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  1. Cults: The Art of Deception

    Thanks Penworks........ Just so you know, I've gone back and re-read most of your book. So much detail. Thanks. I know that I repeat myself......but, for me, it was NOT the class that kept me involved all those years. Nor was it wierwille. It was *the youth factor*........hundreds of young men and women who were high on life and living. NOT just the way corps either. Hundreds of advanced class grads were right there with us, in the thick of things, giving diligence to serve the Lord. In looking at Jim Doop's last post.......it is poignant it that *The Way West* did NOT need wierwille to thrive. The Way West was dynamic with the spiritual leadership and direction of Jim Doop!!! Wierwille was a shyster, an opportunist.......who stole and co-opted his way thru life. And that R&R Railroad.......Moynihans, Forts, Horneys, etc. are about three decades behind in figuring it out. They probably never will. Either dumbdang wierwille-idolatry or two-fold the opportunists and evil workers of the mother cult.
  2. Revival and Restoration

    But then............so did wierwille. He lacked academic credentials AND his "putting it all together" had lots of holes in it. It is a lot easier to fool a 19 year old........than a 36 year old. By then, many of us had serious doubts about wierwille's spiel.....and, even if we stuck around, it had more to do with relationships, indoctrination and habit patterns than *believing* that wierwille was incredibly gifted. Gawd, I had doubts about wierwille's shtick when I was in-residence corps in 1978.
  3. The Inner Circle of Favoritism

    Rosalie, Donna, Marcia..............girls night out !! .....And, for the next two weeks!! Flying to Aruba......and spending some of that cult money, woohoo !!
  4. Did vpw cite his sources, or did he plagiarize?

    OMG........ This reminds me when, as in-residence twigs, we were each scheduled to attend Aunt Lydia's in New Knoxville.........to learn of "Dr. Wierwille's upbringing." Gawd, were we indoctrinated or what? LOL
  5. The Inner Circle of Favoritism

    Thanks DWBH.......for connecting the dots on this one. Looks like "deep waters" of certain relationships have been flowing thru North Carolina, and now New Knoxville, for some 45 years. But then, none of this is really surprising anymore..... is it? Nothing in twi is, or was, what it seems. Secrets abound. Everything has a back-story, or undercurrent. Special cliques run the operation......others are pawns. A cult society soaked in a seductive cesspool.
  6. The Way International Cult continues to devolve into an inner circle of favoritism. Last year, when DeLisle was "presented" as twi's next president.......and then, months later Bill Greene was added to the board of directors.......it raised plenty of questions to those of us who know that what they publically say is NOT the same as what is really going on. Why was Bill Greene ADDED to the board? Rosalie "stepped down" as president, but she is still in command. She is cunningly conniving behind the scenes to wield power to her advantage. DeLisle and Rupp are door stops. They are only there to hold the door open for others coming thru...............namely, donna and marcia faulk greene. #girlsrule The girls of North Carolina lore are reunited. The girls club is coming to power. Bye-bye, delisle and rupp......you two are being played. lol
  7. Why I left an Evangelical Cult -- Ted Talk

    In case we needed any more proof that they STILL spout the wierwille-doctrine ........ the "Thank God, Paul" is the knee-jerk response. What about Jesus Christ? Remember him...... the author and finisher of our faith. Were we called to be Paulians?
  8. Why I left an Evangelical Cult -- Ted Talk

    How presumptuous of "them." "Our days are too precious to squander on the negatives." "Thank God, Paul did not spend time engaging in word battles about concerns that were decades old." First of all, they have NO idea how I (we) have spent our days (years) since exiting twi. Some here, left around 1987......others of us in the 1990s, and some left around 2008. Ten years, twenty years, thirty years..........they have NO clue as to what we've done to rebuild our lives, help our families, ministered to others, and helped our communities. THEY LIVE IN A BOX..... a box that wierwille built. They think that "living the Word" is regurgitating stolen pfal material at every meeting and doing those deadpan manifestations. They have accepted wierwille's deceptive lies........WITHOUT a thorough, critical examination of them from a-z. And yet, they scoff at those of us who do. Of course, they balk at our time spent here at GSC........ we've called them out for their hypocrisy, arrogance and manner of life. Some of them have spent 45-50 years in a cult ....... and refuse to come clean. So, they hide. They hide by mocking our "word battles." They hide by staying in the shadows. They hide by silence. So now....... they attempt to re-build (cough, cough) ANOTHER cult in the image of the mother cult. Same structure, same centralization, same teachings, same manifestations, etc...... only this time it will be genuine. LOL. What's that Einstein meaning of insanity? Doing the SAME THING over and over expecting different results. Moneyhands, Forts, Horneys......... ALL ex-corpse coordinators who were in charge of the clone factories, ie the corps "training." Sheesh. What a damn, pathetic ploy it was..... and they played right into it. If they had an ounce of critical thinking, then they'd realize that we are speaking the truth here at GSC. They have wasted DECADES trying to mimic the wizard behind the curtain......and smirk at those of us who've engaged in real, honest discussions to undo the burdens and set the captives free. How presumptuous of them to define how I spend my time. Heck, after this post......I will spend the rest of my day doing other things!! They know not of what they speak. And notice, that only that certain "designators" of THEIR group will respond to your questions. What a pathetic, defensive response to your questions. They will not engage, because it amplifies THEIR decades of cult-servitude that does not, and did not, honor God. That's why they put up a shield of defense. Maybe they'll figure it out some day.......or maybe they won't.
  9. Why I left an Evangelical Cult -- Ted Talk

