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  1. Greetings!!

    The cult directors will file this letter.......then tweak it and use next year. Same generic wayspeak. Will the gullible ever notice this has been going on for decades? Institutionalized "freedom".........
  2. Greetings!!

    FIFY...................... Dear Faithful Sycophants of The Cult: God has nothing to do with our scam.....but it sure is a good lead in towards deception, ain't it? On the occasion of the Seventy-fifth Anniversary of The Way International, .....soon-to-be 60th Anniversary of our plagiarist cult [December 19, 1957----according to Mrs. W's historical accounting to be exact] we could care less about you and your families. Please keep sending in your money, though. Our hearts are filled with deceit and, even though some 30 Thousand have exited since our heyday in 1984......we still like our gravy train. Because of the plagiarist efforts started by our Founding President, Vic The Man, and his wife, Dorothea......we here at headquarters live a life of ease and sordid gluttony . Men, women, and children are still being taken in by our scam......but that damn GreaseSpot Café internet site is doing significant damage to alert others. Stay off the internet and tell all at your twigs that the internet is full of devil spirits. We encourage you to keep selling our classes and programs—it is making a difference! This cult gig is the greatest! We have so much time on our hands to dilly and dally around the shopping malls and restaurants here in Ohio. Heck, we've probably eaten at nearly every new place that's hit the market in the last ten years. And, we are thinking of heading back to the Bahamas, but need to check on that since those devil hurricanes went thru there. But, if we go.......we will send you another picture. Please pray for us constantly.........the devil is nipping at our heels. Feeding at the trough and lovin' it, Rosalie Rivenbark and Donna, my BFF Jean-Yves......my underling Billy Greene.....can you believe he's still around? Johnny Rupp......he believes what we tell him
  3. Greetings!!

    Oh, for God's sakes.................barf. And, why is rosa-lie's name listed FIRST? What's little lapdog delisle doing letting her run the show? Is he the damn president or isn't he? Look at the underlings under the Rosalie signature letter........Jean-Yves, Billy Greene, and Ruppy.
  4. The WAP class is still the main agenda

    Whether it's the WAP class, the FLAP class or the CRAP class........it doesn't matter to the cult. The class is the mesmerizing monomania to which all in the cult bestow regurgitated renown. The clichés gain a life of their own.....repeated over and over, in the cult magazine, in home fellowships and sunday teachings. The repetition drowns out one's surroundings......drudgery and monotony and misery......and captivates the collective marching of symbolic syllogisms.
  5. vpw, truths, lies, reasons/motives.

    .........Wierwille exemplified the works of the flesh, not walking by the spirit. He committed adultery and sexual predation, assaulting the foundation of love as Christ loved. He lived a life of uncleanness, not uprightness of heart. Wierwille lusted after idolatry, not seeking the altar of the Living God. He stirred up strife and seditions, not comfort and exhortations. Wierwille reveled in drunkenness, not the quenching of thirst from the Fountain of Living Waters. He was a cherry-picker of selective verses, not the harvester of fruit of the spirit. Wierwille stoked the fires of his night owl-meetings to send indoctrinated corps members to replicate his craft.
  6. vpw, truths, lies, reasons/motives.

    Thanks again.....DWBH Love it when you post!
  7. Evidence: Letters VPW wrote to the Way Corps

    T-Bone........it comes across as a narcissist wanting to gain background knowledge and leverage over others to lord over them [sexual abuse, spiritual abuse, or blackmail/silence those who exited]. Whatever wierwille's motives.......it stems from a pathological need that served him. By 1979, approximately 2,000 corps were grads/family corps/in-residence......plus a couple hundred corps spouse [who would also need to write this "From Birth to Corps" paper. Did he even read them? Why do I get the impression that wierwille skimmed over most all of them and set the "juicy" ones aside?
  8. Evidence: Letters VPW wrote to the Way Corps

    Not only is it "like" an RC confessional.........it is written documentation. Who knows how many times wierwille passes these around for others to read.............
  9. Evidence: Letters VPW wrote to the Way Corps

