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  1. vpw was a sociopath. None of us even EXISTED to him, except in relation to what he could get out of us. As regards to gays, there seems to have been nothing he wanted from them per se (and he didn't want other men sexually,) As for the women, they existed primarily for what he could get out of them-which includes what he could get out of them sexually. A lesbian was of limited interest to him, but a bisexual woman was much more. A lesbian could offer him a "free show" -reports from really inside said he liked to watch women get it on, as a warm-up for him using one of those women. So, a lesbian could offer the view and the warm-up for him- but a bisexual woman who offered the free show could then be used sexually by him, completing he whole show for him. I've heard some guys really go for girl-on-girl, so it wouldn't shock me if this already-established pervert had that in his list of fetishes. It totally doesn't surprise me that he could picture a woman as a "performing artist" as "foreplay" before he pressured her for sex- not any more. Officially, vpw was against all things that weren't monogamous sex in a (heterosexual) marriage. UNofficially, there was "the lockbox" (his term). Remember, he also told J1m D00p that God Almighty was all right with ORGIES-when they were in private. However, the CFS's few mentions made it sound like the only proper thing would be faithful marriage. Hypocrisy from wierwille? Yes, again, of course.
  2. vpw had skill in manipulating people, and in preaching. He had experience in plagiarism, and in adultery, rape and molestation while covering his tracks. He lacked the capacity to actually CARE about people. He showed, repeatedly, that they were DISPOSABLE to him. lcm documented how someone had some sort of seizure on-grounds. vpw's decision as to how to address this? He told the person to pack up and move back home, and put them on a bus. When lcm was concerned, vpw said to forget about him, and he'd show up at home eventually. A WEEK LATER, he ended up home. God only knows what happened all that week. So long as people paid their tuition and/or fees, vpw didn't care about them in the corps or wows. They'd get it together, or he'd kick them out, the end. lcm learned to be equally callous. I knew someone on the wow field in the 1988-1989 year, returning 1989. While they were on the field, lcm kicked one of their roommates (as in, paying part of the rent) off the field immediately for failing to swear an oath to follow him BLINDLY. The other wows-his roommates- phoned and said this put them in a bad spot for the rent due RIGHT NOW. They'd work out the next month's rent, but since lcm was responsible for them suddenly being short, would he cover the difference? They were told it would be covered-and that was the last they heard of it. One of them contacted a twi'er who was also family, told them everything, and that person sent the difference (she was getting ready to send in her tithe- but she sent it to the wows to cover the rent.) They stayed at ROA 89 til they got their wow pins, then left for home the same night. The order of the day at twi was-and is- it's money that matters, and people are disposable.
  3. I remember a few things about the way corps. A) What was it based on? vpw had no experience with the military (which he claimed to base it on), nor experience whatsoever with any programs of leadership training, whether national or local. His supposed understanding came from ideas gleaned from movies and television. Later, he added requirements that endangered people-which he never fulfilled (LEAD, hitch-hiking, etc.) He was like a Pharisee laying heavy burdens on people but not lifting a finger himself. The only thing where real professional training was given was not "counseling" or anything a normal Christian would prioritize. It was SALESMANSHIP. vpw had someone teach the Dale Carnegie sales course to the corps. He didn't pay their licensing fee as was required legally, but does this surprise anyone at this point? B) What was the screening based on? lcm himself recorded it- people could enter and stay in the program "as long as their money held." People paid quite a bit of money to be in the program-and spend lots of time doing manual labor for twi, paying twi for the privilege! It was quite a profit center for twi. C) People reported how they were told-in writing- that after graduating the program, they would have the OPTION to accept assignments from twi. Once they were on-grounds, they were then told that they'd signed up for a lifetime of service to twi, which was later revealed to mean "we own you for the rest of your life."