    Yeah.............totally predictable. Self-appointed sleaze.........that want to sit on an elevated perch and rule over others. They just quit pimping for the twit-cult....and wanted to start their own action, in another neighborhood. Good riddance. That's why that R&R thread is SO, DAMN INSTRUCTIVE........."meet the new boss, same as the old boss." LOL
  10. The failed 1942 promise.

    Dr. E.E. Higgins..........she introduced wierwille to Bullinger. She sat in the same pfal class in 1957, when the foundational and advanced material were together, as Ermal and Dorothy Owens. For much of the class, she sat with her arms crossed and near the back of the room. Slowly, she warmed to the material being presented. On page 102, Mrs. W's book..........."Dr. Higgns was the person who introduced Dr. Wierwille to the great and influential works of an Englishman named E.W. Bullinger (1837-1913). She gave Dr. Wierwille his first Companion Bible, containing the notes and appendix information of E.W. Bullinger, and a copy of How to Enjoy the Bible, also written by E.W. Bullinger."
  11. Cults: The Art of Deception

    This was Jim Doop's last post: .....bold-faced for emphasis
  12. Cults: The Art of Deception

    Lots of people post about wierwille's shenanigans.......and how he hijacked the ministries of Heefner and Doop. And.......the WOW program was instituted because vpw didn't think people were rising up to hear and obey God's callings.
  13. Cults: The Art of Deception

    Well, I was using the term "displaced" in a general brushstroke of the people and the times....... More categorically, those who were involved around that 1969-1972 era give reference to .........youth, hippies, kids, druggies, dopers, displaced Christians, searchers, etc. Jim Doop, The Way West and VPW
  14. Cults: The Art of Deception

