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  1. You cannot pass! I am a servant of the Secret Fire, wielder of the Flame of Anor. The dark fire will not avail you, Flame of Udun! Go back to the shadow. You shall not pass!"
  2. Anchorman Christina Applegate The Sweetest Thing
  3. Benjamin J. Grimm. "The Thing". (AKA, "El Molè.)
  4. Based on what I've seen, the stuff I've seen/done in twi/ in the twi style bears little real resemblance to the Biblical practice. That means I have neither seen nor done the Biblical practice. I am open to the idea that it is still "available", but I'm not going to just run up and embrace the next new thing as actually that. I'm going to give it a long, hard look and see if it can pass for the Biblical thing before forming an INFORMED OPINION. So, you can call me "agnostic" as to whether it CAN be done now. I say the twi-style thing is NOT it. If it's practiced elsewhere in the correct manner, that would be WELCOME NEWS to me-which I would examine very, very closely because the stakes are too high to just leap to another conclusion.
  5. It's embarrassing that this point still has to be made, when even vpw made it one of the most basic ones. The Biblical SIT was unintelligible TO THE SPEAKER. He trusted that God provided an utterance, and God responded by providing an utterance in a language the speaker did not speak. In Acts 2, the Jewish eyewitnesses were rather clear that they understood the meaning of what those Galileans were saying, in a variety of languages, and that they were confused because they didn't think it was perfectly normal for them to have known more than a dozen represented languages, which they were speaking correctly. So, Paul was clear that HE didn't understand tongues when he prayed alone. (Potentially, if someone eavesdropped on his private prayer, they might have understood every word-providing the utterances were provided in a language they knew but Paul did not.) If you don't want Raf to think anyone's attacking him, stop making personal attacks on him. That should improve his mood considerably. Making the thread about him is just another smokescreen. BTW, in case I haven't repeated it enough, I'm a Christian who is now fully persuaded that the "SIT" we were taught is nothing like the Biblical example- but I'd sure like to find the real thing if it's actually out there here and now.
  6. Not phrased precisely that way, no. However, without identifiable languages, both the incidents in Acts 2 (Pentecost) and Acts 10 (household of Cornelius and the first Gentile converts) would be forgotten moments in history where some people prayed and then went their separate ways.
  7. The reason I STILL do the "modern SIT" at times is because it is not 100% useless. Like many other things, it can be used as a focusing aid. If you want to clear your thoughts quickly, you need a focus and some practice. "Modern SIT" fits both criteria. Once you're focused, you can do whatever secular activity you needed focusing for, or engage in whatever prayer activity you needed focusing for. There's examples in the Bible of people doing things like walking, listening to music, and so on, just to get focused the same way. Since then, there have been a number of methods people have used, around the world and down the centuries, all for focusing. Raking a garden, chopping wood, carrying water, gardening, and so on. None of those, in and of themselves, are some sort of spiritual or supernatural activity. But if you are prepping FOR a supernatural activity, one of them might be your tool of choice to use FIRST.
  8. I do, but not in front of me. Which do you need? Both? I can get back to you on this Friday. (Time-constraints are on me until then, and are not on me Fri, AFAIK.)
  9. Christopher Lloyd? John Colicos?
  10. Will try to be caught up on the WB shows as of next Friday. (Netflix can wait and wait.)
  11. Just released to theaters this month? I need a BIT more lag-time to see most movies. Signal me whenever a good movie is on DVD or cable. Really,
  12. It was unusually well-done. It got kudos.
  13. Oh, and "Walking Tall" had the same director.
  14. Billy Jack first appeared in "the Born Losers." The movie title I was looking for was "Billy Jack." Its song was "One TIn Soldier (the Legend of Billy Jack"), "The Born Losers" basically was made to fund "Billy Jack." And when I was taking TKD lessons, the instructor ALWAYS called that kick "the Billy Jack." (It looks cool but I'm not a fan of throwing it because I never felt it was an EFFICIENT kick except in surprising the receiver.)
  15. Judges? (Oh, right, no judges.) That's close enough. It WAS Led Zeppelin, and it was "the Immigrant Song." http://www.public.asu.edu/~mharp/viking_kittens/VikingKitten.htm