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  1. Jean-Yves DeLisle..........This is my second and final open letter to you. Having known you since those days in Quebec City in 1984 and performed your and Michele's wedding in Toronto in 1988, I take an obligatory responsibility to warn you of your treachery and path of destruction. The Lord has showered you with His mercy; and yet, do you reciprocate this mercy and loving kindness to others? The Lord has taken your burdens of sin and guilt and washed them away by the blood of the Lamb, Jesus Christ......and yet, do you help others to undo the heavy, sin-laden burdens that they themselves carry month after month, year after year? Are you unaware that to whom much is GIVEN, much is REQUIRED? The Way International has become a conduit and harlot; defiled by her licentious ways of whoredom. One president after another, each has multiplied these transgressions by forsaking the Lord and polluting the land with sanctimonious abominations that serve allegiance to man. The systematizing of error has been decades in the making.....of which, you Jean-Yves sat at headquarters for 28 years mentored by false teachers. Woe unto those of you who administer evil.....deceived and deceiving others. From what I heard and understood, the Revival and Restoration Q&A meeting last month by dozens of corps leadership was snuffed out. Even though they'd sent a private correspondence letter to the Board of Directors in August 2016 requesting that their grievances be heard [Acts 15]......it was NOT allowed. The Directors heavy-handedly slapped them down to "put them in their place" and marshalled a m/a campaign to destroy their efforts and reputations. This "mark/avoid" policy that twi utilizes is a skewing of the scriptures. Jean-Yves, that is evil.....and you should know that. It is darkness and domination over others. It runs at cross-purposes with everything that is upright and godly. Clearly, The Way International is a cult that serves man's allegiance. And, for those who sincerely believe that this organization is the Lord's remnant, then how great will be their fall when the truth dawns on them. Woe to those "pastors" who scatter the sheep of the Lord's pasture. The day is coming when the lord Jesus will say, "I never knew you." Now is the time to repent.....REPENT and turn from your evil ways. Break the teeth of the wierwille-allegiance.....and turn to the Lord and His righteousness. Do not follow one more step on this path that Rosalie Fox Rivenbark Shumate walked for 16 years of her presidency-tenure.....of which, were 16 years in vain. False prophets and teachers have ravaged the flock of God thru the years. The corps indoctrination program built and established limbs of adulterers. Wierwille, in his sin and drunkenness, failed to clean house.....for indeed, he himself was not clean. This wickedness and uncleanness has vexed The Way International for decades. Those who were clean and undefiled exited long ago. Therefore, Jean-Yves.........the task before you is a great undertaking. You cannot do it without the Lord. And, you cannot begin to do it.......until YOU humble yourself before the Lord and pray for His merciful hand to help and sustain you. Otherwise, you too will find all your work is in vain. The $68 MILLION is vanity of vanities.......as these assets/investment accrue without ministering to those in need. Have not you read about gathering into barns and yet, NOT taking care of the needs at hand? For a supposedly "non-profit ministry" this is an evil vanity and a distrust of that the Lord will meet your need. How long will you tarry into the wilderness of a conceited soul? You pride yourselves with this accumulation, yet pat yourselves on the back for being "spiritual?" That is cognitive dissonance staring back at you. So, Jean-Yves........which path will you choose? Forget about the numbers, sign-ups and programs for a second.......will you serve the Lord or man? And again, I leave you with the same verse as in my first open letter to you..........Open Letter to Jean-Yves DeLisle Luke 4:18 The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he hath anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor; he hath sent me to heal the brokenhearted, to preach deliverance to the captives, and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty them that are bruised, .
  2. Yes.......The Red Thread was Oral Robert's teaching on "The Fourth Man." What I find interesting is that after some 40 years.......the plagiarist wierwille is still hiding in the shadows by wierwille-apologists and sycophant cultists. This dynamic teaching was skewed by Mr. Tweak Man......wierwille, a fitting example to everything else he did. In this thread, The Game of Incrementalism.......(page 2) the fawning wierwille-admirer says ".......so what?" He didn't care that wierwille stole it, nor had he ever heard the original. So, how does one know if wierwille's plagiarized teaching is the best......if he had never heard the original? In a nutshell, it shows how one holds onto their cult leader and their perceived little corner of the world.