    Thanks DWBH.... Yes, TWIt and its offshoots hate this site. None of them have a site where open thought, discussion and questions are in public view. And lately, here at GSC......there has been many new posters coming to this site. Some are second generation kids who were raised in twi and are now grappling with the aftermath of this evolving cult that has consumed their wayfaring parents and relatives. Adding to this complexity are the dozens upon dozens of offshoots with their books and classes claiming that THEY hold the spiritual mantle of truth. Stop the merry-go-round.........and let's take a walk. In the late 60's, several factors emerged that contributed to the rise of cult leaders and those attracted to cults (lifestyle and doctrine). The socio-dynamic of church involvement was changing rapidly. The counterculture of the 60s was a diaspora into the '70s. Technology was advancing......pfal filmed on 16mm, then VHS-format Displaced youth.......searching for meaning, acceptance, belonging Note: One generation of displaced youth propelled twi forward to the cult that it is today. Wierwille cut ties with his Van Wert Church in 1957.......to follow in the steps of many elders, and contemporaries, who traveled across the country teaching at retreats and church-related seminars. Some of the men on this list and the year that wierwille encountered them: E. Stanley Jones (1944), Rufus Moseley (1946), Perry Hayden (1946), Glenn Clark (1948), J.E. Stiles (1951), Starr Daily (1952), and B.G. Leonard (1953). For thirteen (13) years, wierwille was taking notes and gleaning from their ministries......all while he was on Van Wert Church payroll. And, it seems apparent........that Leonard's foundational class in 1953 is what spurred the impetus of wierwille to, finally, break from the denominational structure. From 1958-1967, wierwille taught live pfal classes and Mal George helped teach a handful of them. Going into their tenth year........and the results were miniscule. Nearly 80% of students from all those classes never committed to The Way, Inc. The strategy of reaching church-people "with the word" was a bust......wierwille's independent undertaking was barely paying the bills. And, the BRC was a non-descript rural building with no church bells or steeple........and very few people. So, wierwille threw caution to the wind in 1967.......and stared into intense, glaring lights to teach and film a 36-hour class. Strapped for cash, time and "borrowed" furniture, wierwille was under immense pressure to get this class filmed in an allotted time frame. Crazy as all this was......the confluence of technology, the counterculture hippie movement, and displaced youth provided a wave of interest, excitement and involvement to wierwille's rogue underpinnings. Youth leaders and guitar singers bridged the gap between homiletics and hippies........and the displaced youth soon found a place in an Ohio commune. Note: One generation of youth leaders and guitar singers bridged the gap between homiletics, hippies and holy spirit. Wierwille NEEDED the youth far more than they needed him or his teachings. He exploited their involvement and their vulnerabilities. Many young leaders came and left.......but their zealous involvement and connections brought waves upon waves of other displaced youth longing for belonging. And, even though the zero corps was shut down....... those corps from 1-5 went forward with ten years of solid commitment......AND THAT CHANGED EVERYTHING. In their zeal, WOWs beget more WOWs......and corps beget more corps. The *youth factor* was the driving force of the movement.......not wierwille. And, those early years (1968-1974) at headquarters would infiltrate the minds of scores upon scores of corps grads to follow. The displaced youth had found their "family".......and a place to call home. As headquarters grew into a full-fledged compound......it became self-contained. You didn't need to go anywhere, for anything.......except beer and wine. Heck, even George Jess wine was known to be available to a select few. Hardly needed to leave grounds...... Three square meals a day...... Snack shop......and grilled burgers after meetings In-house entertainment.........indoor/outdoor, bands, dancing, fun Personal services.........haircuts, laundry, taxes, dentist at Indiana Campus Car services.......help with repairs / barter services Who needed much money?........many lived on-grounds and walked to work Note: One generation stayed so long......that they started having babies. Corps were graduating year after year and getting married. By 1976, a second generation of "cult-babies" are being pushed around in strollers. No, it wasn't many at first.......but six years later, by 1982.......babies and strollers were everywhere at corps week and roa. And, why not......the youth had "found a home." The displaced youth had moved from transition and were transferring these perceptions and identities to this pseudo-family. Wierwille addressed aspects of "this place is your home" on many a night owl. I knew many who considered Mrs. Wierwille as the mother that they never had, or knew. Others, whose father or mother died prematurely, took refuge in this "Uncle Harry Nostalgia" and was furthered when the Corps Chalet was being built.......that corps could stay for a couple days whenever they were passing by. Not only the commune lifestyle, but the doctrine.........I remember several times when wierwille taught about ownership versus stewardship. Why do you need to OWN things?.....wierwille claimed. It only slows you down, burdens you with the world. It's far better to have access of the ministry's stuff, than to own something yourself. Here you get to enjoy the way woods, the house of his healing presence, and all......without the expense and maintenance of it. All those years of evolving rhetoric......1) Burn the Ballast, 2) Burn the Chaff, to 3) Uncle Harry Day. Get rid of anything that is holding you back.......record albums, yearbooks, instruments, trinkets/jewelry, worldly books, family heirlooms and keepsakes, etc. Each year, around March 17th..... the communal fire at headquarters would roar as we rationalized the process and felt heavy guilt to obey. The manufactured doctrine and lifestyle was set ablaze......until 1985, when the death of the man and his fire ceased. What started out as a search for meaning, acceptance and belonging..........yielded years of detours, dead-ends and blind alleys. So, yeah........there's a lot to unpack from these cult travels. .
  15. TWI is NOT a supermassive black hole

    Yeah..........it is nauseatingly gut wrenching to look back at that cult exploitation with eyes wide open. Thankfully, I didn't stay in that cult for 40 years, or more............like many in that R&R group. Then, there are those like that new poster who stated that he was in twi for 14 years and a Geer group for 18 years!! These splinter groups take a slice of cultism, home-brew it........and just as manipulative. Dealing with tree suckers.......... "Sometimes a tree starts looking more like a shrub, with a bushy clump of young stems sprouting from the base or from a spot on the trunk. Those stems are called suckers, because they zap water and nutrients from the main tree. As suckers are unhealthy for trees and they are unsightly, it’s important to know how to eliminate them and when possible, how to prevent them in the first place." Same with way tree suckers........ Eliminate them........from your life Prevent them in the first place.....do not attend How many more "tree suckers" are going to sprout up from the R&R group? Five? Seven? Ten? It is ALL so sickening........ my wife is in contact with a corps grad who left twi some 20 years ago and she still gravitates to a splinter twig that meets twice a month. There are corps grads out there who STILL cleave to pseudo-pfal jargon and "teach twig" like it was 1974. Ugh.