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  1. TV Show Mash-Up

    You forgot "Laverne & Shirlley." Plus the cartoons of "Fonz And the Happy Days Gang" , and "Laverne & Shirley Join the Army."
  2. All about the RESEARCH

    Sometime in the 80s if not sooner, the idea of REREADING the twi books rather than actually doing your own research had made progress among leadership, About 1990, AFTER LEAVING,. a local leader was nervous about the idea of locals actually doing their own research and teaching it. He said it would be better to go over the collaterals. In the 1990s, lcm began saying the word "research" meant to "search again", that is, to keep covering the same ground ad infinitum the collaterals covered.
  3. Super Hero TV

    I was very disappointed about the refusal of people to call in all back-up. Once we had the exposition of what was happening. Standard speech:"Sorry to bother you, but Nazi-Earth is invading ours. If they succeed, they'll go after yours. Mind coming here and helping us stop them? Feel free to bring friends." Kara: Why not call in Clark, J'onn AND Monel? Sure, she's angry at Monel. Send him to work directly with Ollie or something. Even if someone has to stay on E-29, at least Jónn OR Clark couild accompany Monel. (Preferably J'onn.) Flash: Jessie Quick? Jay Garrick? Vibe: Gypsy, Breacher, and one or more members of their team? At the very least, Breacher would think it was sound to do all the fighting where their Earth wouldn't suffer, and would think the Earth-Xers would need to be stopped, so him and at least one other from his Earth. BTW, if this REALLY got into a war, I would have notified DeVoe about these Nazis. He wouldn't want them taking over his Earth. But, again, we got a full invasion ended in 4 episodes.
  4. Super Hero TV

    My answer? Lazy writing, and thinking the audience has to be hit over the head to get anything.
  5. Super Hero TV

    I would have preferred a Monel-X. Supergirl-X sees herself as SUPERIOR. Really, she went for a human with zero powers, whom she can powder with one hand? Seems inconsistent. There's lots of reasons to fight Nazis, just like there's lots of reasons to dislike bullying. I'm a little curious why the Ray went to possibly the least "tolerant" Earth possible. He does NOT show the signs of a zealot-someone who will live just to take down the Nazis, he would seem a LOT more driven, more obsessed, something like Win-X. We may never know. I have a quibble about some comic book-related things, but they're not directly germane to the show. I'm fine with Alex having some morning-after regrets, but the degree to which she freaks out strikes me as ridiculous. She's HOW old? She hasn't made any "Oh crap!" mistakes in her life before now? Then again, I don't know if it would have been worse if she tried to suggest something serious with Sara since they slept together. After all, she said guys avoid relationships, so by her internal logic, neither she nor Sara should be against the idea (until someone mentions it to Sara.) BTW, Alex is a trained SHOOTER. There were lots of chances at the wedding for her to grab a Nazi rifle- and she avoids grabbing one. I find that amazingly inefficient. On the other hand, Sara's use of a thurible as a thunder-hammer was rather clever, kudos to whoever realized the incense-burner resembled the chain-weapon. \ Oh, and the chick refilling Barry's drink before the ceremony. I'm pretty sure she's the Arrowverse equivalent of Jenny Ognatz, aka "XS", a future decendant of Barry and Iris who is also a speedster. Her entire scene reminded me of the end of the ST:DS9 episode "Trials and Tribble-ations", when Sisko stopped to meet Kirk before going home.
  6. Super Hero TV

