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  1. On page 67 of Mrs. Wierwille's book: "On July 5, 1948, our family of five began a trip in our new 1948 Chevrolet, given to us by the Wierwille family, to Manitou Springs, Colorado. Rev. Wierwille had been taking correspondence work with Pikes Peak Bible Seminary and Burton College and writing his doctoral dissertation on "Peter the Preacher." By being in attendance at the seminary in Colorado, he was completing his requirements for a Doctor of Theology degree. Students there came from India and China as well as various parts of the United States. Along with taking course work, Rev. Wierwille also taught two classes: 'Radio Preaching Techniques' and 'Peter the Preacher.' On Wednesday, July 28, 1948, he was awarded the Doctor of Theology degree by Pikes Peak Seminary in a ceremony at the Community Congregational Church in Manitou Springs. Immediately after his graduation, the five of us left for Minnesota for the Camp Farthest Out at Lake Koronis. It was a tremendous and exceptional summer to have our young family experience both occasions." Insert picture: Dr. Wierwille on the right at Pikes Peak Seminary. Dr. Stuart Hydanus, who later taught at one of our camps, is on the left. And Dr. Ellis Lininger, the president of the seminary and an educator whom Dr. Wierwille highly revered, is second from the left. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1948 Commencement Brochure: Pikes Peak Bible Seminary and Burton College SUMMER SESSION JULY, 1948 COMMENCEMENT WEDNESDAY, JULY 28, 1948 Community Congregational Church Manitou Springs, Colorado The Rev. H. Ellis Lininger, E.D., LL. D. President The Rev. Lewis C. Miller, Ps,D., S.T.D. Dean ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Note: In 1948, Pikes Peak Seminary and Burton College utilized the nearby Community Congregational Church for graduation ceremony........whereas, by 1963, the graduation ceremonies was held at the First Southern Baptist Church auditorium. Further Noted: After wierwille got his "doctorate degree" in 1948, the wierwille family THEN headed off to take part in Camps Farthest Out in Minnesota.....[wierwille had attended this camp by Glenn Clark in the summer of 1945, also].....which led to wierwille's version TFI, "Total Fitness Institute" in California with John Summerv!lle and later, L.E.A.D. --- Leadership Education Adventure Direction.
  2. Yeah.......wierwille "keeper of the light" NOW.......with the internet, it is so easy to google anything and check it out. Wierwille got his "doctor of theology degree" from a BOGUS correspondence degree-mill. Even as early as 1963......the Baptist Program magazine noted the gimmicks and bargain-basement style of these places where non-denominational preachers were ensnared by this status-seeking mode. Wierwille did his meager correspondence work with Pikes Peak Seminary and Burton College in Manitou Springs, CO in 1948. 1963 Magazine -- Lists U.S. Diploma Mills
  3. Thanks Rocky......lots of good points. Everything wierwille did, he copied from someone else........radio broadcast, church advertisements, weekend seminars, class-based themes, camps farthest out, summer camp, multi-level pyramid structure, plagiarized material.....ALL OF IT. Even mrs. wierwille's book pulls back the curtain to show the source of wierwille's steppingstones. Wierwille copied Fuller's weekly radio broadcast, even. Nothing original, nothing groundbreaking. And now..........their "research department" is nonexistent. Now that the machinery of the cult-mystique is in place....."research" is no longer needed. In fact, it only becomes a hindrance in that it opens doors to questions. Twi has always operated behind closed-doors. The "social structure" in twi is NOTHING but a cult version of a pecking order. The social aspect subsides within the "command and control" atmosphere of twit-cultdom...... otherwise, there is no reason for the "social." It only exists to pay homage to the cult.
  4. People will ALWAYS be exiting twi..........ALWAYS. IT'S A CULT. I still think there's a lot to be said about.......TWI's Corporate Secret Notice the pattern.......region guy ---> limb guy ---> branch guy ---> secular work and exit cult. For those who want to dig for answers and connect the dots........GSC is here.