  4. "Has anyone learned about holy spirit from Stiles or Bullinger? VP was the one who taught it to me." Lots of people learned about it from Stiles, and learned more than they did before from Bullinger (due to how publication worked when Bullinger was writing and was alive.) As for who taught you, lots of other people taught you. They approached you, they taught Bible fellowships you attended, they cared and showed love, and talked you into signing up for (and paying for) a class where vpw pretended he was The Source for learning about all that. "I care more about the baby than how I got it." So, if someone stole your car and gave it to someone else who was praying for a car, should that recipient just praise God-and should you just drop the subject because they technically had a prayer answered? " If VP had photocopied the books and wrote his name over the author's name, it's still the truth," Actually, a considerable amount of error in "his" material has been uncovered-partly because he often failed to understand what he was plagiarizing. So, when there were correctable errors in the material, he saw NOTHING because he was busy copying it over and pretending it was his work. It's rather telling that you'd be perfectly comfortable with vpw committing both felonies and moral transgressions in plagiarizing the material, because you like the material. That says a lot about your moral fiber. "and I operate all nine all the time." No you don't. You repeat a slogan all the time. In the entire history of twi, nobody operated "all nine, all the time", not even wierwille. That you can even suggest that, again, says a lot. In what little posting you've done, you've used the words of a few people- vpw among them. If you haven't had an original thought by now, I doubt you're going to. "Will it somehow be "invalid" because VP copied it?" No, but vpw is exposed as a fraud once it's shown he DID copy that- and nearly everything else in twi's history. But all this is about whitewashing vpw and giving him a free pass. If it was someone else plagiarizing vpw, there'd be a hue and cry for their blood! " And let's face it folks, VP went beyond either of these two men of God. " Let's face it folks, vpw went beyond either of them in building up an image as a man of God. The others were too busy being men of God to inflate their image like vpw did. Without Stiles and Leonard, vpw would have faded into obscurity and none of us would have heard of him. And lots more people have heard of Bullinger than of vpw, and he was busy being an academic and not puffing himself up. "They paved the way for VP, built the bridge, and VP paved the way for us." vpw ripped them off, and he derailed the "House of Acts" Christians in California. He did his best to grab those young, dedicated Christians, choke off their spiritual gifts, and turn them into salesmen for twi. vpw paved the way for none of us. vpw paved the way for vpw to get lots of money, lots of adulation, women to rape, and sycophants who would worship at his image even decades after he died. twi, at every level, was designed-by vpw- to operate AT A FINANCIAL PROFIT.
  5. The corps were not allowed to GET mortgages. They are to be prepared to move whenever twi says so, whenever twi says so, until they die. Even though it's less profitable for them to rent than own often, they're expected to rent so they can move whenever, wherever. The money for all that? The magickal "believing" is supposed to provide that- so if it doesn't appear, that's the fault of the corps person. "Unproductive evil" was when lcm went on a rampage. People were supposed to give ALL their money and time to twi. If they didn't give ALL their money, they were failing to "plurality give." (How evil is it to be the only group with a term for the practice of "give all your money to us once you've paid your expenses and save none of it"?) If they didn't give ALL their time, they were guilty of "unproductive evil." lcm was big on purges. vpw did small purges in private. lcm did large purges in public in imitation of vpw. vpw did it quietly with corps, lcm did it openly with the rank-and-file. If you weren't ready to follow lcm off a cliff, he wanted you purged. All the purges were about CONTROL and EGO. They were financial disasters for twi.