    Olver and Kara in a relationship, IMHO, was lazy writing. They wanted to confine the number of roles and actors, and keep it focused on the main characters no matter how silly that made the plot. (BTW, in the comics, MORE solar energy makes for a more powerful Kryptonian. Check out "DC One Million" and how Superman is after hanging out IN the Sun for centuries.) There's plenty of reasons to hate the Nazis. Mrs Wolf pointed out the enormous flaw in the setting. We have Nazis who have been doing their Nazi thing for DECADES. Yet, there's still young people wearing the symbols for Jews and others still around. Why? They're letting them live? And letting Jews have kids? I speculated on whether they had them alive for slave labor, but it doesn't explain the KIDS. It doesn't track for people who HATE a people to go out of their way to keep them around and reproducing, over decades. As to why there's still gays around, I'd have to check if Ray really was the only one around wearing the symbol, or if others were also kept around. For that matter, I'd wonder how they found out The Ray was gay if it was wildly illegal and rigidly enforced. I mean, in certain Muslim countries where they can be beaten up, they keep a VERY low profile. Was Ray TRYING to be caught? Lots of questions I suspect the writers never considered and we'll never know.
  7. Super Hero TV

    We were annoyed about Earth-1's Thawne showing up AGAIN. This is tiresome. Why not an Earth-X SOMEBODY? Wally? Jay Garrick? Jessie Quick? Thawne and Damien Darke, in our opinions, have long outstayed their welcomes in the continuity. And really, letting him just go away? There was no better solution? Ok, Earth-X's Cold. I figured it was something the actor requested-to make this version gay- and given the alternate Earths, was not a problem. Different versions of people are different. Winn in Earth-X is an Alpha Male, not an Omega, and so on. Where I had the problem there was in the writing. Both the Ray (why not Ray-X?) and Leo were portrayed in ways I might consider insulting if I was gay. I thought it would have been a LOT more effective as a "things are different, remember?" moment if Snart seemed EXACTLY the same as the Lenard we know right up until he started chewing on Terrill's face. As it was, it was NOT a surprise to EITHER of us. Mrs caught his comment about "partner" (which could have simply meant "teammate" because that word is used that way among others), but his tone of voice was higher, and he actually stopped in the middle of a firefight to discuss FASHION? THIS is the Cold whose plans never go awry even against a global army? (BTW, Pied Piper WAS a villain but is now nominally with Team Flash's reserve list.) On Firestorm, this IS a bummer. I'm glad we got to see Jax and the Steins actually grieve, but I was hoping we'd at least keep the Firestorm Matrix operational. (Mrs Wolf speculated that they're going to replace Firestorm with the Ray sometime this season, since they even used the same animation software for both flying.) I'd heard rumours that Garber wanted to leave, but was hoping things would unfold differently. It WILL be interesting to see Leo interact with the Legends- but I hope they make him seem more like Lenard than we're seeing in CoEX. On Alex and Sara,, I have mixed reviews, and they concern the whole series'. On Sara, they kept up lazy writing that matched the stereotype that bisexuals are some sort of sex maniacs that bed-hop (Sara kept nailing female characters off-screen when not with the team.) They seem to have lightened up on that the past few months, but not entirely. Considering her current attitudes, I'm not shocked she'd have a one-night-stand. I'm pleasantly surprised that the scripters seemed to remember that the character actually DOES have interest in men from time to time, if not 50/50- lately, it seemed as if they'd completely forgotten. On Alex, I have a long-standing complaint. She's supposed to be both SMART and COMPETENT (responsible enough to run the DEO at any moment, etc.) We're supposed to believe that she went thru college and grad school, and the subject of women liking women never came up? She was in college in the US! Especially when she was supposedly in school, it was trendy for women to "experiment" with women for different reasons- thus the terms like "lesbian until graduation" and "hetero-flexible" and so on. There's even girls who will kiss other girls in sight of guys in an attempt to excite the guys. Seriously, those were all "things" before she went to college, and were moreso when she went. (And if they weren't on Earth-29, then that Earth would be LESS cool with it than ours, not MORE. Everything affects everything.) So, she never even CONSIDERED whether she might like one or more females ever. I'd have trouble buying that if she was younger AND less smart AND less of a thinker. Furthermore, she just jumped completely into a relationship with someone (Sawyer) and never COMMUNICATED with her about what they both wanted. (A relationship with 2 women, no guys, and there's no communication? I can accept flying Kryptonians but some things are ridiculous.;) ) It's interesting that she's given LOTS of thought to wanting to raise a kid, worked out lots of little incidents in the kid's life, and has not even considered the possibility of what to do if she has a SON. (Listen to her talk to Kara about that. Kara never called her on it, either.) Would that have changed how she felt about raising a kid, in any way? I'm sure it would have changed SOMETHING of SOME kind. Ok, Alex is on the rebound and drinking. Supposedly, she's a responsible drinker and not in college. She gets SMASHED, completely HAMMERED. I'd think that people who are federal agents would not get THAT messed up EVER because they know they're never 100% off-duty, no matter what, and an emergency can strike at any time. (Applying for the position, you have to answer questions about how much drinking you do, and so on.) She apparently also never considered she might have a one-night-stand, and how she'd deal with it. Honestly, she reacts to all this like she's in college, not a full adult. The most FASCINATING thing was in her diatribe to Kara about what a horrible thing it is to have a one-night-stand. She mentions it's something guys do, and that guys avoid relationships. I'd mark that as an interesting statement about her state of mind, dropped into the middle of a horribly-written situation. So, as you can see, I think Alex is a problematic character, overall.
  8. Christian Family and Sex