  5. Four Months Ago.......I Started This Thread There is not a day goes by that I am SO THANKFUL to have walked away from the twit-cult. Twi is deeply, irreversibly poisoned with wierwille clichés, clap-trap, and chicanery. People are used and exploited......and discarded at the first sign of dissent. Going on twi-payroll...........is a financial red hole that is hard to climb out. What does it say about a "ministry" (cough, cough) when clergy/corps do NOT want to be on staff? Every aspect of the field staff was monitored.........the cult does NOT trust the corps to lead or serve. ********************** THEN, we moved back to Indiana in 2000........and, a couple years later, saw SPLINTER GROUPS doing the same crap [badgering people to give up their weekend and work cleaning up the CES camp, sign up for momentus, personal prophecies, nose-spiders.......EGADS!!] Some of our "friends" were in Geer-group, CFF, CES, Finnygan, and then....Panarell0 splinter. Was at a wedding reception where "friends" associated with four different groups. Crazy. Most still held wierwille on this pronounced pedestal......embedded with a pfal-allegiance chip. Thankfully, I was able to convince two people to NOT sign up for momentus. No Jason Bournes to be found.......few wanted to talk in-depth to see behind the cult-splinter curtains. Just seems like this cult stuff is going to be part-n-parcel to the rest of my life. Once you see the telltale signs of cults its inescapable to not recognize it all around........indoctrination, buzzwords, mystique, spirituality-climbing, charismatic leader, deception, etc. etc. etc. Greasespot Café is a special place........special patrons.
  6. Here is what I remember........ Someone in the 6th corps told wierwille that the five-pointed star had connotations to witchcraft symbolism......and remember, the 6th corps was when the corps numbers rocketed upwards to near 330 at the Emporia Campus (the 5th corps was only 75 or so). Anyways, Christ0pher Br00ks (6th corps) and a couple of others got together and pitched their new-logo efforts to wierwille. Add some double borders, oak leaves, etc......and presto, new-improved corps logo with the five gift ministries (in Ephesians, no less --- lol) to border the pentagon logo. Wierwille, the man who was high on marketing, low on results.....sanctioned it. Even though it removed the "C" (Christ in the center of the logo)......it symbolized the church epistles, the gift ministries.....and thus, wierwille's corps program (cough, cough). IMO......it highlighted wierwille in all his arrogant glory. It displaced Christ and elevated wierwille's "disciples-in-the-making".......duly noted as corps grads. YET.....where were those illustrious apostles? prophets? evangelists? pastors? and teachers?........who graduated from the corps program? This logo was changed in 1980 or thereabouts.......and yet, no one ever breathed the spiritual air that wierwille did. NONE. To even voice it out loud was blasphemous........in cult world. Some of the zealots really thought that wierwille was gifted with all five ministries......he WAS an apostle, prophet, etc. After all, he was "the man of gawd" for the whole world. Splash the marketing around.........and the cult reinvents itself, over and over again. Twi Manipulation by Inference
  7. Yep......we all have our reasons. Probably, like many of us, it's a combination of things. After 16 yrs with rosalie at the helm......who wants to follow a rosalie-clone? And, a peer? GSC and internet has totally exposed the ruse......making witnessing-to-a-scam a losing battle. The wierwille-mystique is over, the martindale-error crashed, and rosalie-era fizzled out. At age 52 (?).......it just ain't all that satisfying to bark orders to sycophants anymore. Life, career, retirement........at this stage, better make the most of what's left. The monotony and repetition is absolutely mind-numbing..... Jean-Yves is the lead dog for the next 20 yrs......and who wants to follow that?
  8. Corps coordinator, lots of secrets...............oh yeah. Rico and Robin were 18th corps.......it was the 17th & 18th corps who were intricately ensconced to lcm-loyalty, graduating in 1989 and 1990 respectively. As martindale gasped to stay ahead of the geer-onslaughts, he rallied the upper-cusp in-residence corps to his side and groomed them for future twi-service. The rupps, h0rneys, b0lchalks, andersons, and magn3llis were inserted into positions of authority as other corps coordinators were hitting the exit doors. And, yes.......more than most, the corps coordinators KNOW the secrets and the cover-ups. Most would probably know the inner-circle of seductresses at hq and the infamous cabin 12 "visitors" at camp gunnison when martindale was on grounds. Looking back, what emerged from the 1989 loyalty letter and new insurgent corps coordinators was heightened confrontation, suspicion and control. The designate Twi II had officially begun in earnest. By 1990/91.....the dial-a-corps night on the field was gaining support. The series of purges was throttled up and the corps indoctrination was geared to martindale allegiance. Some refer to this, later version, corps indoctrination as.............abusive corps-nazis Would be real interesting to hear Magn3lli's "story" of extricating themselves from the cult after 27 years of top positions. Maybe they will.....but I would venture to say that most corps coordinators would NOT want to implicate themselves with any reference to Martindale's corps training program in the early '90s.