    Grace / T-Bone......thanks for your replies. These corps letters are of interest to me.......because they give insight into wierwille's mindset, without being edited to death. It seems to me, wierwille's unfiltered ramblings were left, basically, intact by his secretaries [who didn't want any confrontation by correcting/editing his ramblings]. Also........these letters document, time and time again, that CORPS WERE LEAVING......and wierwille's only response was to play the "woe is me, I'm doing my best to love them" card.......ALL THE WHILE he is still sexually preying on corps women. He continued to BLATANTLY LIE thru his teeth. Here at GSC, we've got the documentation and first-hand accounts of sexual predation! Those who defend wierwille TO THIS DAY.........are sycophants and opportunists. And, what about those in R&R Group? Are they, too, going to simply take their fight against Rivenbark......and give wierwille a pass? Another wave of wierwille-apologists splintering from the mother-ship......BUT heralding the praises of wierwille? Probably so. Another wave of splinter sycophants.
  10. Evidence: Letters VPW wrote to the Way Corps

    These corps letters give insight into the unfiltered, pathological mindset of wierwille......... May 24, 1979........... "An idea has been working in my heart that I would like to get started among our Corps. I want a sharing by you---an honest and truthful account of your life. It should be systematically laid out, from your birth to the time you entered The Way Corps training. Entitle your sharing 'The Way For Me: From Birth to the Corps.' I want the where, what, who, when, why and how regarding every major decision point in your life from birth that brought you to the point of entering The Way Corps. For example: I got into sex in the sixth grade; I started drugs when I was 12; I robbed the local liquor store; I was in the Baptist Church; my basketball coach taught me something that changed my life. Paint the picture of what you were in, and vividly relate how you were delivered." Why did wierwille jump to SEX as his first example? Why were the first three examples.......sex, drugs, and robbery? Is there a connection, a pattern as to WHY NOW THESE PERSONAL ACCOUNTINGS?........when, a month before [April 25, 1979], wierwille assures everyone that the "lock box" of his mind is sealed and then, acknowledges that people are leaving the "corps household." Why are people leaving? Are these women who've been sexually assaulted on the motor coach? Are these two corps letters.......April, then May's corps letter......tandem inner-workings of a sexual predator? And, as has been clarified here at GSC.........how many women did wierwille EXPLOIT because of this "idea to write these papers?" Gee........WHY DO SO MANY PEOPLE, TO THIS DAY, STILL BELIEVE THAT MARTINDALE WAS THE ONE WHO SCREWED TWI? Then.......when MANY, MANY corps do not send in these papers, wierwille sends a manipulating letter [November 6, 1979] and even takes a swipe at those who DID send in their life's account of "Birth to the Corps." Anyhoo, it just shows how vpw took swipes at ALL the corps no matter the issue. Always, wierwille gauged their "commitment" as a group.... never on an individual basis. The underpinnings of a cult..........group-identity and group-confrontation !!
  11. Evidence: Letters VPW wrote to the Way Corps

    And further........not only was it accepted as "normal" by young corps...........but most splinter group leaders are STILL singing the praises of wierwille and promoting his doctrines, methods, tactics of manipulation, etc. in their little fiefdom cults. It is clearly one thing to be manipulated and intimidated in one's youth.........BUT now that the curtain has been pulled back, it is downright REPULSIVE to see sycophant splinters herald wierwille's name as founder and "man of god." Thank you Pawtucket......for keeping the doors open here at GSC.
  12. Evidence: Letters VPW wrote to the Way Corps