    A leisure suit and a neckerchief or something similar. Honestly, el barfo, even then.
  9. http://web.archive.org/web/20030219041757/http://greasespotcafe.com:80/waydale/misc/adultery.htm
  10. Some people got kicked out over the paper on how Adultery is bad, also. You may be confusing the two.
  11. Disconnected words

    I went to ROA 89. I said that either things would get fixed then or not. If they got fixed then, I'd be right there when they were. If not, I'd have a chance to buy from the bookstore one last time, as well as the attendees' tapes and so on. The supposed theme was "Speaking the Truth in Love." We talked about it but it was so absent that even the attempts to get the audience to chant along were delivered with zero conviction on both sides. *flat* "Because we're speaking the truth. In what?" *flat* "Love." When I returned, I said the theme was "Speaking About 'Speaking the Truth in Love'", That's what happened. We spoke about it but nobody, especially lcm, actually DID it. twi has always been good on talking ABOUT stuff while never actually DOING it. vpw started it, and it was pretty much what he did when he wasn't simply plagiarizing or making up imaginary people to use for examples. (Although he could also plagiarize WHILE talking a good game- like Leonard's stuff on divine revelation and so on.)
  12. Christian Family and Sex

    When there was some sort of finalized vpw VHS version, how many of you were traumatized by that UGLY thing vpw wore instead of a normal suit? Those 70s colours with the NECKERCHIEF or whatever it was? I could never hear his opening remarks over that thing! Or the laughter in the room over it, or whatever. One thing pointed out was he did something clever- when the subject matter got particularly uncomfortable for the room, he'd suddenly focus on TIck the dog and talk to him. Apparently, a number of complaints about how the 1.0 and 1.1 versions went led to him adjusting things. vpw was fond of flying under the radar, and preferred having a chance to fine-tune things so he looked less creepy and more "no, this actually IS for your own good." Sort of how the sexual predator needs to adjust the look of the van and the type of candy offered from the back.
  13. *wild swing* Lucille Ball? I'm not sure she was in this many roles, though....
  14. Super Hero TV

    Sorry. We hustled and finished before the weekend. We're current thru "Crisis on Earth X." (I'm already falling behind after.) Getting ready for Summer, plus end-of-year school bs is really eating up a lot of time.
  15. I was looking for a copy of "the 37-page letter that was sent to the Trustees" "February 26,1987", by JAL. RD, Tom R, Robert B and Mrs JAL (Pat). . I seem to be unable to find a copy. Was it posted here somewhere and I just can't find it now? Was it posted elsewhere? It was the letter that triggered their firings by asking the BOT to actually fix problems of some kind. Anyone know where it is?