  9. Right you are, waysider..........systematic indoctrination. Wierwille set the "complex indoctrination process" in motion: The collateral books were NOT available for purchase. The collateral books, generally, were NOT to be found in libraries. The collateral books were methodically and systematically issued in tandem with those who took the pfal class. Wierwille had a process, a systematic outlay, for newbies.......guarded by controls. Not just the information (collaterals).......but the BUILD-UP PROCESS of "receiving holy spirit and speaking in tongues" in session 12 and accrediting it all to wierwille's pfal class. Praise be to wierwille.......NOT. The Game of Incrementalism Twi Plunders Individual Sovereignty Corps Program: "Mission Creep" .......and now, twi is consumed by indoctrinated corps who run errands for the "spiritual elite" (cough, cough) at hq. Any serious scrutiny or consideration of wierwille as some type of "man of gawd" is flawed six ways from sunday.......perpetrated by a ruse..
  10. Oh man.........just remembered another thing. As martindale began the 1998 cost-cutting measures.......he started SHAMING corps couples who had two cars. You don't *really* NEED two cars, do you? You can coordinate with each other and get down to one vehicle, can't you? That would save money......car maintenance, insurance, registration, etc......right? Some of you are just too selfish or lack the spiritual resolve to get honest, get truly committed. Money, money, money..........anything and everything to keep those precious dollars at hq.....YET, no sensible "investment" to the field corps. OMG......what a box of confinement that would have been! All the hundreds of times my wife and I needed two cars to get stuff done. Having two kids.........school activities, ministry events, grocery shopping, etc. The frickking trunk/region guys were gutless in standing against martindale's verbal onslaughts. Lallys, Panarellos, Moneyhands, Licht, Thorpe, Fort, etc.......and then, years later.....many hit the exit door. ~~~~~~~~~ And........it's been the same deal with every splinter group that I've seen......Geer Franchises, CES/STFI, CFF. Just go to their websites.....and the same generic crap, same gig, same cult-manipulation. Money, money, money........all centrally located "activity" and an outreach mask. Ppffffffttttttt.
  11. Twinky.......I don't regard telling my story as "a part of my repentance." I regard this story, Insanity on Steroids......as a warning about cult manipulation and involvement.
  12. To be fair......and upfront, I want to add more clarity to this "housing allowance." I came across some old forms in my files that showed we were given $875 per month to this "housing allowance"........of which, some of it was stripped away as twi continued to purge aspects of "our lifestyle".....ie cable tv, rent insurance, etc. In following the math, this added $10,500 per year......MINUS the $2,760 pay-cut........$35,340 per year (household income for family of 4). ~~~~~~~~~~ At the limb, it was common for me to work 12-14 hours a day. Most every weekend involved classes, seminars, events, meetings, etc..........and a realistic work week, for me, [7-days] was like 90 hours. Add my wife's work schedule....and it would easily be safe to say.....each of us were paid approximately $6.00 an hour. 1998 minimum wage = $5.15 So.......when others wonder about the use/abuse of corps and staffers........exploitation and expendable are at the top of the list.
  13. ........thanks T-Bone. Yeah.....if it wasn't the Illuminati......you might get grabbed by deprogrammers. .............or the threat of a red-dawn gov't overthrow.....so triple-check your mal-pack. .............or if you don't stay in constant "fellowship"........debbil spurts will jump you. Your ONLY safety is in the arms of the cult.......rock-a-bye-bye-baby.
  14. The Concluding Summation of my personal experience with The Way International.......is summed up in five words. TWI IS A FvCKING CULT !!!
  15. ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ Rocky........you were right. One post that was NOT included from thread Ghost Ryders.....