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This is just something that may be of interest to some of you. 

Cliff College is a Bible-teaching college that has been running for many decades, in a sleepy little village in the middle of England.  It's a place more usually passed through than visited, unless you're a hiker or rock climber.  The college was set up first by Methodists in the late 1800s, building on previous outreach by others who first built the original Cliff House.  Since the Methodists purchased Cliff House in early 1900s, it's been much more used for teaching and training missionaries; Methodists were (and mostly still are) always passionate about evangelising and educating.

First link is to an old article in a local online historic journal or newspaper: https://places.wishful-thinking.org.uk/DBY/Curbar/CliffCollege2010.html.  Note the "Joyful News" caravan (horse-drawn cart), and the "Gospel Cars" and "Gospel Vans."  

And the second is a link to the ongoing work and study at the College, now a small but well-known "player" in Bible studies.  I particularly draw your attention to the accreditations and the choices available on the curriculum.  https://www.cliffcollege.ac.uk/  (I like the look of their offerings for Theology and Biblical Studies.)  Courses are validated by a very reputable university.

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