  3. And,.........some "inadvertent cooperation" from his entourage......i.e. enablers. Bodyguards, valets, yes-men, swooning fawning admirers.........adding to the top marquee in town. Everyone, one and all.....come early, get your front row seats and expect to be excited......"Gawd's word is going to be delivered on a silver platter." This is the spiritual epicenter and no one gets missed. The hype and hoopla was at every class, every event. Promotion, promotion, promotion.........everyone was selling the soap. ALL of wierwille's long-standing enablers had their fiefdoms.......Harry was the successful business icon, Ermal was the quiet construction manager who listened to "pappy," George jess was the tree planter and sower of the seed, Howard was the "greatest layman in the church," Don was the educator, Emogene had her fiefdom in The Way's Bookstore, Wanda helped Mrs. W. with Guest Housing and Interior Decorating......and Mrs. W. was the epitome of "The Way's virtuous woman." Add the bus drivers/valets, security team personnel, corps coordinators, research team, roa administrators, musicians, architects, etc.......and The Entourage was a captivating package !! YET...........in all my years, I never saw any of the top-tier enablers step out and do any of the "Big Six" manifestations. Not one.
  4. The cult cannot survive out in the open.......it seeks the shadows and the darkness. Open discussions on the field and open internet forums will NEVER happen. Rivenbark tried to take the upper-hand by extending a sappy "invite to hq." Wierwille perceived that seclusion on a farm setting would build his cult. It hasn't changed from its inception........and it ain't gonna change now. Old McWierwille had a farm......ee i ee i o And, on this farm he built a cult......and that's "the way" to go.
  5. Thread Title: Is it okay to recommend wierwille's books to others? Alternate Title: Is it okay to burn these books to protect others from the cult snare?
  6. Yep.....you got that right.
  7. Twinky.......imo, you give CG too much credit. His decisions were blunders.....caught in a narcissistic maze of his own making. It doesn't matter how "stunningly gorgeous" the mansion or setting......it was blundering negligence. The FIRST RULE in business success is location, location, location. Geer violated the most basic rule......and everything to follow brought COMPLICATIONS because of it. Even Geer admitted as such.......[Geer's Passing of a Patriarch paper] "The final Way Corps location was not at all what we had anticipated. It is located in an area that is far removed from easily accessible transportation. It is also in a very difficult part of the British Isles to facilitate business needs, and perhaps worst of all, it is isolated from any large groups of believers. Our primary choice in England would have had good transportation, easy access to businesses that we had long dealt with and been close to a majority of the believers in Britain as well as being far more accessible to the majority of European believers." Same thing with Camp Gunnison, imo. Wierwille got caught up in the visuals and trying to replicate something like Glenn Clark's "Camps Farthest Out"......or something like it. Did we get to enjoy the beauty of the snow-crested mountaintops and ski the slopes? Did we sit under the nighttime stars at a campfire and relish the wonder of God's creation? Did we fish the Gunnison river and/or enjoy whitewater kayaking and rafting? Or, did we go hiking and elk hunting in the Fall? No, no, no and no. We sat in CULT CLASSROOMS and listened to "teachers" who blathered on the cult's message. Hell.......we could have done THAT in Mudhole, Mississippi (a fictional place so don't go looking for it AFAIK). Geer was not scheming. He was blundering........just like his spiritual pappy, wierdhole.
  8. So, after over 400 replies in this thread......."Is it okay to recommend wierwille's books to others?" [ ] Yes [ ] No Please check the appropriate box. Easy, peasy.
  9. So, Now What.......? It's been like a month.......since the big Q&A "declaration of wanting-some-answers-from-headquarters"........ Did some of those "dissenters" go groveling back into the cult-fold? Or, were they ALL........presumably..........mark/avoid? If mark/avoid..........ain't that a "kick in the head?" lol The phone lines go dead........no more meetings to hustle to. No more reports. No more standing approved by the cult. DFAC............BOOM! Just that quick. Or........are they going to try rally the crew to sail The Black Pearl ......raising it from the sea floor? .
  10. ......or HQ: and only corps are present? Branch Coordinator: yes ......... (but doesn't state that the whole branch of 70 will be arriving shortly.....he thought they should hear the bullsheet that the corps is being fed week after week. Then they can decide for themselves if they want to STILL be involved with this cult.)
  11. Mike.......you KEEP SAYING that posts "get lost"..... So...........I again, would like to see if you know the reasons WHY WIERWILLE FAILED in "receiving revelation" to lead the way international.
  12. chockfull / mike...............yeah, same excuse from mike over and over again. He doesn't answer specifics.......just rambling regurgitations.
  13. Hey, Mike...................how about the simple grammar in my post above? Care to explain why wierwille couldn't practice what he preached?
  14. And................the wheels on the cult go 'round and 'round.