  6. Oral Roberts taught it first. OR started teaching it with his teaching called "The Fourth Man." He taught that one from at least the 1950s onward because there's a YT video of him teaching on it listed as from the 1950s. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XHnniRcNjN4 "Oral Roberts the 4th Man (1950s)." ================================== http://www.equip.org/article/the-way-tree-is-splintering/ "Charges that “the Master teacher” V.P. Wierwille plagiarized large sections of other authors’ books also occupy many conversations. This writer published the first examples in 1980, showing that in his Receiving the Holy Spirit Today Wierwille plagiarized sections of E.W. Bullinger’s The Giver and His Gifts.1 By 1987 Jay Valusek and I had also published excerpts showing Wierwille had plagiarized portions of The Gift of the Holy Spirit by J.E. Stiles, The Father and His Family by E.W. Kenyon, and Selected Writings, The Church Epistles, The Mystery, How to Enjoy the Bible, and Figures of Speech Used in the Bible by Bullinger.2 Recently, more examples have been uncovered, including (but not limited to) Wierwille’s use of: · Bullinger in his University of Life course on Thessalonians. · B.G. Leonard’s The Gifts of the Spirit in his Receiving the Holy Spirit Today and the Intermediate and Advanced Power for Abundant Living courses. · Oral Roberts’s The Red Thread in his Lifestyle of God’s Word." ======================================== DWBH, Feb 26, 2016. "Good post WordWolf. At the advanced class 1972 in Rye, NY, vic played the tape of Oral Roberts' preaching on The Red Thread. After the tape, Vic got into a rap about how he almost got hooked up with Oral and Billy Graham. His plan was for them to do the evangelizing and then send all their converts to vic to be under the Teacher at The Way. Vic said evangelism was not his "long suit" but t it was Graham's and Roberts. He said the thwarting point was the Trinity. The usual excuse for his obnoxiousness and pugnacity, which turned off everyone who wasn't in vic's Way. Lazy back then already expecting everyone else to evangelize as WordWolf posted, and then send all those new students Vic's way. I'll be the apostle, prophet and teacher, the pope of New Knoxville hanging out at the family farm where he was born. Handy dandy, eh?" ========================================== skyrider, Oct 28, 2015. "Rev. Oral Roberts' teaching on "The Fourth Man" schooled wierwille on the full exhaustive, expansive and exalted Jesus Christ. In Genesis, he is.........The seed of the woman In Exodus, he is..........The Passover lamb In Leviticus, he is.......Our High Priest In Numbers, he is.........Pillar of Cloud by Day, Pillar of Fire by Night In Deuteronomy, he is.....The Prophet like unto Moses In Joshua, he is..........The Captain of our salvation In Judges, he is..........The Lawgiver In Ruth, he is............Our Kinsmen Redeemer .............<snip> In Revelation, he is......The King of kings and Lord of lords ===================================== OperaBuff, Oct 3, 2011. You can listen to Oral Roberts delivering his teaching called "The Fourth Man" here: http://earstohear.net/Kingdom/The%20Fourth%20Man_1.mp3 And a book by book listing of who Jesus Christ is in the Bible: http://earstohear.net/Kingdom/fourthman.html "The Red Thread" was always one of my most favorite VPW teachings. It's on STS tape number 904, recorded in March 1978. Until I read this thread, I had no idea he stole it from Oral Roberts. P.S. STS tape number 763, titled "Our God Is Able" contains much of this Oral Roberts teaching as well. sheeesh." ================================
  7. Jason Alexander Shallow Hal Gwyneth Paltrow
  8. *wild swing* "Rogue One"????
  9. That book is on Project Gutenberg. You can get a copy in e-pub, Kindle or plaintext. https://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/44932
  10. It's "slice-of-life" on the farm for the farmer and his animals-whom he thinks are pretty stupid (except for the sheepdog.) When he's not looking, they lead more interesting lives. Even the humans don't get dialogue (they can grunt and get irritated, make happy sounds, etc. The animals all make their expected sounds, with occasional sighs and laughs and so on. The show is really funny, and kids get the visuals but miss a lot of the jokes. It spun off of "Wallace and Grommitt", and little Timmy spun off into "Timmy Time", where he begins preschool as a toddler (older than in StS.) There was a "Shaun the Sheep" full length movie. It had a little text and no dialogue whatsoever. And you really should watch some of the cartoons. Many are on YT right now, and you can understand a version in any language since the opening is the only thing that gets translated.
  11. That's it.
  12. I'd agree with your logic so far. Well, there was one movie already released, based on it. Another's in the works, allegedly. So, the movie wasn't that long ago. (I was able to follow the RUSSIAN version of the movie almost entirely. You won't have a problem watching the show in Hungarian. No, those languages are not any kind of clue. The originals are all in English.)
  13. Mike's alternate take on history is in effect here. He was challenged, many, many, MANY times- to pick, at his choice, even ONE of the items on the Actual Errors list, and, using his supposed techniques, resolve it. He has completely refused to do so for the entire time. WE (independent of Mike) discussed ONE item on the list, and whether or not it should be included. Mike, having demonstrated NOTHING in the process, announced afterward that he'd succeeded and knew all along it was going to come off the list. That's transparent to most adults, and the most blatant of techniques that cold readers(charlatans) use. So, Mike will continue to PRETEND he addressed the list, and, perhaps in his altered memories, he really remembers it that way.