    There is nothing like reading the "ORIGINAL" ........before it's translated dozens of different ways by the splinter groups. Bwahahahahaha...................
  13. Okay......I decided to dig out Mrs. Wierwille's book, [BATS].....and give you the specifics. Page 215.........wierwille's resignation letter Page 219........."A New Headquarters" ........................"While we were preparing to leave the Van Wert pastorate, we had found new housing for our family, as well as for The Way Ministry, at 649 South Washington Street, still in Van Wert. This house was an outstanding example of the Queen Anne style of architecture, with its three-story round tower, fretted windows, elaborate bay windows, and distinctive pillared and balustered front porch. And we had all the room we needed." "Parking space was readily available along one side of the street, as well as in our large backyard. The location and house were perfectly suited to use as our family home, Dr. Wierwille's and Rhoda's offices, and a meeting place for the many Way activities." ......snip......."We moved into this home the week after the final Sunday service at St. Peter's. Dr. Wierwille was now free [emphasis added] from all denominational responsibilities and pressure." "Uncle Harry said, 'The in-depth teaching really got going in 1957 when he [Dr. Wierwille] resigned from the organized church. It wasn't a surprise, but then, really it was. I became vitally interested in his work at that point. I wanted him to succeed in his venture.'" "We began our independent undertaking by having meetings in this Washington Street home on Thursday evenings and late Sunday afternoons. The first Thursday evening fellowship was held on December 19, and the first Sunday meeting, on December 29, 1957." Therefore.........according to the most-detailed accounting of The Way International's beginnings, Mrs. Wierwille documents the timeline AND the exact day and date of their INDEPENDENT UNDERTAKING...............December 19, 1957. So, one last time........twi has not yet arrived at their 60th anniversary. Now.......who wants to "trust" them to do honest research?
  14. Evidence: Letters VPW wrote to the Way Corps

    "What would make any Corps person think that now they are going to go out and supposedly make 'a million' for the ministry? God never called the Corps, the leadership of our ministry, for that purpose?" Well, for one thing.......you, mr. wierwille, stated publically in 1979 that you WERE WAITING for the day when someone in the ministry would donate one million dollars to the ministry. There were no qualifiers with that public statement: why wouldn't a corps person, "trained in believing," be able to step up to the plate and do it? See......that's the dirty little secret, what you really wanted was to pigeon-hole groups of people for the cult's purposes.... ............Only corps can be the leaders, parrot the mandates, oversee the followers, and help crack the whip to run those classes. ............Only college division alumni are to be the 'business and professionals' of the cult..... ............The staff are to be in the inner sanctum, the holy and spiritual elites near the mog. These corps letters were NEVER MEANT to reach the general masses.......it exposes the ruse.
  15. Evidence: Letters VPW wrote to the Way Corps

    Another reference to doulos............... February 1982 "Some Corps have said to me that they never really were called to be Corps. I don't believe that. You never would have been in the Corps in the first place had not God had His hand on you. Man, you're Corps! I haven't the time to figure it all out, but I'll let God be the judge at the bema. All I know is what God has called The Way Corps to do, and what our sold-out, committed response must be." "The Way Corps is a lot bigger than just you or me. It's the accuracy and integrity of God's Word that is at stake. When any Corps start turning away from the Corps, they are turning away from the Word, the great Mystery. We are to diligently keep the unity of the spirit in the bond of peace. Your loving response to the ministry that has given you the privilege of being Corps for four years of teaching is your total commitment and service to the Word as a bond slave (doulos)." With each letter, the incessant focus on "you're corps, called to be Corps, privilege of being corps" was to ratchet pressure against those who knew it was time to get off this moving train. When one reads thru this whole letter......it's obvious that lots of people were dropping their nametags and moving on in life. How about a timeline of some facts? 5th Corps [75+] graduate in July 1977 6th Corps [320+] graduate in July 1978 1977 ROA in Sidney, OH......utilizing buildings and areas on the fair grounds 1978 ROA was moved to hq-grounds and needed lots of labor to set up tents, food pavilions Corps Week added prior to roa. Now, corps traveling long distance needed 16-18 days of "vacation time" from employer each year Add, Anniversary Weekends, WIB, Weekends in the Word......the corps were scrambling to meetings and scrambling to pay bills By 1980, 81.........corps marriages resulted in babies, babies and more babies Wierwille could have written a corps letter per month......it wouldn't have mattered. Reality of life was settling in.......with marriages and babies came MORE bills, MORE financial burdens in the short AND long term. Working menial jobs wasn't paying the bills........especially with a growing family. Since wierwille demanded corps attend corps week and roa each year.......a large portion of corps were self-employed; [painters, landscapers, window cleaners, salespersons, etc.] With each passing year, the exponential burden of family/ child-rearing was inescapable reality !! Read thru the corps letters.......and what you DON'T see? Emphasis on education, family, children, school, careers, building a family unit thru generations..... Read thru the corps letters.......and what you DO see? A driving emphasis to jump thru hoops of fire and don't complain if you got burnt, dammit.