I just love the personal way our individual whims were met, not because we needed them, but because we have a God who loves to give, to bless, to see that we're enjoying life.

Of course, since then, there have been many individual blessings, things that "tickle me pink," or perfectly meet my needs; but to others those things are … just okay, nothing to get excited about.  But I'm sure God gives them things that tickle them pink, too.


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